1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

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  1. I like the dude but he's ignoring the fact that people love categorical flaunts of power. Why did the Nazis influence the population into hating Jews? He claims to be nature and nurture but nurturism wins when the other is seen as less than.

  2. who we are, what and why we do it as a species has always fascinated me. I am totally hooked on this amazing professor and the course. Thank you Jodie for organising the lectures.

  3. kind of funny to watch this while im on alcohol and antidepressants, watching the like dislike bar makes me suspicious
    that period sync thing was thrilling,im so intrigued by the questions at the beggnening, i know most people agree about free will not existing though, its called determinism, opposed to chaos

  4. I cannot imagine paying thousands of dollars to listen to this guys instructions for a semester. Not if it is just more of the first point he made. he didn't say anything that the students didn't already know. I could write my relatives birthday's on there starting in January, or starting by the year, or by alphabetical order of the people- and it is no surprise that it is not a legitimate question

  5. To do science is to treat particular objects of scientific study AS IF they were automata, mechanistic. But that does not mean that these phenomena, men or nebula, REALLY are mechanisms. This poor fellow Sapolsky does not know the difference between building models of behavior and….behavior.

  6. So some freshers in Stanford don't know what synapses are? Learnt that in the 9th grade in India. I like how American education allows for concepts and subjects to be assimilated instead of cramming one's brain with 90% useless info…

  7. Where does a cell store immaterial behavioral instinct programs?
    Do all cells have the memory stored?
    Can learned habits become instincts?
    Can instincts be reprogrammed?
    Does the cell have a brain?

  8. So apparently menstrual synchrony is a controversial topic not at all solved like professor Sapolsky claims here. This may have to do with the age of the video.

  9. At about 15 minutes into this video professor Sapolsky explains that Finnish people doesn't make much difference between the letters P and B.
    Actually it is true so can you imagine the problem in making difference between a beach, a peach, a pitch and a bitch. As well -making any sense of a pear, a beer and a bear.
    So, no idea whether we're having a conversation going on about a female grizzly, a fruit at the shore or how your voice is changing when you're consuming alcoholic beverages.

  10. I'm all on board with speaking on the poverty of reductionism, but are we really capable of escaping categorical thinking?

  11. Great lecturer, but this is incredibly simple material. Just know, if this is your first foray into science, this course is not representative of the level of complexity, nor difficulty of, say, a course in chemistry or physics. In that regard, it is much more congruent with a humanities course.

  12. If the radical left are trying to brainwash kids into believing that sexual orientation is biological, then how can they also say that gender and sexual orientation are strictly a product of socialization? They make ABSOLUTELY no sense and they actually undermine their own arguments!

  13. I was thinking 4 14 23 34 [44] (+10 / +9 / +11 / +10) Aka +10, then 1 down to +9. Then +11, then 1 down to +10. Which leads to 44. And I'm Dutch, not from NY- this is how it would be asked on IQ tests around here as pattern recognition x)

  14. What an amazing teacher! He made so many great points and it was so easy to understand. I will def. watch the rest of the lectures! And ty @jodie for listing all of them in order!

  15. This professor is genius! He did not pause one second for the entire lecture. His way of telling the story makes it very interesting even though it is my first time to know about this subject of behavioral biology. He also seems to be genuinely enjoying every minute while lecturing. I will definitely make time to watch the other lectures.

    === Update ===
    After going through some of the comments on this video I notice that I am not the only one 🙂
    here is a link to a playlist mentioned with all the other lectures. (Thanks to Jodie).

    === Update ===

    I think it is unfair for whoever filmed this lecture to be un-credited so.. Thank you very much.

  16. Does anyone have the audio "catch up" sessions, or something similar? I want to make sure that I'm able to understand as much as possible 😁

  17. Fairly low-quality education. If this is the intellectual elite of the states I am terribly underwhelmed. So basic.

  18. I totaly get the point. But I can't help asking, how can one think about anything at all without categories? One certainly can identify categorical thinking in his arguments…

  19. Does anybody know the relevant chapters of Chaos he refers to in his class? Also where to access the research papers he references? Thanks!

  20. What a great lecturer. Without any knowledge in the field, some in evolutionary biology from reading Dawkins, im completely hypnotized. (Sitting at a balcony on the Dalmatian riviera in Croatia in the middle of the night drinking beer by myself and purring out of intellectual satisfaction)

  21. The Wellesley effect, or McClintock effect, or menstrual synchrony, is now considered to not occur in humans.

  22. If these lectures had no subtitles, I wouldn't be able to keep up. For some reason, my brain processes the sight of words 10 times faster than the sound of them.

  23. 26:09 The most important thing any person can do for themselves is watch and ask yourself, "is that me?". Do I hold preconceptions that are wrong?

    Protip: Look for the things that hate.

  24. It's interesting how into nature Liberals are until the light is shined on humans. "Humanists" are clueless about behavioral evolution. "Feminists" are suddenly abhorred by mother nature and can't sell her down the river fast enough.

  25. The alleged menstrual synchrony effect purported in the introduction, likely does not exist (according to Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_synchrony.

  26. I can guess with a very pinpoint accuracy on what someone is thinking/preparing/feeling in a given situation and circumstance. Though it's indeed prone to failure, as we human as the most intelligent species on the entire planet if not in the whole milky way, have so many form of differentiation just within single person's head. But you can increase your probability be spending more time with the subject. Just give me that opportunity and i can do some good job with the person. By that I'm not meaning like "witch" or fortune ball alike. It means for example predicting the possible upcoming response/reaction, current state of emotion, etc… Nothing like predicting what'll happen into months and years, those are just ridiculous, fakes.
    You can also use that knowledge in debate too! It's like you can sense the possible opponent's next move in a chess game (just an example). For example-like write what the opponent might say to you in your comment follow with a counter (in an online debate). You can predict base on where you're targeted with your comment.. That's one hell of a great tactic in debate, for me at least. Its like getting rid of the rest of your opponent's proof of point before he can even use it, in turn saving time. You can even lie with your counter too!! If you succeed it's so funny (that prove your opponent's lack of knowledge on that particular topic of debate). That's why the tactic is also useful in squeezing out the potential of your opponent's knowledge of the topic.

    So all in all, studying human behaviors, or psychology, or sociophilosophy any of these can give you advantage during arguments, debate and even in reasoning off your family member or friends in certain crisis. But keep in mind though, never ever go reason with hard-headed ignorants conspiracy theorists and alike, i.e. flat Earthers, moon landing deniers, lizard+alien presidents, etc.. always keep in mind that "debate with no rationality from the start would never meets it's end".(don't start an argue with a guy who doesn't even had a rational reason/proof of point in the first place)
    So that's it. Anyways good luck with your problems, arguments and life challenges/struggles. There's nothing you can't solve off. Everything has cause, reason for it, and answer to solve. Like you can block your opponent's possible attack by using probability bundling with a counter in a debate, you can block your sometime sensible dangers/problems/crisis of life with knowledge in mind. Just be rational.

  27. I'm from Guatemala and I'm still learning English, but this is so great, I do enjoy all this damm videos and you know what? I realized that "Speak another language is to have another soul" is quite true. Be safe, blessings.

  28. 42:58 "Everbody on earth should be forced to learn about at gunpoint." He nailed it. People must be taught about categorical thinking. As I was watching this that's exactly what I was thinking. If you don't understand this human tendency you'll never fully understand the way you think or the way other people do. You will never fully understand people or their inclination toward a particular religious or political ideology.

  29. What a wonderful lecturer. I'm also a professor and in recent years, I have had to hear more and more faculty (but especially admin) attack what they call "the outdated mode of teaching: the lecture". I entertained these criticisms for a few years and changed my teaching methods, but did not see much in the way of positive returns. Students learned to the extent that they wanted to learn. They also learned in direct proportion to the way you communicated the most fascinating aspects of your material to them. Thank you, Stanford, for this reminder of the how and why the art of the lecture can work so well.

  30. So is this an actual good professor? One that doesn't push politically left views on people? And grade based off those left views?

  31. damage caused by the formation of cysts in developing brains seems to matter little!, the destruction of neurons, axons, dendrites and synapses is NOT! at all advantageous to a productive and successful life, in fact… toxoplasmosis is not really any more subtle than a .22 caliber CB short gunshot to the head!… at least when the cyst grows in the heart however, it is only a weakening of the walls, might lead to a murmur, heart disease as a whole or eventual ventricle failure… and a cyst in the eye, well that will only cause the vision of floater or a sprite…
    We are… and we actively!… allow this to happen!, on a daily basis!… i for one… am hoping to put a big red stop to it!

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