#1 Best Calf Stretch To Relieve Tightness

#1 Best Calf Stretch To Relieve Tightness

>>MARK: Hey guys! It’s Mark from BuiltLean, and today I’m going to show you how to
assess your calf flexibility and also how to increase your cap
flexibility. You might be thinking Okay, why does it matter, why do I care? Well, if you do any squads in the gym,
wether it’s a barbell back squat or simply at home doing a body weight squat
If you’ve got tight calfs, it’s going to be basically impossible for you to have
good form when you squat. We actually did another video
you can check out, which is how to increase squat depth.You can check it out. So anyways, let’s get into it. How do you
assess your calf flexibility? What I want you to do is I want you to
go against a wall, and I want you to place your foot
roughly somewhere around three to five inches from the wall. Next, I want you to push your knee towards
the wall so that your knee is grazing the wall while at the same time your heel is
still against the ground. And so, you are gonna measure how far that
is. I’m starting with my right foot and it’s probably around, three inches.
You are gonna measure that. You are gonna bring your left foot
to that same point and you are gonna measure again. As you can see, my left calf
is actually a lot less flexible than my right calf. So that really means I have to work on my
left side calf’s flexibility, which I am, and I always do before I
do a light workout. Okay, so once you assess your calf flexibility
you might realize that you’ve really tight calfs and what I suggest you do, is buy yourself
a softball or lacrosse ball. Some people suggest using a foam roller
that can certainly help but I think a softball or lacrosse ball
really helps you dig into your muscles, and if you have any knots, really loosen
them and get rid of them. And so, what we are gonna do is sit down
right here on the grounds, I’m gonna put my right calf on top of the
ball. I’m gonna use my right foot here, put your left foot over your right foot,
we just gonna roll around your calf muscle. And I’m going right
underneath the calf muscle here. You try to look for some knots, and if you
find them you are gonna want to just roll around
it for a good thirty seconds. You can also go for the inside
of the calf as well. You can see. And then do the outside as well. And finally, you go to the bottom
of the calf which is the soleus For a lot people, the soleus is actually the responsible for the tightness in your
calf. It’s actually not your calf muscles, it’s the bottom of your calf, the soleus. You are gonna repeat on the other side,
and that’s really it. It’s a great way to help loosen them up it’s going to anything from your running form,
to your squat form. So, hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you next

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  1. Awesome video, just wondering if tight calves are responsible for externally rotated feet. I've noticed when I go down for a squat my right foot only turns out to a 75 angle.

  2. You probably have a very tight IT band on your right side. Foam rolling it will help a lot. You can foam roll for 5-10 minutes a few times per day for a week and it should help immensely. Then continue doing it. -Marc

  3. Thanks, a tennis ball may be too soft. Try a lacrosse ball, or baseball/softball. Like in the video, I use a softball.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the ball! Never knew that. My calves constantly hurt ND stretching never seems to relieve it.

  5. I have a calf strain an I couldn't walk for 3 days, not really a big deal but that is actually my worse injury(I'm not experienced with injury) anyways you are a hero to me because that fixed my problem

  6. Really good fitness channel. Not many people talks about recovery, flexibility, longevity.
    Your exercises on good postures really helped me
    Thanks and looking forward to watching more vids

  7. For how long would you recommend 'massaging' the calves prior to going for a run? or should I do it right after the run? Thanks for the video

  8. I hurt my heel in track and my coach thinks its because I land funny and that I need to build up my calf muscle.

  9. So my doctor told me I had runners knee. I've been doing a ton of stretches for three weeks trying to loosen my IT band. My knee felt a lot better, but it still was not 100%. I started physical therapy last week, and I was told that my calf is tight.I didn't have a ball so I used my foam roller for the calf stretches. My knee feels tons better!!! Thank you!!!! my knee is still not 100%, but I think the stretches will really help. Thank you so much for posting.

  10. I know it probably doesn't matter, but ordering one today, fast pitch, slow pitch, soft core, 10, 11, or 12 inch softball?

  11. I tore my right calf 6 years ago. Recently I have been getting cramping in the calf at night, and when I wake in the morning. My masseur told me that it is difficult to heal this type of injury. Do you agree ?

  12. I'm not a pro and only play club level basketball, so have very limited time for warm up and stretches so, not sure if I can pull off the ball technique, so can I just use a self hand knuckle massage on the two calf muscles along with basic stretches before the game.

  13. I have constant pain in my calf, I can't stand straight and when I do it feels awkward, I feel my posture isn't that great either because of the pain – my muscles feel really tight in one calf and quite painful…. what could be the reason for this? Nd how can I get the pain to stop ?! Thank you

  14. Hi – I'd like more info on the test to see how tight your calf muscles are. Should you be able to touch the wall with your knee? How many inches from the wall is a "good" score?

  15. Where he is first rubbing his calf with the softball I have a constant almost there Charlie horse. I cringed and had to grit my teeth to finish watching.

  16. hey
    i dont have high arch but my arches are pulled upwards because i have very tight calves as told by my physiotherapist and also have a very weak dorsiflexion

    how many times a day would u recommend doing this for someone like me ?

  17. thanks I'm gonna try this, I sit in front of my computer all day playing gta and counter strike, the only times I go ot out is when skateboarding. lately my calves and hamstrings are bothering me, they are tightening to discomfort. sometimes I want to shoot my legs just to pierce the spot inside

  18. I tend to get pain in the back of my knee close to that big bone at the side when running.It can go up the hamstring.Could this be to do with tight calves? How often would you do the ball on your calves?

  19. Hi! I do experience heel pain and I my Physical Therapist recommend that I should have a release on my calves so I scheduled a release and after a week my heel pain comes back. How do I completely remove that tightness in my calves so I won't experience heel pain again? thank youuu

  20. I did the test and both of my calves seem super flexible, and yet I still get a feeling of intense tightness in my left calf most days, it's relieved by foam rolling and static stretching, but it always returns. Any idea what's going on?

  21. i seem to have extremely tight leg muscles from my hips to the bottom of my feet. i used to be really active and over the last 5-6 years i've been dealing with this muscles issue. i also seem to have more "knots" in my muscles than the average person/athlete and they're constantly burning. i've tried stretching, massaging, foam rolling, but nothing seems to work. it's like the muscles especially my hamstrings and calf muscles stop working properly and it's difficult to walk and extremely painful to run. i seem to get fatigue VERY quickly when trying to warm up…within 5 mins and almost out of breath. do u think i have a circulation problem the limiting proper blood flow to my muscles?

  22. I think have doms because I haven't really worked out my legs to often and then I did a intensive leg workout with my trainer and I'm super soar and can barely walk

  23. I keep getting tighter and tighter calves when I'm on my way to school, I'm wearing skate shoes maybe that's why? But like it gets tighter and tighter almost to a Charlie horse unless I stop walking

  24. Didn't have a softball or anything in my apartment so I had to use my magic 8 ball. Make do with watchyu got.

    On a side note, I asked my magic 8 ball if my calves would feel less stiff in the morning and it said "It is certain"

  25. i have a soccer game this morning and i always have really tight calves should i do this exercise before the game or should wait and do it afterwards

  26. Superintendent I was just… stretching my calves on the windowsill! Isometric exercise, care to join me?

  27. I’m an active person, I play sport, but recently my calves seize up when I’m running and is really painful but when I’m walking the pain isn’t there.
    Does anyone know what’s wrong?

  28. Best calf stretching video I've seen so far. Simple, to the point, and good examples. I'm trying to take up running and the tightness in my calves is hindering me. Going to incorporate these to my stretching. Thank you!

  29. I wondering if my calf muscle is so tight…well I don't think I can start training for a 5K or any kind of running until this is straightened out. What do you think?

  30. The I.T. Band is Composed of non-contractile tissue(look it up), if it wasn't tight we could not stand up. With that being said, the lateral fibers of glute max along with the tensar fascia latae ,get tight then pull on the I.T. Band. The relief one gets from foam rolling the Band is only from breaking up adhesion that form between Vastus Lateralis and the Iliotibial Track

  31. I notice he massaged his already loose right calf muscle instead of his really tight Left calf muscle. That's so we wouldn't see him go "Doh! OMG" That hurts!" 😀 Good suggestions though. Thanks.

  32. Have no balls so using a frozen bottle of water- it it works for the arch of my feet should work for my calves 😊

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