💪 Best Time To Have Whey Protein For Max Muscle & Fat Loss

💪 Best Time To Have Whey Protein For Max Muscle & Fat Loss

I did a video a little while back titled,
“Everything You Want & Need To Know About Protein Powders”. I’ll give you the direct
link to that video in a minute. However, someone asked, “what’s the best
time to take my whey protein” The answer to this is simple, take it during
and/or after your workout. This is because whey protein digests quickly
and also increases blood sugar levels. It’s also very high in the “anabolic” branch
chain amino acids. You want it to feed the muscle during and
after your workout. So what I do is I make a shake consisting
of 50 grams of whey protein isolate (2 scoops
=200 calories) 25 grams of highly branched Cyclic Dextrin
(1 scoop=100 calories) 1 teaspoon of L-glutamine
1 teaspoon of MCT oil (C8, Caprylic Acid only=50 calories) I then drink maybe ¼ of it 30 min before
my workout. I’ll drink another ¼ of it half way through my workout. Immediately after
my workout, I drink the remaining ½ bottle. About an hour later, I’ll have a solid meal.
This would usually be white rice and some wild caught salmon. The reason I don’t drink the shake all at
once, is because I want it to slowly just feed my muscle, without a huge spike in blood
sugar. It’ll keep me “anabolic” and more importantly, anti-catabolic during my
workout and post workout. Thus, helping to lower my cortisol levels
and keeping my testosterone elevated. Earlier in the day, before breakfast usually,
I’ll have 2-4 pills of AlphaViril to increase my testosterone and improve blood flow. Post
workout, I take my cortisol minimizing supplements Of course, I take a lot more supplements during
the day – but, as far as the workout related, muscle building and fat burning formula – these
are my must-take supplements I take year round. And, that’s it. Below this video, in the description area,
I have a direct link to the original protein video on how to create your own, customized
protein powder at a fraction of the price. And also, my favorite, 20+ year proven, testosterone
boosting supplement I’ve been taking for 2 decades.

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  1. So its pretty much before during and after 😂 i like it. But why 50 g protein? I heard o ce that our body cant get over 30 grams of protein in one meal ?

  2. Thanks dr. I've been watching ur videos and utilizing your advice and it has helped me better understand timing of everything you say has worked for me so far.

  3. Hi
    Your videos are really very useful ، Thank u . Can u plz advicde us abt P shot and also abt true niajen capsaules .
    Thank u

  4. Thank you for making the video, I would like to appreciate that you've actually shared your personal plan for taking whey isolate.

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