10 Best Hip Stretches for Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

10 Best Hip Stretches for Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Bear, and
today I’m going to show you the top ten hip stretches. so let’s get started. So usually with general stretches you want to hold the stretch for 30 seconds and do it three times each side if you’re going to
do it on both sides. I always recommend doing it on both sides because usually
if you only have an injury on one side, you’re compensating on the other side, so
it probably needs some stretching as well. number one a pelvic tilt.
so pelvic tilts can be an exercise and it can be a stretch. this is a great way
just to start loosening up those hip muscles. so it’s maybe not technically a
stretch, but I really like to start off with it. for a supine pelvic tilt, lie
down on the ground with your legs propped up feet flat on the ground and
imagine that you’re trying to squish your hand. it goes underneath you. so push
down rotate the hips and come back up. number two. the butterfly stretch. this
does a great job of getting those adductors on the inside the hip or the
groin muscles, and when those are tight they can cause a lot of hip problems. for
the butterfly groin stretch, put your feet together and let your knees drop
out to the side. keep your back straight and lean forward
while pushing your elbows down on your thigh. if you need more of a stretch
bring your heels in. number three. the cat dog stretch. of course this is gonna be
one of my favorites because it has the word dog in it, but it does a really good
job. cats too. of course of getting those hips moving again and stretched out and
it feels really good on the lower back as well. for the cat dog stretch, get on
all fours. you’re gonna arch your back like a cat and tuck your chin in, and
then drop your back down and pick your head up. number four. the glute figure four
stretch. so this one’s really good for your glutes. it’s good for your
piriformis, all those muscles around the hip. stretching those out is really going
to make it feel a lot better. for a glute figure four stretch, take the leg of the
side that you want to stretch and cross it over the other leg where you’re
making a figure four then lean forward and hold the stretch. number five. a hamstring stretch in long
sitting or when your legs are out in front of you. hamstrings are always
important to stretch they’re connected to that pelvis or those the hips, and if
you get those stretched out, it’s going to feel a lot better. for a hamstring
stretch in long sitting, put both legs out in front of you. then bring the leg you’re not going to stretch up towards your side. keep your
foot pulled up towards you to help lock out your knee. try and keep that knee
straight the whole time. you’re going to go forward at your hips but try not to
curl your back, just move at your hips with your back straight and hold that
stretch. number six. so a hip flexor stretch in
the lunge position. if you have some knee problems make sure you put a pillow
underneath the knee that’s on the ground just to protect it a little bit, but this
is probably my favorite way to stretch out the hip flexors. for a hip flexor
stretch in the lunge position, the side that you want to stretch is going to
stay down. bring the other leg forward so you look like you’re in a lunge. keep
your upper body nice and straight, so not leaning forward, but keep it up and then
lean forward with your hips until you feel a stretch through there hold that
stretch. number seven. IT bands stretch with a
strap. so the IT band is on the outside of the hip, and a lot of times this one
has forgotten to stretch, so people don’t think about stretching this one but when
it’s tight it can cause a lot of problems in your hips and your knees so
don’t forget about this one. for an IT band stretch in supine with a strap, you
can use a belt or a dog leash if you have one. put it around your foot
anywhere that’s comfortable. keep your leg as straight as you can, locking out that knee and then dropping your leg over to the side until you feel
a stretch through here. hold that stretch. number eight. quad stretch in prone or
on your stomach. again using a strap to stretch this out is the best way if you
don’t have a strap you can grab it with your hand, but if you’re on your stomach
it helps keep your leg in a neutral position and when you’re stretching out
your quads you don’t want your thigh to come forward, you want to keep it
straight down. for a quad stretch in prone, lie on your stomach. take a belt or a dog leash. and wrap it around your ankle then pull it over your
shoulder and pull until you feel a stretch. then hold that stretch.. number nine. a prayer stretch or the
child’s pose. this is really good to get some great motion and stretching out
your hips. it’s really comfortable it kind of helps relax your whole body and
it’s a great one to do. for the prayer stretch, start off sitting on your feet
and then you’re going to push your arms straight out in front of you on the
ground, holding the stretch. number ten. a QL stretch or your
quadratus lumborum, that’s the muscle kind of in the back here. it’s another
one that people forget about a lot, but when you get it stretched out it feels
really good and it helps loosen up your hips. for the quadratus lumborum or ql
stretch, take the side you want to stretch and bring your arm up and over
and at the same time take the other arm down and across. so is this motion, and
hold that stretch. so there you have it. those were your top
ten hip stretches. if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and click
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down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

36 Replies to “10 Best Hip Stretches for Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. For #8, is it ok to do without a belt or anything.?

    Also for floor exercises I'm never sure if best to use a head pillow or no pillow?

  2. I have to be careful doing hip stretches as i have a frayed labrum in right hip. If i do nothing all my muscles tighten up and hurt! I must stretch for relief. Are these safe for me to do? Should I modify any? Thank you Dr. Jo! You are exactly what I need today! Bless Your Bones!

  3. Help, I can’t go from standing to lunge without wall assistance. What weakness does that imply and what can i do to fix it? Thanks you’re the best.

  4. So timely, I severely strained my hip while fast walking on my treadmill, it’s been two weeks, just now seeing a bit of relief. Thank you for this, you’re my go to PT here on YouTube! ❤️

  5. doctor. Jo I've been doing some of your lower back and hip stretches / strengthening for couple weeks now I had back surgery in September 2017 and after surgery if I would lay down and lift up my left leg you can hear a loud pop in the room coming from my inner thigh it does not exist anymore thanks to your videos now I'm being told by my surgent that I need to strengthen my mid back kind of where my ribs end do you have any more great tips for me if you have a video let me know thanks again greatly appreciated

  6. For number 8 the quad stretch I'm not feeling it and I don't want to pull much harder. Could I put a pillow under the knee to lift the knee? Would that give it more of a stretch or will that pull more in my front pelvis area?

  7. Loved these all work excited about this, because gels good to stretch to feel the condition for my pain in flanks, legs and hips are being targeted .

  8. great job mam…i hv been doing physical therapy for chondromalacia patella for four months…
    two months ago i injured my ls joint and si joint in order to prevent my knees from a speed breaker by lifting both my legs while riding my bike…

    though xrays from different angles are normal, i feel instability in both si and ls joint including lumber pain…doctors dont understand my knee n back problem…they always say nothing serious…i found most of the exercise challenging as both knee n back injury…

    finally my request to u :- (1) plz tell me about the severity of ligaments injury if i need surgery or it will heel itself through physical therapy…
    (2) kindly name the exercises for me to perform or release a video for ppl like me…

  9. Is it better to do these stretches first thing in the morning or at the end of the day? Thanks for the great info!

  10. Dr. Jo … it is no surprise that you love dogs because your heart is gold. Thank you for invaluable free help for those like me who live with chronic pain and cannot afford treatment. You are a gift to me.

  11. Hi Dr Jo. You have recently advised me regarding my periformis syndrome. I am making good progress and since I have added the hip flexor stretch in the lunge position (number 6) I have noticed such a wonderful improvement. However, I am still uncomfortable at night in bed. Even when I am almost pain free in the day. Can you offer me an explanation please? I put a pillow under my thighs (sleeping on my back) which helps a bit and stops me rolling over in the night. Lying on my side with a pillow between my knees is no help at all. I still haven’t had an appointment with a NHS physio but it should come through this month. (Ten week waiting list) thank you

  12. You dont say anything about breathing during the stretches. I tend to hold my breath. What should I be doing?

  13. Would it be OK to do a version of the glute figure 4 stretch by placing one leg in the figure 4 position on the floor and then leaning forward with my upper body facing the floor? The other leg would be straight behind me. I’ve seen this stretch in Yoga. And this version puts a lot less stress on my knees. Thanks.

  14. One more question…..for today. 🙂 I’m recovering from a left knee injury. A deep bone bruise. Doing the hip flexor stretch in the lunge position puts too much pressure on my left knee. Even when using pillows. I can’t do a hip flexor stretch off the edge of my bed without falling off. How about doing this stretch with one leg directly behind me instead of on the floor? And, of course, hanging on to something secure like my couch.

  15. Thanks for this video too, Dr Jo! The IT Band stretch is fantastic. I do it without a strap and let the leg that’s being stretched fall all the way down. Unexpectedly, the stretch has also helped me with Coccydynia. Do you think there could be a link between a tight IT Band and tailbone discomfort?

  16. Hi Doctor Jo! If a person has had a joint replacement (knee, hip, etc.), can they still do these stretches? Sometimes my father, who is 78, has asked me about what stretches I do for my hips, knees, lower back, etc. I’ll show him a few, but I add my own DISCLAIMER ALERT! and tell him do these at your own risk. I’m not a professional at this, and to check with your doctor or a PT. My father has had a knee and hip replacement. He works out regularly 3 times a week at a local gym.

  17. Purchase a printable worksheet with the hip stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-hip-stretches-worksheet

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