1-Minute Anatomy: Anconeus Muscle

1-Minute Anatomy: Anconeus Muscle

Which activity is every teenager’s favorite? Right, masturbation! Now, which muscle is used for this? The Anconeus! Let’s start with one minute of anatomy! The main mover in this motion is actually
the brachioradialis, but we are going to talk about the anconeus anyway, because it’s involved
in this movement, plus there’s a common joke about the anconeus where you say “I am married
to Ann Coneus” or “I’m dating her”, when you’re actually trying to talk about this, you know? So, the anconeus connects your humerus bone
with your olecranon, which is here. So, from the outer part of your elbow, goes
down here and connects to the ulna, which is the lower side of your elbow. It’s pretty small, as you can see here, but
it has an interesting function: when you straighten your arm, it stabilizes the elbow joint, so
it’s kinda like a continuation of your triceps; and also, when you rotate your arm, it stabilizes
the elbow aswell. So this is a very important stabilizer muscle,
and that’s one you should know, right? To find the anconeus, straighten your arm
and just extend it really hard – and you should see this small triangular shape down
here. It gets trained by supination, by pronation
and by any straightening exercises of your elbows. I hope you enjoyed this episode of one-minute
anatomy, please subscribe to my youtube channel, if you haven’t already, and spread the word! See you next time, goodbye!

18 Replies to “1-Minute Anatomy: Anconeus Muscle”

  1. Now i know lol.
    Can you make a vid with tips or exercises/sports that can make you tall or help you to get a couple of cm.
    For your atention THANKS! 😀

  2. everyones favourite movement is the jerk & clean. my PR is around 5 sets a day, bodyweight of course…

  3. Thanks so much! I have pain on the inner elbow (cubital tunnel) that seemed to be helped by Myofascial release and stretching this muscle. Is there any way I can stop the ulnar nerve getting compressed? It’s mostly on the inner elbow?

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