10 Bodybuilders Whose MUSCLES EXPLODED

10 Bodybuilders Whose MUSCLES EXPLODED

100 Replies to “10 Bodybuilders Whose MUSCLES EXPLODED”

  1. Number 3 is NOT a bodybuilder, it's one of those weirdo screw-ups who inject oil into their muscles 💪

  2. Im seeing all these comments saying to not do steroids, I was on steroids when in 2015 (aged 9) because of a rare disease I have

    My muscles never exploded, although they did get bigger 😁😁

  3. Some of the info on the channel be wrong as fuck.. unnamed bodybuilder lol false he pumped his arms with synthol oil lol channel lame

  4. 3 and was stynthol not roids. That guy has no muscle at all. Its just some pump liquid. Last guy used synthol too.

  5. These dudes are absolutely disgusting. You gotta have a mental problem to think having these huge ass muscles looks good.

  6. That must suck to have that happen. Hopefully, those guys learned their lesson about overdoing the muscle tone.

  7. WTF man……#THE_RICHEST has exact same video word to word and content…except the voice is of girl…idk which on is true …..#COPY_CATS

  8. And another complete load of rubbish,well done Facts Verse give yourself a pat on the back but not too hard we don't want anything to EXPLODE do we lol?

  9. The 3 person was a Brazilian guy, his named on internet by ' Arlindo anomalia '. That's mean like a Arlindo The beast or anomaly.

  10. Those muscles are fake. They inject themselves with oil. This is why their arms looks like a zit. It’s basically the same thing as a woman having breast implants.

  11. I have unsubscribed from this channel because the end of the videos are covered by ads for more videos. It would be great if they would wait until the whole video was over.

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