1 Simple Diet Change To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Super-Charge Your Workouts!

1 Simple Diet Change To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Super-Charge Your Workouts!

What’s going on Nation? Todau I’ll be talking to you about a very controversial topic that no one really seems to stress the importance of and that’s salt When I was younger, I was always told to avoid salt like it was the devil I would always hear things like salt rages your blood pressure causes heart disease and obesity and how we should try to minimize our salt intake as much as possible in fact it was so bad that I was even always buying foods with as little sodium as Possible all the time it was not so much, but that all changed when I read this book written by James D nickel oh Antonio called the salt fix I mean obviously guys over the years that had already began to realize the importance of sodium and I’ve talked about it in past videos but reading this book really took my understanding of just how Important sodium is to the next level and honestly I feel better than ever Might work out to more intent and because my main goal is to help you guys make gains I hope you really pay attention to this video and really take them about the state of hot But before we get started be sure to click that notification though So you never miss a new video upload and take a moment to follow me on Instagram for more great workout tips and fun story vlogging now Believe it or not Salt is an essential nutrient that our bodies depend on to live and it’s proper balance as an equilibrium that our body strives to return to again and again But over the past century with the obesity epidemic becoming a real threat especially in America our Culture has defied this biological drive telling us to eat less and less salt and has even labeled salt as an addiction Also, I’ve heard the general health guidelines, and I know you have too. We’re supposed to eat. Low saturated fat diets no cigarettes go for a jog learn to relax and Dramatically cut down on our daily salt intake but the reality is that most of us don’t need to eat low salt diet And in fact more salt would probably be better for our overall health But where did this notion of salt as bad come from then well? Salt has been taking the fall for another white crystal that when consumed in high excess does lead to high blood pressure Cardiovascular disease and obesity and it’s called sugar so the question now becomes Based on your current diet should you be cutting down or adding more salt? Let’s find out so let’s begin by acknowledging the fact that for more than forty years doctors in the Government and the Nation’s leading Health associations Have told us that consuming salt increases blood pressure and thus causes Chronic high blood pressure But here’s the truth there was never really any sound Scientific evidence to support that idea in fact the majority of Population is not sensitive to the blood pressure raising effects of salt even for those that ask reducing salt intake to around 2,300 milligrams per day may only lower their blood pressure by a mere point eight two point two Millimeters of Mercury and if you take a look at how blood pressure is measured this is totally insignificant Guys we cry salt we sweat salt and our cells and our bodies are bathed in salty fluids So without salt we would not be able to survive simply put if you eliminated salt from your diet You would die and if you’re experiencing chronic issues with your body But you just can’t quite figure out when it comes to energy and recovery not enough salt intake is probably the reason why? so perhaps We should stop worrying about getting too much salt and start worrying about not getting enough But if salt is not the reason behind the rise in obesity. What is well? There’s no denying that we’re in the midst of a nationwide obesity epidemic that threatens our collective health well-being and longevity You guys want some scary numbers How about 69 percent of adults in the United States are now overweight or obese that? Is in saying how did we come to this well? Bear with me as I explained the specifics believe it or not it would seem that salt restriction is Actually the problem and here’s why restricting our salt intake inevitably leads to insulin resistance and higher insulin levels then our skeletal Muscles and fat cells become more insulin Resistant to prevent the higher insulin levels from causing our blood glucose level to drop too low Which could actually be potentially fatal and then this leads to higher glucose and fatty acid levels? Circulating in the body which damages blood vessels and causes more fat to be stored so as you can see Eating too little salt rather than too much triggers this entire unnecessary downward health spile but we can reverse the spiral at any moment by simply getting more salt however as Important as it is to get enough salt in our diet. It’s even more important to Avoid sugar We all know that calories from sugar are especially detrimental when it comes to our ability to manage our weight and overall health More sugar calories leads to more insulin resistance and more fat storage than any other type of calorie even when the total caloric intake remains the same So in a nutshell a high sugar diet is what’s killing your fat loss and muscle gains, not a high-salt diet Education is great right guys I bet all of you guys are watching this video And you’re saying wow you finally put salt on Foods I like to eat again and not feel bad about it and all that information is fine and Dandy But what about the thing you really care about and the reason why you’re watching this video? How is salt related to your fitness goals? Well the answer is simple consume more salt before and during exercise believe it or not adding 2300 Milligrams of sodium or 1 tSP of salt per liter of water has been found to reduce total fluid Loss during exercise also Dosing yourself with salt prior and during exercise will help your body cool off faster and improve blood circulation Water retention and improve your overall performance why? Because your body will be more hydrate in which we know instantly Increases your strength and because improved blood flow and increased detoxification of muscle tissue will lead to faster recovery better pumps and more gains plus an increased salt consumption will also help and prevent injuries during your workouts better your recovery period And even reduce muscle and joint pains Amazing right I bet you guys didn’t even know half of these benefits existed when consuming more salt, and if you’re having sugar Cravings so can also help with that as well Besides as you just learned indulging in sugar cravings is the problem It is most likely why you can’t seem to shake off that extra weight become lean and get shredded however Even if becoming shredded is not your goal Succumbing to sugar cravings can lead to more serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease But before I wrap up this video I would like to share with you guys what I’ve been doing so far the better my performance and training over the last few months First of all my salt of choice is redmond real salt which you can pick up at Walmart or online It’s very fairly cheap and what I do for my workouts They just have a teaspoon of salt before I get started either directly in my mouth with my pre-workout I don’t explode or other times I just mix it in with my bcaas so that I slowly consume it during my workouts now might taste a little funky But you probably won’t mind it after a while And now the reason why I picked Redmond’s real salt is because it contains a lot of iodine Which is what we need is athletes to give you an example why a typical athlete loses over 50 micrograms of Iodine per hour of exercise And we’re supposed to get a hundred and fifty micrograms of iodine per day and if you look at this chat redmonds salt is Right around one hundred and seventy-eight micrograms now as for my workouts what I’ve experienced so far by essentially dosing myself with more salt has been a much greater pump during my training my muscles feel fuller and Stronger and most importantly my heart rate stays down and now while you may want to keep your heart rate up while doing cardio Having a high heart rate can definitely limit your performance if you’re doing movements Supersets drop sets or even my cheatin recovered method of training when you’re trying to really get the maximum performance out of your muscles and Spot some new Growth So there you have it guys if you think there is something missing from your diet chances are that it’s one thing You’ve been told to avoid Salt I want to give a special Thanks to my friend James for sending his book over to me And if you guys want to read and learn more about salt and its impact on health and fitness Go over to the saltfix.com and start reading I’ll also post these links in these studies down in the info section below Nothing makes me happier than expanding my own knowledge base and then sharing that information with you guys That’s why I started my channel back in 2009 and I hope I can continue to help you all reach your goals Smash that like button if you enjoyed the video and as always more good stuff coming soon guys

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  2. U know what, i extremely reduce my salt intake just for one week and i get sick and need to consume paracetamol.. That reduced salt intake making my immune system drop to the lowest level.. How i knew it? It becoz i getting sick as soon as i reduced my salt intake that i never get sick for years.. Damn, salt is not sugar, we doesnt need sugar, but salt is essential.. Thx scott for educating ppl, especially for someone who ask ppl to extremely reduce salt intake..

  3. scott sorry for the comments but by increasing my sugar intake ALOT….I dropped 50 lbs…and yes salt is amazing for us,,,remember real salt real sugar is key.

  4. Many of the best Cardiologists recommend salt and spices. It's not salt that causes heart disease, it's the company that salt keeps. Namely, industrial trans fats, processed meat, refined carbs, and so on. They are the cause, not the salt that's on them or in them.

  5. doc: why's your blood pressure so high?
    me: well scott herman said i could have all the sodium i want
    doc: who in the h e double hockey sticks is scott herman?

  6. Love this video ❤😂
    I wish I can explain this message to my stupid in-law that keep making me stories every single time we are on table. No Salt, No Salt, don't put salt on table, we don't eat salt sorry about that 👹 😠 man @&#π you stupid idiot 😂😂😂

  7. Our bodies dont need a single ounce of salt, it needs sodium. just so everyone is clear when he talks about needing salt and the benefits of salt he is taking about sodium. Salt contains sodium and so does many other things.

  8. Hi i have a qustion
    Im 14 years old and i started going to jym before a week and i train good
    I want to ask does it mateer to my high

  9. The title should read "I give you opinions that this book had in it". Disclaimer: I have never done any type of research, and the first thing that makes sense to me is right.

    You can tell he has no idea what the fuck he is talking about, and is just reciting paragraphs from the book.

  10. The problem is calcium chloride that is used in place of sodium chloride. Calcium chloride is exothermic and causes inflammation in the body. It’s used in processed foods because it tastes more salty and its cheaper, but it’s poison. You wouldn’t want to eat arsenic salt or cyanide salt so why does the FDA allow manufacturers to use calcium chloride road salt? Stick to sea salt, it’s necessary and good for you as you say.

  11. We just need a healthy potassium to sodium ratio and less processed foods! I need more salt than a normal person because my body doesn’t process salt like most. I have EDS, a connective tissue disorder and it effects a lot, including my blood pressure which is normally pretty low, usually 109 over 48 to 55. Thank you for sharing!

  12. …Why… Why are both Italian nuns and Italian "non-nuns" listed?

    I mean, since it's 3,300 mg per day for both, why not just "Italian women" ahahah?

  13. but, doesn't it make you hold water in your face and can cause bloating, "water retention"? the only way i could think to combat that is drink less water which is bad right?

  14. Man us bodybuilders have it good don't we..? Eat 3-6g cinnamon a day, drink whey at 'this' specific time, drink bcaa's pre/intra/post workout, salsa dance upon waking 3 x 12 reps for good luck, riding the bus after 6pm kills gains, wake up at 3am and take a crap otherwise your glucose levels will take over the world.. and now add salt to your pre workout. I guess everyone was doing it wrong and was small in the 1900's etc. What ever happened to just hit the weights hard and eat clean?

  15. Some people make the same argument for cholesterol and saturated fat… so at the end of the day how do people know what to believe.

  16. oh mygaaaahhhhd!!
    I've always had more of a 'salt-tooth' rather than a sweet tooth – My parents always echoed that salt was the devil. This is badass.

  17. Salt is a purifier, And you can carry it to prevent Others from Draining your energy, if it is the Devil which is the Bahomet Horned Diety which was pimped out by your common fearful Christians, Same Thing happened With the Peaceful swastika Sign pimped out by Nazis

  18. Too much table salt consumption is now a major cause of hypertension in North India these days(alongwith saturated fats). People have started to move to rock salt. Although the hypertension is also a result of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

  19. Expectations from you come true. Really a very informative video. Scott. Sugar is the killer, not the sea salt. But salt can also kill in some way… I mean cocaine..Lol

  20. One of the many errors in todays nutrition guidelines. that 2.3g sodium per day limit has no scientific backing as you said. Here's the study you missed when you did your research: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1311889 Thats over 100.000 people in 17 countries for almost 4 years monitored for sodium and potassium excretion, and matched against mortality. result: optimum sodium intake is about 5 gram sodium (thats about 12g salt), and about 2g potassium.

    You're getting better with your nutrition topics 🙂

  21. This is the real deal. I started a diet and a few weeks later just lost my drive to workout. I was forcing myself to lift everyday. Tried this and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!

  22. I want to be in great shape and I've been dieting and training hard for three months, but no results. It's so depressing. Am I really supposed to go the rest of my life never eating a jelly donut or some ice cream? I can't eat chips when I'm watching a film? I can't enjoy Halloween candy with my kids?


  24. Don't ever loose your fantastic distinctive accent. It's like a trademark. You are awesome dude–gotten addicted to your channel.

  25. I remember when i eat salty potato chips almost everyday i was performing beter in gym now am avoiding salt i have terible workouts i will start ading more salt in my diet

  26. When they tell you to cut back on your salt intake they're referring to processed salt because of toxic chemicals that they used in the process!

  27. @Scott Herman….salt causes pain on the bones and joints once u get older….it'll get u….or bags under the eyes……THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE SAYS…….¿what u think? thanks for the info brotha..

  28. Tried this today made my stomach hurt when I mixed it with my preworkout, however I did feel a bigger pump

  29. I’m just gonna assume by the thumbnail that I should be taking cocaine in my diet to drop these last 15 pounds.

  30. I'm so glad I'm completely abnormal adding a salt lick to my diet. I'm not being completely facetious; I literally just sprinkle some salt in my hand and lick it off. I find that to be most tolerable to me. I'd rather deal with a salty palate then cleanse it with a normal drink and/or food that consuming a salty drink or saltier food.

  31. Should you reduce salt intake when cutting? To reduce water retention? I'm not a master on this yet but am interested to find out

  32. I tried this the other day both before and after my workout. 1 small glass of water with a teaspoon of salt and a bit of honey (unmeasured). It was one of the more energetic sessions I have had in a while. I also noticed I could lift heavier, more stamina AND I recovered faster..aka no DOMS. I've only tried this once thus far, but I was honestly pretty surprised how much of a difference the salt/honey made.

  33. Even if you eat “low sodium” your salt intake is probably too high. So minimize and you will do well to prevent stomach cancer, HTN.

  34. Are you going to revisit saturated fat and red meat now that you are on board with salt? Many of your videos say good sources of mono and saturated fats are coconut oil, and olive oil. Of course, the best source of mono and saturated fat is red meat. I also recall you saying to limit fat intake to 20% of total calories. This would put carb intake around 50% after sufficient protein? There is a lot of very good science out there now suggesting this amount of carbs is unhealthy for "normal" people. I wonder if the science changes all that much for heavy lifters. I don't know the answer, since obesity is not really an issue with your audience, but the metabolic and mitochondrial function of the body shouldn't change all that between promotion of good health generally and promotion of increased muscle mass. Some carbs to help explosive movements and acute energy makes sense, but I would not imagine that 50% of calories from carbs is necessary for that function. Finney and Volek have done some good work recently into very low carb dieting in athletes. They may focus more on endurance training though.

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