10 Min Basic Kung Fu Warm Up and Stretch Routine | Shaolin Kung Fu

10 Min Basic Kung Fu Warm Up and Stretch Routine | Shaolin Kung Fu

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100 Replies to “10 Min Basic Kung Fu Warm Up and Stretch Routine | Shaolin Kung Fu”

  1. Thank you for making your videos. My goal this year is to achieve balance and simplicity in my life as well as my body. I am including your videos in my workouts.Thank you!

  2. This helps me greatly after years being sick in bed, gotta get my body flexible again and start training hard… improve health and body also improves life (I hope and believe).
    Thank you!~ and wish you a early-happy new year!

  3. Realy beautiful.Exercise,love and beauty  are  in this video.Thank you,for sharing this with us,and take care of yourself.D

  4. I really liked your routine video, very well explained.
    I also liked the design you made for the end of the video.
    I'm subscribing to your channel. Thank you!

  5. Hey. nice video 🙂
    Any tips for me? I am 6.3 ft (193cm) tall and some moves are hard for me. Especially Mabu or streching with long legs.

  6. That move at 8:45 is confusing for me since the video is mirrored so I"m like whaaaa? xD great video though & thank you,

  7. Awesome Yan ! Thanks for sharing, it's my morning warm up/strectch routine now 😉 peace from France.

  8. Kung fu life, hello ,I'm a 58 year old man who a month and a half back started training in Wing Chun and we practice Qigong but I have an impingement in my right shoulder it's a chronic injury and when I raise my arms over head and out to side the popping and painful twinge occurs . I am recently started acupuncture but what exercises to help heal and strengthen do you recommend sir. Thank you .

  9. I'm just recently starting to work out to lose weight and was looking to learn more stretches. I was in Kung fu classes when I was younger and I remember a stretch where we got on the floor and we got into a position like a Shrimp, but I can't remember the rest. I remember it worked out my abs though and was wondering if anyone can help me remember the rest so I can do those! Third day of running and I'm showing real improvement, but I hadn't stretched first like I should have. Will start to do all of this to the best Of my ability before a run from now on though!

  10. I was recently finally starting practice again in martial arts, my dad was a 3rd degree black belt and so he was teaching me until I got sent into foster care. (His last wife really messed with him mentally and the training was helping until Father's Day when he almost choked me out, long story I'd rather not tell)

  11. interesting. In your Ma Ba punches( what does Ma Ba mean ? ) are you breathing out forcefully when you punch ?
    It also looks like you make a quick breath IN right before punching out (where you then breath OUT hard out as you punch out) during your Ma Ba reps..is that correct? thanks.

  12. Can someone link me too a video where you put your right arm out like your punching and put your left knee up and hop forward and do the same thing with the other arm and leg? I am doing this in my kung fu class for warm up exercises and I am really struggling with it. Please help! P.S. this helped me a lot 🙂

  13. Hello master
    I have a question
    How many hours a day does a shaolin warrior train? and how many should i train in order to achieve Kung fu?

  14. ouch!
    i have a long way to go. i'm going to do more of these exercises. 😀

    i've been doing wing chun for almost 10 years and i need more flexibility

  15. Thank you for making this nice and helpful videos!!
    I'm trying to find a good Kung Fu school and add it to my lifestyle.
    And dont worry, your English is good. 🙂
    All the best for you and those you love.

  16. Thank you very much for this video, i am out of shape and this is a good video to help me warm up and keep motivated. Can't wait to watch some more of your videos!!

  17. It seems your audio is not quite in sync with the video, and slips more out of sync the further you get into the video. Check your upload settings to see if they match what they should be. Otherwise, thanks for the helpful tutorial. I've been missing my lessons I started several years ago but had to stop going from work time conflicts.

  18. Hi!

    Thanks for the video!
    When I'm doing like in 5:31 I feel like my bones are breaking. What can this mean? Should I do this?

  19. Thank you. I love this video. You seem to be like a friend of mine, not some very special sportsman in a Hi-tech studio with sophisticated systems.
    An ordinary man with ordinary clothes but with genuine sportsmanship.

  20. great video and i have just started kung fu again after 23 years and i remember quite a bit of the stretching techniques that you have shown in this vid and i thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. its a shame that some small minded people have decided to knock your English.i personally think your English is excellent and i would love to hear the people that have mocked you try to speak Chinese. once again thank you and keep the video's coming.

  21. Thank you for posting workouts, I am very interested in taking kung fu classes soon so these workouts help me prepare for it! You are a great instructor! _

  22. When training punches from chamber twist the wrist at the moment of contact, NOT at the waist and then pushing a fist forward. This is a technique flaw I have seen many Shaolin monks making. Subtle but still incorrect. The punch must be like a corkscrew. The twisting generates power and penetration. If you twist then punch it defeats the entire purpose.

  23. Thank you so much. I feel great with the breathing out into dantien. Maybe I should learn Kung Fu. I do energywork. I feel drawn to Kung Fu and QiGong. Much gratitude

  24. Thank your vedio ..i like karate ..more vedio pls…am from Philippines. .I always whatching your movie shaolin kung fu..I'm your fan since 1975..😊😊😊😊😊

  25. Thank you very much for the video! This will help me ease into my beginner kung fu classes 😅 i have the most difficulty with the stretch at @5:30 i like how it says basic but im already struggling 😭

  26. I try stretching once a week and when I try it I feel like my muscles are gonna come out of my skin and get cramps most of the time what do I do ☹️

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