10 MIN BREAST REDUCTION EXERCISES | Get Rid of Chest Fat & Armpit Fat

10 MIN BREAST REDUCTION EXERCISES | Get Rid of Chest Fat & Armpit Fat

welcome to this breast reduction workout. we are working chest and we are working that
armpit fat area. let’s jump right into the warm up. we’re going to
start with some wide claps. keep your abs engaged and just pretend to
be clapping without
actually touching your hands together weights I want to hold some weights as I
do this you got this next up we have wall pushes again you’re going to lean
into that wall and then push out guess what happens after this work after this
particular exercise yes you get another break you have earned another break keep
going lean into that wall and extend your arms to come back to your starting
position and really think about your chest muscles and your back muscles as
you do this but mostly your chest muscles it’s the chesticles that we are
targeting here awesome go ahead and take another break subscribe to my easy job
you have a dud so already it’s totally free for you and it really does mean so
much to me if you need a longer break you’re welcome to pause the video but
I’ll be right back and we will keep going welcome back shoulder taps abs are
engaged marching the leg and you already know how this goes we’ve done this
before let’s go you is strong you is amazing you is
intelligent you is doing it you is gonna make it to the end I believe in you I
believe so much in you keep going let’s go curtsy circles you might be
feeling like you want to pick up the pace at this point and that’s okay you
can go faster it’s just more more fat being burnt you are doing an amazing job
what you’re doing is amazing keep going are you ready side reaches keep those
abs engaged keep your legs moving and just reach from side to side go at your
own pace you can even walk around the room as you’re doing this as long as you
keep your feet moving your abs engaged and you’re reaching your arms you’re
doing good keep going keep going you got this you could do this you’ve made it
this far keep going you already know how we do wall pushes
this is your last round of wall pushes after this you’re done and it could be
worse we could be doing push-ups on the floor so let’s do it
last set good keep going I am still proud of you
you’re doing a great job keep going you have earned another break go ahead
and take a very short break pat yourself on the back
tell yourself one more set and we’re done subscribe to my youtube channel if
you haven’t done so already it’s totally free for you and it means so much to me welcome back last set we are starting
off with those shoulder taps you want to keep your legs moving you can even put
it a little bounce in your step if you feel up for it keep your abs engaged and
just tap your shoulders raise your arms let’s go he looks so amazing you’re doing a great
job you have two more exercises and we are done with this workout can you even
believe that amazing curtsies our goals keep your abs engaged tap those legs I
know some of you are gonna be dabbing and turning this into a dance I’m not
judging you I’m not even judging just a few more
seconds keep going one more exercise after this a last move of the day side
reaches abs engaged legs are moving arms aren’t raised you’re doing it you’re
doing it last move let’s go give it your all
hundred percent just keep moving keep that keep your eyes on the timer just a
few more seconds you’ve come this far that is amazing that is so amazing you made it let’s go straight into the
cool down hug your knee to your chest just one and rotate your your your ankle
your legs been moving the whole time switch legs once you’re ready you can
hold a chair to make this easier or a wall rotate those ankles your feet have
not stopped moving this whole time go ahead and hold your hands together in
your back if you can just try to expand your chest your chest has also worked
very hard you did amazing today you made it to the end of the workout I am so
proud of you good job finally when you’re ready I
want you to put a slight bend in your knee give yourself a big hug and gently
twist from side to side I just want to remind you that this is your time this
is your chance this is your opportunity to change your life and you are doing
your part and the results will surely surely follow
so keep showing up keep doing the work thank you so much for working out with
me today subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I’ll
see you in my next or at out video you

100 Replies to “10 MIN BREAST REDUCTION EXERCISES | Get Rid of Chest Fat & Armpit Fat”

  1. I haven't heard your explanation of how this works even though we can't spot reduce.

    You promised an explanation back during the warm-up, at 0:31

    I like the workout, and will continue to do it, but really want the promised explanation.

  2. i start it today if it is work for me i'll tell ya'll and i'll share your video if not i'm not going to share it.

  3. imma do this twice a day for five days in a week.
    it's almost been a week and I do see some slight changes.
    Imma stop using this workout because I found another workout (:

  4. I’m doin intermittent fasting so I’m gonna do these workout too , 30 days I’ll come again ✌🏻

  5. I am not even an 30A and I try to find exercises to get bigger breasts but there isn’t any that is useful. Can you help me with that?

  6. Im going to be doing an update everyday on this workout🤙
    day1:i had to cut my routine short i had a mandatory practice. going to start up again tomorrow..sorry😓
    day 2:I just did my morning fitness of this lol. I did it 2 times now I’m going to do it again 2times later in the day.
    day2 1/2:

  7. I love this workout! It's the most encouraging thing ever! Man I feel so amazing I want to cry! Thanks for encouraging us the whole way! Made me want to subscribe and workout to all your videos lol

  8. What should or what can I eat to see the results faster? What do I have to stop eating to see more results?

  9. you’re the only person that’s workout i’ve used and actually enjoyed/ saw results! i thank you so much for that too! i usually can’t go through an entire work out but i powered through this because your words are so inspiring!!🥺

  10. hey im transiting into male [FTM] my breasts are the biggest causes of my dysphoria [ 38 DD ]
    Ill update weekly, ive also been doing other excerises from other channels, since yesterday and im starting this one today 🙂

  11. I am doing this workout because I am only 13 and I am big for my age. Because I am still growing will my breasts grow back as I grow?

  12. I am a mum and have just stopped nursing
    Gone 3 sizes up
    So I’ll be updating every week on this
    I’ll be starting from tomorrow .
    I really want to go to my previous size 34D
    I’ll be doing this exercise twice daily and my water intake is almost 4-5 litres a day (24 hours)
    Hope to see results soon
    I’ll measure myself tomorrow and will update the exact size..my pregnancy bras don’t fit me either and baby is just 16 weeks..🤭

    Week 1- I have been exercising daily twice… though there’s not much change but yes I can feel my breast getting hard(they were really sagging coz of nursing) they still are though.. not sure if that is because of my milk drying up or exercise… I’ll keep trying though I don’t expect results so soon☺️

  13. i m from India..Really ur voice with smily face really incourage lots of people..really u r great …thnx for helpfull exercises for all…👍

  14. I promise I will update 🌊🌻
    Day1: I see a little bit of change but not much ! 🙂 ❤️
    Day2: Kinda gone smaller
    Day3: Okay there is a lot of change!
    Heyo! Sorry I couldn’t update I was on holiday and I still am on holiday, I’ll try to do my best to update ❤️

    Day4: Not that much
    Day5: maybe lost a bit of breast weight? Not a lot :p
    Day6: kinda smaller then before but ye-
    Day7: I’ve stopped eating stuff now, maybe there will be a difference?
    Day8: still not eating junk food
    Day9: dieting
    Day10: when I wear a tight top my melons kinda look smaller 🙂
    Day11-12-13-14 (on holiday)

  15. These chest workouts are great since i am a D-DD cup. Im very insecure about my breast and i believe this workout will work. Thank u.

  16. So guys I’ve been doing this routine for like a week and a half I’ve missed some days but in the days I’ve missed I did cardio for like an hour in the gym like the chair thing or that machine that makes you walkand etc. so I’ll come home lazy and forget to do those workouts anyway I already started seeing some difference and feeling that my boobs are getting smaller a little by time I’m not a healthy person bty to be honest but I don’t eat that much like two meals a day or three one in the morning and one in the evening between them will be like at least 5 to 7 hours if I felt hungry I will eat some fruit or vegetables or a home made dessert by my mom that is it

  17. As a woman of the "cups runneth over" persuasion, I find this workout amazing! I have shoulder and back injuries also, and you have created a circuit I can actually repeat! Thank you!

  18. Need to have smaller breasts before highschool… literally 20 days wish me luck! Btw done this 2 days in a row., should I do it twice a day??

  19. Warm up
    •Wide Claps
    •Shoulder Shrugs
    Set 1
    •Shoulder taps
    •Curtsy Circles
    •Side Reaches
    •Wall Pushes
    Set 2
    •Side Reaches
    •Curtsy Circles
    •Shoulder Taps
    •Wall Pushes
    Set 3
    •Shoulder Taps
    •Curtsy Circles
    •Side Reaches
    •Wall Pushes
    Set 4/Last set
    •Shoulder Taps
    •Curtsy Circles
    •Side Reaches
    Cool Down
    •Knee Hugs
    •Chest Expansion
    20 seconds for each workout

  20. what about for those persons who are wheelchair users like myself and are unable to do the leg movements, what do we do as an alternative?

  21. hey m doing this workout as well as many other exercises since the month of may, though i have lost my belly fat and lower body fat too but nothing affects my chest area, i have upper body fat which i am not able to reduce in any way……. please suggest me something to get rid of heavy breasts.

  22. I want to share this with you guys …. 🙁☹️ So me and my family are planning to go in beach , I was happy until ….. I went to try my bikinis and …. Noone of the bras fit me ….My chest is so big .Now I don't want to go at the beach 😭😭 I am so disappointed about this …. disappointed at myself… I told my self that I am going to workout everyday in summer holidays… But no , somedays I worked out and somedays no … I wanted to slim down my body , I wanted to be happy my body at beach and especially at school , NOW IT IS TO LATE 😭😭😭 I DID NOTHING … now I know I am going to be called fat by my family , my classmates and my teachers … If you will be able to see my recent youtube searches , this is what you would find
    – How to get slim fast
    -How to slim down your belly , you thighs , your legs , your butt , you chest , your armpits , you face , your fingers , double-chin …. All of this are my problem 😭😭😭😭🙁🙁☹️☹️☹️ Seriously I am broken 💔 by myself . Everytime I think I am skinny or working out and my motivation is 100 % is always a person who says something to me ( YOU ARE FAT ) . Right now I am doing a 30 days Leg Workout , now I am in the day 11 and I started the butt workout , I will try my best to lose weight till the school starts , because every new school year , teachers have to emulate our belly and butt and weight us , and this last 2 years I am the fatest , always when teacher emulate me , all the classmates look at me and I feel so shy and sad … This is my story 😭😭😭

  23. I’m 75kgs and 38G chest! I’m totally trying this…
    Will keep a diary of it all. If I see a change I’ll update 🙂

  24. Alright so I'm going to try this starting today, and I'll update in about two weeks and tell you guys if anything happens.
    Seems like it'll work, hope so. :>

  25. everyone who's waiting for results how about you try it and see how it works for you ? It either works or it doesn't but by you trying is wayyy better than not trying and looking for ppl results when their body type and genetics differs from yours. Good luck! I'm starting today but I can't say ill be back with updates..just get up and find out on your own 😁 ..💕💕


    Do not drink a lot of milk (cows milk) because they make up a lot of your breast fat!!!
    My biggest mistake 😭

  27. I’m fine with the rest of my body. It’s just my chest. It’s so big. When I was younger I always wanted big boobs. Be careful what you wish for.

  28. Thank you so much. I loved this exercise. You're so encouraging! This is my first time trying this out, but I'll try to this every day.

  29. I just don’t like people looking at me when I wear tight shirts because my stomach is small but my boobs are big so i feel like it looks weird😕

  30. Thank you sooo much for being an amazing trainer, I appreciate this sooo muchhhhh.
    Also loved the fact that you kept motivating me and saying that I believe in you💖💕💗

  31. Day 2: doing it twice a day plus extra exercise at night. Feeling the burn!

    Will continue to update starting at a 34 DD

    DAY 4: workout has gotten easier, my breathing is more controlled which allows me to engage my abs more. I’ve noticed my wire bra has less fat bulging from the side and bottom boob area was growing out of my bras at first and my sports bras are looking less side booby also ❕I’m also doing this with a little cardio and other arm exercises and will be incorporating more cardio soon❕

    Day 5: workout is easy now, the controlled breathing has really helped my stamina.

  32. I tried this for 20 days with the normal diet i usually have. I lost one cup size!! This works !! I feel super comfortable already!
    You are a life changer ❤️

  33. Does it never cause breast sagging ..during reduction..
    As i want to reduce breast size as well as to firm my breast..
    Plz rply me mam

  34. I'll keep you guys updated! I will TRY to do it for a whole month with cardio and ab exercises!

    day 1: workout was pretty easy but my arms hurt throughout the workout as my body was in pain from doing other workouts yesterday.
    day2: I ate very unhealthy but I still did this workout. my arms were burning today but it felt good afterwards. I will try to eat healthy tomorrow
    day3: didn't do this

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