10 Best Knee Stretches for Knee Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

10 Best Knee Stretches for Knee Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo and Kali and
Bear, and today we’re going to show you the 10 best stretches for knee pain. So
let’s get started. So these 10 best stretches are the 10 best, my favorite that I found works best for me,
works best for my patients. There’s no scientific proof behind it, it’s just the
ones that I found that really work because all these muscles either cross
the knee joint, or come to the knee joint, so they really need to be stretched out
to help relieve that pain. So the first stretch is going to be patella mobs, and
you can see here, that’s the kneecap. The kneecap or the patella is connected by
this patellar tendon, and it comes up in a connects to that quad muscle in that
quad tendon, and the reason it’s so important to have that moving well is
because it sits on that knee joint, and if everything’s tight in there, and that
patella is not moving well, it puts extra pressure on that joint, so it’s a really
great way to help stretch out, really doing mobilizations, but to get it moving
to help relieve that pain, so let’s take a look. For patella mobs, put your legs
straight out, and try and relax your muscles as much as you can. If your
muscles are tight, you’re not going to be able to move that kneecap, so relax the
muscles and then push out and in, and then you can go down and up. Stretch number two is kind of a stretch
slash exercise, but it’s a really great way to help bend your knee and this is a
heel slide. Heel slides help get that flexion if you have a tight quad, this
kind of helps stretch it out and a nicer way versus just a regular stretch, so
just sliding it up and down not only helps loosen up the joint, but it helps
loosen up some of those muscles around it, so let’s take a look at that. For heel
slides, lie down on the ground and prop your knees up, then just slide your foot
all the way out and then come back up. Number three is a calf stretch with a
strap, and the important reason to stretch the calf muscles is as you can
see here, they come up and they cross that knee joint, so when that muscle here
is tight, it pulls on that knee joint. It makes it painful, so when you’re
stretching that calf muscle out, it helps relieve that tension and pressure on the
knee, so let’s take a look at that stretch. For a calf stretch with a strap,
you can use a belt or dog leash, take the belt and put it just at the bottom of
your foot, relax your ankle, and then pull towards
you holding that stretch. Number four is a hamstring stretch in
long sitting, and the reason it’s so important to stretch those hamstrings is
it’s kind of the same with the calf muscle, if you look at the hamstrings
here they cross that knee joint the other way, so again when those muscles
are really tight, they put a lot of pressure on that knee, so it’s really
important to stretch those muscles out as well,
so let’s take a look at that. For a hamstring stretch in long sitting, put
both legs out in front of you, then bring the leg you’re not going to stretch up
towards your side, keep your foot pulled up towards you to help lock out your
knee, try and keep that knee straight the whole time. You’re going to go forward at
your hips, but try not to curl your back, just move at your hips with your back
straight and hold that stretch. Number five. So number five is going to
be a hamstring and calf stretch combo, so you’re using a strap this time and
you’re stretching them both together, so just like I showed you before since both
of those muscles and tendons come across that knee joint, you really want to
stretch those out to help take the pressure off the knee because when you
take the pressure off the knee, that helps it feel better, so let’s take a
look at that one. For a hamstring stretch in supine with a strap, you can
use a belt or dog leash. Take the belt and put it at the ball of your foot,
straighten out your leg as much as you can, you want that knee to be straight so
if it bends then bring it back down a little bit, pull your toes towards you
and bring it up till you feel a stretch, and hold it. Number six, IT band stretch. So the IT
band, or the iliotibial band, is one of those mean muscles slash bands. It comes
all the way up to the hip here, and attaches up here ,and comes all the way
down past the knee, so again as you can see there, it’s one of those muscles
tendons that cross that joint, so when it gets really tight, it not only can affect
the knee, but it can affect the hip and if it affects both of them, there’s a
whole lot of pain, and if you’ve ever had IT band pain, you know is it’s a real
it’s a real mean one, so let’s take a look at that stretch. For an IT band
stretch in supine with a strap, you can use a belt or a dog leash if you have
one. Put it around your foot anywhere that’s comfortable, keep your leg as
straight as you can locking out that knee, and then dropping
your leg over to the side until you feel a stretch through here. Hold that stretch. Number seven, a quad stretch. So going
back to that kneecap there, the quad is up here and it attaches to that kneecap
coming through over there, so when that quad muscle is really tight, again it
comes and attaches to that whole knee area, so when it’s tight it makes it so
it’s really hard to bend that knee, or if you’ve bend that knee, it really pushes
that knee cap into the joint and it can cause a lot of pain, so by stretching
that out, that helps as well, so let’s take a look at that stretch. For a quad
stretch in prone, lie on your stomach take a belt or a dog leash and wrap it
around your ankle, then pull it over your shoulder, and pull until you feel a
stretch, then hold that stretch. Number eight is a butterfly stretch to
stretch out the groin area. So in here, the groin muscles are on the
inside of the legs, now even though they don’t necessarily come and cross the
knee joint, when they’re tight and not working properly, they can affect the way
you walk and really cause some pain in that joint, so stretching out that area
is really important for the knee as well, so let’s take a look at that stretch. For
the butterfly groin stretch, put your feet together and let your knees drop
out to the side, keep your back straight and lean forward while pushing your
elbows down on your thigh. If you need more of a stretch, bring your heels in. Number nine, a hip flexor stretch. So the
hip flexor has a lot to do with helping out the quad muscles, so again it’s one
that doesn’t necessarily cross over the knee joint, but it has a lot to do with
helping out how your body works, how you walk, how you function, so if it’s tight
it can not only cause a lot of hip tightness, but it can cause a lot of knee
tightness and pain as well, so it’s really important to stretch as well, so
let’s take a look at that one. For a hip flexor stretch in the lunge position, the
side that you want to stretch is going to stay down. Bring the other leg forward
so you look like you’re in the lunge, keep your upper body nice and straight,
so not leaning forward, but keep it up, and then lean forward with your hips
until you feel a stretch through there. Hold that stretch. Number ten is a side lunge stretch, so
this is going to get those adductors, those inner thigh muscles, and you’re
groin a little bit too, so again just like we were talking about, these muscles
are on the inside, but when they’re not functioning properly, they’re tight,
they’re you know just not moving well, it causes a lot of pain in that knee joint,
so they’re equally as important to stretch out, so let’s take a look at that
stretch. For a side lunge stretch, spread your feet out past your hips, bend the
knee of the opposite side you want to stretch, so stretching this side bend
this knee. You can put your hands on your hips. So there you have it, those are the top
10 best stretches for knee pain. If you have any questions, leave in the comments
section. If you’d like to help support my channel, make sure you click on the
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down here, and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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    I have a quad strained and have been on PT for the last three months and I'm improving a lot. Do you recommend your 10 stretches in my case?
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  12. My left knee started to hurt a LOT after running 12 miles a week before a half marathon, I was so afraid I had an injury after running fast on hills and was already thinking I wouldn't be able to participate on the race because it was hurting so much even when walking. I did the stretching as suggested (along with Ibuprofen) and the next day the pain was gone! Now I'm doing this every day and I am so glad I found i. Thanks Dr Jo!

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  18. I've never tried the patella mobs stretch before and I felt suuuuch relief after trying it – the first emotional release I've had from a lower body stretch in a long time, plus plain old physical comfort. Thank you!

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