1 Tip For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

1 Tip For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

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  1. I dont eat because my flat done nasty and the bathroom and kitchen got so much BROWN LIMESCALE and I'm from LONDON, help.

  2. It's kind of scary when you've been told everywhere wherever you go that dieting is the thing, and skinny people get more benefits in society– to be told to eat eat eat

  3. Dont worry m'kay just eat more m'kay it doesnt matter if its pizza m'kay burgers m'kay or even healthy stuff m'kay if you think your full EAT MORE M'KAAAAAY

  4. Someone answer me this,I've seen ATHLEAN-X video and he says that you need to eat more healthy stuffy instead of just eating more. Which is what it says in this video, so idk what to do?

  5. Your comments are very helpful. What I do is since I'm a female I take women's multi vitamins that helps give me appetite to eat 3 times a day. At night I exercise by doing squats and lifting weights for 45 minutes than wait 30 minutes after work out to take weight gain supplement.

  6. When he says eat more, it doesn’t mean junk food. It means your favorite “athlete fuel” type foods. Burritos are my go to

  7. I won't even start this video. This is just getting ridiculous. Over 13 minutes for ONE Tip??? Don't waste my time get to the point or leave it -.-

  8. "eat more" without qualification is just silly – eat enough*. if you just say "eat more and more if you're not gaining", you're going to get fat if you're getting any muscle at all (if you workout properly of course) and why would you want to get pointlessly fat just to get a bit more muscle? if you're not gaining and you're officially fulfilling your nutritional needs, that's nothing to do with how much* food you're eating. you only need a bit more protein/cals than average to build muscle – I would say you should cut down so that your body fat is very low, then* workout, and the muscle will seem to gain a lot more apparently – especially for people with more than 14% body fat.

  9. After fixing my nutrition I already gained 7 pounds in the last 10 days I realized I was only eating about half the amount of food I was supposed to eat in a day

  10. I’m Johnny form BANGKOK! Thanks for your video, I really like it but I have a concern when you said I should just do workout 4 times per weeks instead of doing 7 days per week( but I should do Mon, Tues , wed, Thur ) or I should do (Sun, Tues, Fri, Sat) I am doing Sat, Sun, Tuesday and then Thursday is that okay?

    Thank you

  11. Why did I ever listen to this guy? Don't waste your time with this video. There are no shortcuts. Eat real food and workout. You probably won't look like wolverine in 2 weeks because it's about lifestyle. When you live a healthy life, you'll look and feel great.

  12. This is #1 bullshit! Eat like that and become a meat head and also have a ugly face because of all the processed food. You look like what you eat

  13. I just need to get a trainer cuz I feel like I be in the middle of a workout contemplating if it’s really worth it

  14. Great space saver!>>>ur2.pl/1182 Depending on the exercise you are doing, they may be a little bulky, but I love just having one set to go to.

  15. Don't listen to him, this is complete bullshit. I was always skinny and it was always hard for me to gain weight. So I kept raising my daily meals and I was keep eating more and more. And yes, I was gaining weight… but most of that extra was FAT, not muscle! You DON'T need "extra", this is complete bullshit. This is a very old myth. You can gain muscle AND burn fat at the same time. Some people are getting muscle faster, some slower. But eating more will only gain you more FAT. And more carbs will make you insulin resistant, and that means your cells can't use ANY nutrient. Not just carbs, but ALL the nutrients, inculding amino acids (protein). So more carbs = worse protein synthesis. I'm training for 20 years now, and I tried a lot of things, the best (and most healthy) thing is a ketogenic diet. If you build muscle slower than others, don't worry, everyone is different. Right now I'm building more muscle on ketogenic diet than I built on really REALLY high carbs! And I'm loosing fat at the same time.

  16. Overtraining is the number 1 culprit… just look at Jeff cavaliere, he does both he over trains and under eats… he thinks he's athletic… I'd like to see him do a quick step in ballroom dancing!!

  17. I am 54 years old and fond of doing exercise. But I have a problem with my right hand. It has become weak. Will u plz suggest some solution to get rid over the problem.

  18. Brown rice sweet potatoes white potatoes bananas pears black bean pasta .pea milk lentils too 😁😁😁😁😁salad with vegan ranch dressing

  19. Thanks, I'll try eating more…I"m on the skinny side but do have a little fat around the mid-section. I want to know your WORKOUT routine. I"m 55 and I can't get to where you are, ever, but I need some help: what machines do I work, how many reps? And I really don't have much upper-body strength…pretty weak actually and have never really been into weight lifting.

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