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  1. I've seen documentaries where they say humans & dinosaurs lived at the same time n not at the same time. I don't know which ones to believe. However, I personally lean more to the side that they did live at the same time because there are carvings of dinosaurs and man together in many ancient ruins. I'm don't know much about this subject matter.

  2. What fibers do wrestlers need more becuase they need to be Fast and Strong but they also need to have a lot of endurance since matches can go up to 6+ minutes of intense movement?

  3. I didn't see the necessity of SlipaUK's comment, personally. I could clearly understand what you were trying to say, why somebody always feels the need to be pointlessly pedantic I don't know.

    Anyways – thanks for this video. I'm currently on my last year of my Sports Science course so I pretty much know this stuff – it was pretty much revision hearing this video. I got onto it after checking out your injured/broken hand rehab, which I found really helpful & I will start doing now.


  4. Wrestlers need to train both because they need the fast twitch (strength/speed fibers) during explosive moves and they need the slow twitch (endurance fibers) to last the whole match.

  5. I normally gauge if my clients have more slow or fast twitch fibers by looking at their strength levels. For example, I once worked with 2 prisoners of same age, height and weight (162 lbs). One guy squats, benches, deadlifts, 585lbs, 385lbs, 620lbs and the other guy does 250lbs, 185lbs, & 315lbs. Obviously the stronger guy has more fast twitch fibers.

  6. Very good video, great information although I do have to correct you on one bit, there were no humans when dinosaurs were about.

  7. Both. They need fast twitch for quick movement and strikes and of course slow twitch for muscle endurance, but a lot of the endurance is cardio too.

  8. Lol. Ill remember this when I'm running from a T-rex…
    As if dinosaurs and humans lived in the same time period.

  9. hey personaltrainertai. this is great! i appreciate it. im trying to understand this stuff so i can create the body that i want. i was wondering, can running a lot make you lose your muscle definition? how can i balance that? i do some high interval training to work on losing fat and for conditioning. but, at the same time, i have been trying to see if i can gain and maintain cuts in my body. could you help me understand so i can remodel my workout routine that i am working on currently? thanks!

  10. In fighting, all your kicks and strikes will be using fast twitch (strength fibers) but all your conditioning and your ability to last a long time in a fight will be using slow twitch (endurance fibers).

  11. I have trained dozens of people to go from 250 to 200 lbs. I've trained guys to go from nearly 500 lbs down to the low 200's before so your goals are very, very realistic. Humans are not meant to be 250 lbs so it's not that difficult to lose weight and get down to a bodyweight that is more natural for you. your weight loss goal is not difficult at all and should take less then 12 months to accomplish. The answers to all your questions are "yes". – Tai

  12. the afterburn effect sounds really good in theory but in reality the effects are not that significant. You can get rid of body fat much quicker by focusing on eating correctly and eliminating preservatives, chemicals,, and processed foods out of your diet. High-intensity just simply means training with a higher percentage of your one rep max. Basically, it means using heavier weights.

  13. yes, hundreds of federal prisoners across a 13 1/2 year span. Congress made it illegal in the mid-90s to beef up prisoners but we still found ways around it.

  14. Ok, great. Thanks for making convicts stronger, I guess.Never the less, I am applying your technique to see if it works.

  15. This is good but not completely accurate. The body normally has way more slow twitch fibers than fast twitch. It's not a 1:1 ratio.

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  18. answer: which muscle type make us big = fast twitch,
    which type to lose fat = slow twitch

    this's what im searching for… just want to save your time

  19. I wish you would've addressed specifically, when you were talking about sprinters vs marathoners, if their ratio of type 1/2 if they conditioned those muscles to achieve that ratio or it was a genetic inheritance. Great video though, concise! thanks for the review.

  20. This is way people dont help other he gave yall the right info. If you dont get it look at the video more than one time some of you may need to look at it ten times. Only in the usa.

  21. Interesting question i couldnt answer after watching this is:
    Both a sprinter and a powerlifter used high intensity, close to 100% 
    but then.. why dont the sprinter gain as much muscle, and strength as the powerlifter?

    Might be a dumb question, im just curious

  22. Hi, my name is Sarah and I enjoyedyour video! Keep up the superb work and if you get a chance, stop by my channel and check out my videos. I recently started a gaming channel and I would like to get some feedback. Thanks ^_^

  23. good vidoe. i am studying to be a personal trainer and this does clear up somethings, and you explain it better then other vidoes i have seen here

  24. Thank you Tai for your efforts to help educate others on fast and slow twitch muscles. Most of us look for new knowledge. You will always have a few who ONLY look for opportunities to criticize the knowledge giver. In their mind they think they look smart and intelligent, but we can spot them easily and identify them as the DAs that they are. Keep up the good work Tai.

    God is the One who created life. We are made through Him, not Evolution. 
    John 1:3 – New International Version (NIV)

    3 Through Him(referring to the Word(Jesus)) all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.

  26. ok so..im a 14 year old…im a little scrawny brown boy.. i do track…but I'm pretty fast in sprinting (primarily the 100m and 200m ( i can run like about 12.50 In the hundred)… ….and I'm pretty sure my body contains more fast twitch muscle fibers because i get easily fatigued and worn out when doing distances over 400m….so I've also noticed when competing…im a lot more smaller than the other sprinters…i can compete with them sure and its not like i have NO chance at all against racing them……but I'm just trying to build more fast twitch muscle fibers and trying to be one step ahead of them and probably gaining more of a lead infront of them….

  27. Wat would u advice to someone that from the start went heavy for a year non stop. As a result my body shut down. I took 6 months off not knowing why my body had shut down. when I came back from the time off I began to lift heavy again all the time. Totally clueless it happened again. As a result now my cns is fried. Now that I know that iam not suppose to go heavy I want to find a routine that allows me to recovered. Iam doing a full body workout routine. I go monday and do about 8 sets and then Thursday again two days of rest. My question to u is do u think all this time I've working the fast twitch fibers so I should try the slow twitch ones. My ego gets in the way snd I dont feel iam doing anything when I go to light. Wat do u recommend to make sure my cns while I gain muscle. Thankyou. Great channel. Simple and to the point.

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  29. is it the amount of weight that you are moving, or the speed that you are moving any weight at that determines the type of muscle fiber being used?

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  31. really good video really helped . but do you train yours abs, biceps, triceps and calfs. with fast twitch and slow twitch form. because they are a smaller muscle ? thanks

  32. Are there any significant drawbacks to training both at the same time (i.e. the typical simultaneous "Bulk & Cut") if you are looking to gain lean mass and lose fat?

  33. is it true that different people have a different ratio of twitch fibres and that to maximise hypertrophy you have to lift according to your dominant fibre type?

  34. why are they called fast twitch or slow twitch? where do they get these names from? obviously it doesnt have to do with how fast you move a muscle…so please explain!

  35. I took a test for my muscle fiber and it said that I was a mixed so I've been trying to find out how many reps and sets are ideal for a I assume a type 3 muscle fiber?

  36. How do i know when i use above 60% of the muscle so that i know when i am activating the slow or the fast twitch fibers? thanks

  37. so for when the fast twitch muscle fibers grow-does that mean that they are thickening or do more muscle fibers are added to he muscle itself? thanks

  38. When im doing pull ups i noticed im slower than anyone else, does that mean i have more endurance fibers than fast twitch muscle fibers?

  39. Ok now I'm confused so if I wanna lose weight , I shouldn't do HIIT workouts?I'm not talking about weightlifting ,I mean sports like swimming or running.
    And is it "theoratically" possible to be better than the average at both, endurance running and speed running? Like you have to have either more slow twitch or fast twitch so is it possible?

  40. If I do 4 sets of bench presses and in Set 1×14 reps, Set 2×10 reps and Sets 3&4×6 reps, and I reach failure each time, does that mean for my first 2 sets I'm primarily using slow twitch muscles but in sets 3 & 4 my body has changed to using fast twitch muscles?

  41. Type Two (white/fast twitch) muscle fibres does not come into play until complete fatigue of type One (red/slow twitch) muscle fibres

    Type Two twitch fibres are most amenable to hypertrophy

    train light, high rep..

    Mitochondria are more prevalent in Type One

    is this true?

  42. But even at low weight you can achieve high intensity with high reps and sets. So does that still count as slow twitch or fast twitch

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