Muscle Helicopter (Featuring Epic Voice Guy)

Muscle Helicopter (Featuring Epic Voice Guy)

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  1. Paso mucho tiempo pero por fin lo tienes listo felicidades, ya lo compartí.

    Ps: este trabajo es destacable.

  2. Holy crap, the animation of the thug at 0:35 is INCREDIBLY smooth. How his hand and the knife bends, how the head bobs. Such a detailed and dynamic motion. That's sick!

  3. Saw this on Newgrounds, So Frickin' Funny!!!! I love all the gags you worked into this wonderfully absurd premise. Insta-sub! 😀

  4. How did you make the font for the text? Pretty awesome! (subscribe is spelled wrong though at the end not that this matters 😛 )

  5. Can you upload just the music as a separate video or make it available as a download? It's really nails 80-90's action series music themes.

  6. Wow, this needs to have a crossover with SexuaLobster (Greasy Moose) characters. Fernando pilots the Muscle Helicopter, causing a rip in spacetime known only as The Vortex of Masculinity! Yeah, see? It practically writes itself.

  7. You can just tell this was made by a fat childless beta male bernie bro with a shitty beard …. who was not actually around in the 80's…..

  8. congrats on gamespot featuring this video every three days (no fucking exaggeration) with over 1.5 million views. hopefully your channel eventually gets the attention it deserves.

  9. esto no tiene explicación por que es tan hermoso que se llevo mi virginidad en todos los aspectos te ofresco ami prima :V

  10. I doubt it was on purpose but I kind of like that the helicopter used as the model for a "young student helicopter", a robinson R22, is an incredibly common helicopter used for training and it was introduced in 1979 so in the 80s it was literally a young student helicopter.

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