1-Minute Anatomy: Serratus Anterior Muscle

1-Minute Anatomy: Serratus Anterior Muscle

Welcome to this episode of one-minute anatomy,
today we are going to talk about the serratus anterior. Many people know the serratus anterior,
because it shows down here, where they come out from your latissimus and attach to your
ribs. Serra is latin for saw, now let’s look what this muscle is all about. The serratus
anterior connects your ribs to your shoulder blade. This piece of paper is my shoulder
blade, and the first nine ribs each have one muscle belly from the serratus anterior going
to the lateral side of your shoulder blade. Now we can put them into three functional
parts, and each part has a slightly different function. The upper part pulls the upper part
of the scapula to the side. If you imagine the muscle being like a string, and i pull
here, you see it rotate. The lower part rotates the lower part a little bit. The medial part
pulls the shoulder blade to the front. Like this, and all parts work together when you
are inspirating, because they pull on your ribs. To train your serratus anterior you
have to press things up, like this, or protract your shoulders. So: overhead pressing, also
handstands will give you a stronger serratus anterior. Thanks for watching, please subscribe
to my youtube channel. Goodbye!

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  1. I just started getting this. Only seems to hurt in right side chest serratus anterior area.
    No muscle pain anywhere else just discomforting and troublesome when i move about.
    How do i get rid of this?
    Help much appreciated thankyou 🙂

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