10 Best Scoliosis Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

10 Best Scoliosis Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and my bumble
bear, and today we’re going to show you my ten best stretches for scoliosis so
let’s get started. so these are just general stretches for scoliosis. they’re more for like a
postural scoliosis or if the scoliosis has happened over time. if this scoliosis
is something you’ve always had these might not quite work for you. so the
first one is just going to be a stretch where you’re going to take one arm and
bring it up over your head and then take the other one and kind of push it down
this way. so you’re just going to stretch over this way and you should feel a nice
stretch through here. so since this is a full stretch you’re going to hold it for
30 second.s you’re gonna do it three times, but I would say go ahead and then
switch and stretch the other side as well. so I like to alternate back and
forth just to give the other side a break. if you’ve got like an S curve or C
curve, you might want to just stretch the side that’s tight, but you’re gonna have
to ask your doctor or physical therapist. I can’t tell you without being able to
evaluate you. so 30-second stretches on each side and then three times each. so
then the next one is going to be kind of a stretch slash exercise together. just
to kind of get that whole spine moving. so you’re going to start with your arms
up, and then as you bring your arms down you’re gonna rotate to one side. so as I
come down I’m going to rotate and then come back up. bring my arms up and then
rotate and come down to the other side. so this is really just kind of
stretching that spine out. getting some movement in there, getting those tight
muscles loosened up a little bit. so I would probably just start off with five
on each side, total of ten, doing these a couple of times a day and then working
up from there. but again these all depend on how severe your scoliosis is,
what kind of curve you have, and these are all questions that I can’t answer.
you’ll have to ask your doctor or physical therapist and then you can
progress from there. so then the next one and the chair is just going to be a
chair roll down. so this is just really going to stretch your back into flexion.
this a really nice stretch I usually kind of open up my feet a little bit so
I can get my hands down in, but all you’re doing is just kind of
curling your back down into a stretch. if you watch some of my other videos I
always talk about keeping the back not curved, but for this one you want to get
that stretch with that curve. so really kind of roll down and just hold that
stretch for about 10 to 15 seconds and then roll or curl
nice and slow back up. you can take a little break in between and then roll
back down and do that about five times for 10 to 15 seconds. so the next ones
are going to be down on the floor. so I’m on the floor. if you’re not able to get
on the floor, you can do these on your couch or your bed. it might just be a
little bit tougher because it’s gonna be a slightly uneven surface, but if you
have a hard time getting on the floor, don’t get on the floor and then not be
able to get back up. you can try them on your bed. so the next one is going to be
a cat dog, or some people call it cat cow, but all you’re gonna do is come up
arching your back and tucking your chin in. that’s gonna be the cat part and for
this maybe just like a 5 to 10 second stretch and then you’re gonna drop it
down into the dog where you’re dropping your back and then bringing your head up.
so then it’s almost like a saddle back. so then again just a 5 10-second hold
and then come back up. and so you can alternate back and forth three to five
times. so really just get a nice stretch in the back. it shouldn’t be painful it
should be maybe some uncomfortable stretching but there shouldn’t be any
pain. so then the next one I just call it dog wagging the tail. it might have a
technical term, but that’s the one I use. and so with this one it’s a little
bit harder because you really need to kind of work your hips a little bit. so
it’s almost like when a dog is happy to see you and they’re just wagging their
tail and their butts kind of go with it. and so you’re gonna bring your hip over
almost like you’re just trying to look to make sure you don’t have anything on
your pants, and so you’re going to stretch this way two to three seconds,
pause. it doesn’t have to be a lot of pause, and then you’re just going to
switch back the other way. so you’re just kind of twisting that body almost into a
C as you come in. little pause and coming back that way into a stretch. so
again just that two to three second hold. maybe this one do about five on each
side just to kind of really get everything stretched in there. so then
the next one is just going to be a prayer stretch or the Child’s Pose. again
if you have some trouble with your knees, you might not be able to sit quite like
this, but you’re just gonna bring your arms out in front of you. so you can
either do it this way start with your arms out in front of you and then kind
of bring your bottom back to your heels. so if you can only come to here that’s
okay, or if you have good flexibility in your hips and your knees you can start
this way and then push out into the stretch here. so this one is just a
really nice way to relax I like to hold this one for a good 30 second stretch,
nice, and just let your whole body relax. so it’s kind of stretching out your hips
your knees your back and your shoulders. you should feel it everywhere in there
and then come back up doing that 30-second hold three times each. then you can also take that prayer stretch and go to the each side. so kind of going on an
angle now. so instead of coming straight down, this time maybe I’m going to start
here on this side and then come back. and then so that’s going to get a nice
stretch on that outer arm there so the other side away from the camera is
getting this stretch. so again holding that for 30 seconds, then you can come up. so
you can start up or you can just then slide over like that, and I should feel a
nice stretch over through here. so if you’ve got that scoliosis and that
tightness on that side this is a great stretch just to kind of work everything
out and it feels really really really good. so then the next one you’re just
going to kind of roll over, put your feet all the way out in front of you we call
this long sitting in therapy. and so this is another one where if you’ve seen me
show you a hamstring stretch I usually say keep your back straight and bend
forward to stretch your hamstrings. this is different this is you are wanting to
get that back stretch, so you’re just gonna kind of curl down. this is kind of
like when you were in the chair that we did earlier but now you just want to
roll everything out. so I’m just gonna kind of almost slump down
and roll. you can touch your toes if you can. if you can’t get quite that far
that’s okay, but this time I do want to curl my back because I’m not stretching
the hamstring that I’m stretching out my back. and so again just kind of holding
that stretch for about 30 seconds and then slowly curling back up and doing
that three times. so then we’re gonna go into this is really a QL or quadratus
lumborum stretch. the QL stretch. this one’s a little bit intense, so if you
have a lot of tightness in there, this one might be one you want to work up to
and not try right away, but you’re just going to kind of lie on your side and
give it as much of a straight line as you can. and the goal for this one is you
want to keep your hips down and then you’re gonna push your upper body up
like this. so I’m keeping those hips down and I’m getting a stretch right in
through here. so the same kind of thing, the higher up I go the more of a stretch
I get. so you might be getting a stretch even if you’re just right here coming up,
but keeping those hips down. so it’s not a side plank. this is a stretch. and if
you want that big stretch come on up that way you’ll get that nice stretch
through there. so again if you’ve got a specific curve one way or the other you
might want to just do that one side or the other that’s the tightest.
and so the last stretch is going to be with a Swiss ball. Boing. so with the Swiss ball, or a therapy ball, stability ball, people call it a bunch of different
things. this one you’re just going to kind of lie over it on your side. so if
this side is my tight side, then I want to put it the furthest away and then I’m
just gonna kind of lean over and take my arm and just kind of stretch it. so again
if you’ve got really tight and a lot of tightness on this side, you might only be
able to go to here. just try and reach your arm up and over.
if the Swiss ball is too much you can do this on a foam roller and then you can
put your legs all the way out. so like if you have some knee issues you don’t have
to bend on your knees, and you can even put this on like a countertop or
tabletop and stand next to it and just kind of lean over. but the further you can take that arm over, the more of a stretch you’ll get through that side
there. so again this one’s probably a 30 second stretch. if you can hold it if
it’s a lot you can do a 10 to 15 stretch second stretch, and then just do it a
little bit more. so there you have it. those are my ten best stretches for
scoliosis. so if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and click
on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and
remember, beee safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hi Doctor Jo, do you have a video on Sherman's disease is there any stretches or exercises for this condition? I love your videos thanks

  2. Omg this is so encouraging I just was googling jaw exercises and I saw your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbJZXG4fsd4 old one on TMJ exercises and I noticed your shirt- I said no way Is there any other blood bowl than the one in South Carolina. Then I went to your website and saw you went to my parents alma mater XD lol I have a blood bowl sweatshirt from 2017 when I donated blood at Clemson. This is literally what I want to do when I grow up. Keep up the good work you have a new subscriber.

  3. Everytime when i grip a footbal and train for 1 2 hours my thumb starting to ache, same thing happens when i grip a wide object. Pain is on the first big joint. How can i fix that (the pain lasts for approximately 3 week)

  4. HI! 🙋💓👏👏

    I have S shape scoliosis…  

    and so many questions…. I don’t feel comfortable at all doing any exercise on my knees and hands… I can be on my knees and do the child’s pose, that doesn´t feel bad on my knees.. but I feel  like my torso/spine would not elongate and I end up in some extra weird/ extra round position… when trying to do the pose

    When in all fours, my hands, arms and neck  feel like I’m putting too much pressure on them…

    I don't know how I could exercise safely …😊

    Thanks for having this channel… 🙏💓😊

  5. This is helpful.
    I also want to clarify if I’ll do side stretch for Dextroscoliosis is this correct?

    – Begin the exercise by standing on your feet about shoulder- width apart and keeping your left hand on your hip.

    – Now, reach up with your right hand as much as possible and bend over TOWARDS THE LEFT SIDE while keeping the shoulders in line with the hips.

    Is it towards the left side or towards the side of curvature – right side?

    Thank you very much!

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