【How To: LOSE THIGH FAT!】Thigh Slimming Stretches on the Bed, My Diet, & Meet my Adopted Doggie!

【How To: LOSE THIGH FAT!】Thigh Slimming Stretches on the Bed, My Diet, & Meet my Adopted Doggie!

Hi everyone! Its Melodee Morita. It’s time to work for that summer body so in this video I’ll be sharing how anyone, even when you’re lazy, can instantly get toned, slim thighs effortlessly. From my super easy ballet stretches that you can do while laying down as well as diet tips! I’ll also be introducing you to my new family member, so please enjoy until the end. Also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @MelodeeMorita to be the first ones to know about my favorite new beauty finds, reviews, my everyday life like how I get my hair done, behind the scenes at TV filming and New York City trends and much more! Feel free to subscribe to my second channel as well where I share more easy-going videos in New York City and travel blogs! Okay, so let’s get started with the diet portion. ^^^ but it could actually just be swelling or bloating. If you love salty food that’s high in sodium BEWARE because this could be the cause of Edema, or water retention. ^^^ To get rid of the swelling, take in food that’s high in potassium such as bananas, and low-fat yogurt. It’s very convenient in the morning because you can cut up the banana like this without using a knife. This simple breakfast will counterbalance the effects sodium has on your body, because when you consume more potassium, sodium is excreted. I also drink this super-energizing, and nutritious green beverage that I absolutely love! Please thumbs up this video if you’d like to see how I make it, and for more healthy recipe videos! Moving on to the stretch routine. All of them can be done on your bed or while laying down so please watch how it’s done and try it out with me. Begin by bringing your legs up to the ceiling and shake everything up to get rid of the swelling. Next, bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle, keeping them straight. Flex your feet and turn them outward. Simply open your legs to the side and feeling the inner-thigh muscles, bring them back together. Here we go! Open them apart and close it back together.~ Open them apart and close. Repeat. When bringing the legs back up, feels that there’s a magnet on each leg that’s pulling them towards each other. If you’re doing it correctly, you’re inner thighs should be BURNING! You’ll see amazing results right away if you do this routine with me daily. This stretch is inspired by this ballet workout that I do. The wider the splits, the tougher it will be to bring the legs back up. It’s quite intense but awesome for killer-thighs. Now, lay on your stomach with your legs straight. Simply lift one leg up, hold, and bring it back down without moving any other part of the body. This position would be similar to “arabesque” in ballet. Do NOT kick the leg up and flop it down like this, because it won’t do anything for slimming or toning the legs. It’s challenging but try to control your leg on the way down for the real effect. Keeping your back straight, we’re gonna do a few sets. Starting with the right leg, up, hold, HOLD, REACH~, and down. Other side, lift it up up, up, keep it, keep it~, and repeat with pulses. Up, halfway, up, halfway, up, hold, hold, and down. Other leg, lower, up, lower, up, hold~, higher if you can. And up! I’ve also made videos in the past for easy arm slimming and much more! So be sure to check out my exercise and healthy diet playlist that I’ll link in the info box below. And now, I’d like to introduce you to my new family member! I’m SO happy to say that… I just adopted a dog!! She’s sitting right next to me! Like this! Hi~! Ever since my brother, Andrew, adopted his dogs two years ago I always wanted to adopt a dog so much! I literally can’t contain my excitement right now. Hi baby~! You’re so adorable! If you’ve been following on social media, I adopted a dog three weeks ago. She was found near a dumpster in LA and was flown over to New York City and I able to finally meet her. The first day she would hide in the corner all the time, and was very timid and scared but I as days went by, she opened up a lot and is now SUPER happy and healthy. I named her Lia, and I’m so grateful that she came into our family. So I’m cooking dinner right now… and look at Lia! Whatchu doing? Whatchu doing?! Can you smell the food? I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of her in my future videos but feel free to check my Snaps to see my daily adventures with her as well. Please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and thank you so much for watching until the end! I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you in my next video! Bye!~

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  2. I’m starting this routine today and I hope to slim down my legs (which are muscular but I’m trying to lose the fat around the muscles), thanks for the video melodee~ Wish me luck guys x

  3. The reason why sodium is excreted I when potassium is consumed is most likely because of the nervous system. The signals that your nerves carry is carried by sodium-potassium “pumps”… that was probably a bit confusing. If I’m wrong, sometime pls correct ms😁

  4. You are so cute and beautiful and I love how you take care of yourself so healthy. I have two chihuahuas. Let's get together and be a happy family.

  5. 初めて動画を拝見して、一瞬でチャンネル登録しました( •̀∀•́ )✧

  6. how do you do the first exercise without gripping your thighs? I've been trying to keep my legs extended and concentrating on my rotators and inner thighs, but i keep feeling a burn in my thighs…

  7. Anyone else struggling to just keep their legs straight for the first move? My legs keep wanting to keep a slight bend. My abs are killing me

  8. My mom walked in on me laying on my back, feet and arms in the arm, shaking them around like a maniac. Now she won't talk to me.

  9. I already stretch once a week, but doing this in the remaining days will really help me! Thank you so much!
    Edit: And you earned a sub!

  10. Why do I feel like I’m Molly from comfy couch when I start doing this stretches

  11. I've been doing this one along with your workout for a tiny waist and flat tummy. It's only been 1 week and I see great results! I'm late in this video but if you see this then I hope you know how much you helped me!

  12. So…you adopted Dobby?
    Jut kidding, Lia is adorable, I love how comfy she is in your couch, that lil baby deserves all the love❤️

  13. I was searching how to get you're legs toned and I saw this because I want to tone my legs again. I'm a gymnast but I can't go to our gymnasium because I was busy going to school.

  14. I hope this works for me as I had recently quit artistic gymnastics and my thighs are quite bulky with muscle but is now fat 😥so I hope this slims it down

  15. I need an advice, if I am a lazy drunk man with big belly, is it good to marry a healthy vegan girl like melodee so she help me improve? or opposite guys never get along?

  16. Your dog is so adorable and beautiful!! And I’m gonna start doing your excercise and let you know the results!

  17. Argh I can’t do these excercises,my dance teacher decided to force the class into our splits, argh I my bone twisted 🙁

  18. Hi Melodee, I know it's been awhile since this video was uploaded but whenever I do the stretches I keep gripping the front thigh and it's already bulky…. Do I need to do any other stretches to ensure that it wouldn't get bulkier? Thank you

  19. OKAY since there’s not a lot of people sharing their results and you probably want to know if it works or not, I’LL update :))

    Day 1: not as hard as I tHouGht it would be! I obviously didn’t see any differences (yet) 😉

    Week 1: oKaY, overall I think it’s a great exercise buttttttttt I stopped doing this and did another thin legs exercise because the 2nd exercise for this one hurts my back

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