10 Min Shoulder Stretches & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises – Shoulder Stretching & Mobility Stretch

10 Min Shoulder Stretches & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises – Shoulder Stretching & Mobility Stretch

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 10 Min Shoulder Stretches & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises Shoulder Stretching & Mobility Stretch routine this
routine doesn’t require any equipment but you may want to use a mat for
comfort now during the workout you’ll see me using a lacrosse ball a peanut
ball or even a tennis ball but it is not a requirement this is a great stretching
routine to improve your shoulder mobility as well as improving your
posture and relieving pain let’s begin we’re going to do an upright external
rotation so keeping good posture standing up straight we’re going to
bring our upper arms out for our sides elbows are bent at a 90 on 90 degree
here as well now let’s pull those hands back as our elbows come forward we’re
just rotating at the shoulders 90 degrees and I want you to take it
through that full range of motion now you may not be able to get through as
full of a range of motion as we are today and that’s okay come back it
better a little better every time good so rotating bringing those hands back
going through this dynamic range of motion ten times
qumar and on the last one I want you to hold back so hands go back elbows go
forward and we’re going to hold for 15 seconds on all of our static stretches
today I want you to take it to about 85% of what you can feel a nice stretch but
at the same time don’t hurt yourself almost there let’s hold four three two
one and good shake it out thank you good stretch yeah good want to start with all
right so let’s bend over for the next one spin our back straight we’re going
to do bent over T rotation we’re going to do thumbs up this first time so
thumbs are up arms are straight and again we’re going to follow that same
method where we’re going through this full range of motion make sure to breathe throughout all of
these movements today thumbs the sky on this one get nice and controlled your
little arms rash up at the top and we’re going this last one let’s hold up at the
top for 15 seconds good this is a great one to stretch that
intersection where your shoulders meet your biceps good hold them up hold them
up let’s go four three two one zero good check it loose loose all right the
next one we’re going to do almost the same movement but the difference is
we’re gonna have our pinkies to the sky so it’s just going to hit a little bit
different spot let’s go ahead and bend over again all the time pinkies to the
sky good I’d say this one’s going to go a little bit more of that intersection
of your chest and shoulders just loosening up from every direction it’s
also a great one to help improve your posture take that full range of motion
pinkies are up last one right here and last one let’s hold fifteen seconds up
feel that stretch pulling them back pulling them back and again you might
not be where we are you might be here right here today and that’s okay
really encourage you to make this routine your own all right pulling apart
let’s do it four three two one and zero good shake it loose we’re going to need
a wall for the next one we’re going to do wall angels so go ahead and make your
way on over to the wall now this is definitely a little more challenging of
a movement that will test your shoulder mobility let’s start with your feet two
to four inches away from the wall and then put our bodies flat up against the
wall from our hips our lower back upper back shoulders and even our head now
let’s go to place your hands and arms up against the wall
now I’ll keeping everything flat we are going to reach up and then pull back
down from our elbows it’s definitely a challenge on this one to keep everything
flat up against that wall this one will definitely expose any weaknesses that
you may have and I’m definitely feeling those pull-ups and dips I did yesterday
right now we’re going through this full dynamic
range of motion 15 I’m sorry 10 times half way right here
good all the way up all the way down I feel it working and stretching look like
as you get one part up on the wall you feel another part starts to come up yep
good breathe we got a few more after this and on that last one we’re going to
do another 15 second whole but this time we’re going to do with those elbows down
so down and pull those elbows together down to your back flat on the wall hands
flat everything flat bet you can I know this one hurts and let’s hold it for 5 4
3 2 1 0 Oh check it loose feel so good alright
we’re going to do an internal rotation next so Pilate is going to place your
hand on their hip where I’m actually going to place mine behind my back so
there’s a little more challenge movement with the behind your back you can’t you
place it on your hip I want you to reach with your opposite side arm and grab
your elbow and now I want you to take it through gently 10 dynamic range of
movements coming forward and back just a little batwing here be careful with this
one this tends to be a sensitive one for many people with shoulder issues if I
need to you can even place your hand up front that’s under hand now on this last
one I want you to pull from that elbow pull that elbow forward I’ll keep in
good posture my pawn holding this one for 15 seconds in total making sure to
breathe excellent hold for 3 2 1 and shake it out and
switch it up hit that opposite side next again we’re going through that range of
motion and you might find that from worn shoulder the next you get have totally
different flexibilities I was just thinking like this one
my right side is super oh that’s funny my left one is super
tight like I said did a bunch of pull-ups and dips yesterday and I’m
feeling those that’s okay that’s why I’m here doing this recovery workout with
you guys happy to have you here with us today
thank you so much for joining onto your life and on that last one we’re pulling
forward feel that good stretch and again as any of these try your best to take it
to about 85% we feeling a good stretch but where you’re not hurting yourself
and stretch too far you just end up creating scar tissue and that’s the last
thing that we want to do all right good and hold and last three two one and zero
excellent shake it loose all right we’re going to go to the floor for the next
one Claudia doesn’t isn’t going to use any equipment but I however I’m going to
go ahead and grab my lacrosse ball my peanut ball we’re going to do a line
pull over on this one we’re going to lie back on a flat in our backs and I’m
going to place one of my two balls use the side which I’m going to use go and
use that peanut ball double-ended ball right on my traps my upper traps and
both of us line down their heads down and we’re going to bring our arms up
overhead Oh feeling that one stretch keeping a slight bend in the elbows now
let’s bring those arms up tilt they are perpendicular to the ground and back
down now you might not be able to bring your hands all the way to the grip all
the way to the ground and that is perfectly okay if you’re using a
myofascial ball of peanut ball tennis ball find the spot where you need the
most help in those upper traps and place the balls there three more and as you
get into it stretch it out just a little bit more every time last one right here
guys and let’s go last one and now we’re
going to hold those arms down stretch them out all the way down 15 seconds in
total test that range of motion let’s hold for
five four three two one and zero good okay we’re up on our feet to the next
one we’re going to need a wall again for this next one we’re going to do a
straight arm wall stretch so going place one hand on the wall and then the closer
you get to that wall with your shoulder the harder that stretch is going to be
so the word here easier it is then as you get closer and closer the harder it
is going to get so we’re not doing a range of motion on this one we’re just
going to do the static hold and stretch now you might not be where Claudia and I
are today and that’s okay or you might be more flexible in which case then go
ahead and start to rotate your body the opposite way that left shoulder this way
it’ll really sink that stretch in nice and deep excellent
hold through breathe and three two one alright axon okay let’s switch opposite
side down opposite on and again just a 15-second static stretch on this one
again my left side is tighter than my right yeah so this my left side is
tighter that’s weird perfectly normal to have one side
tighter than the other all depends on your recent workouts or injuries or any
of the above even the way you sit at your desk at work
speaking of which is a great one to improve your mobility and hold four
three two one zero good and stretch it out okay for this next one we’re going
to do a posterior shoulder stretch so we’re going to bring one arm up reach it
across use your opposite arm to help pull it across and we’re going to hold
for 15 seconds so again you might be like this and that’s a
a just take it to where you feel comfortable make this routine your own
today come back do it again get a little bit better every time that’s the beauty
of it good and three two one and down take a loop it’s at that other side next excellent doing that stretch in your
shoulder and your chest let’s hold four three two one and zero nice work
thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoyed this workout and
you know working out those for a while starting to see some results we do
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to connect with you thank you so much for joining us today it’s been our honor
and privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Clyde again and we will see you at your
next workout

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