10 Min Yoga for Sore Muscles and a Tired Body | 12 Days of Yoga Challenge | ChriskaYoga

10 Min Yoga for Sore Muscles and a Tired Body | 12 Days of Yoga Challenge | ChriskaYoga

Hi, it’s Christina Welcome back to the Twelve days of Yoga challenge Today is the final day day 12 if you’re anything like me your muscles are probably feeling a bit sore right now and unfortunately The best thing to do for sore muscle is to stretch them. So that’s what we’re going to do start out by lying flat on your back and interlace your fingers above your head flex your feet and Lengthen your entire body reaching up through your hands and reaching down through your feet Find length through your whole body stretch both sides the front and the [back] Keep breathing as you stretch Reach once more Energetically opposing directions from your hands to your feet release your hands from the clasp bring them down Bend your knees and then from here Take your right ankle and cross it over the left top thigh Take hold behind the thigh of the left leg underneath the knee and hug your legs in towards your shoulders breathe into your hips Breathe into any discomfort you might be feeling in your muscles And allow them to recover by stretching them out Keep your legs in this shape and just set your left foot down onto the ground Cross your lower body over to the left and place the bottom of your right foot on the ground Look over to the right and reach your arm out you can rest your left arm on the ground on your stomach or You can use it on your right leg to help keep your knee in line with your ankle Wherever you choose to hold this stretch Just breathe into any discomfort you might be feeling and try to relax bring your legs back to center and uncross your right ankle off of your thigh hug your right leg in towards your chest and from here begin moving the leg forward and backwards from the hip joint gently Softly the hip [joint] and Working through any tightness that might be there and of course if they’re sharp pain in Any of your joints stop moving and [just] set the leg down be gentle with your body Don’t move anything too harshly slowly come to stillness and from here keep the leg raised and straighten it any amount that you can so you can place your hands behind it on the hamstrings and Hold your leg here as you stretch that foot up towards the ceiling You can keep your left leg bent or straight Depending on how you’re feeling if you’re feeling any low back Sensitivity keep the leg bent if you aren’t then you can straighten the leg for a bit of a deeper stretch Wherever you’ve chosen to be during this stretch. Just rest here and as we’ve been doing breathe through any discomfort Release your hands from your leg Hug your right knee in towards your [chest] for one more moment and then set it back down onto the ground Take your left ankle Cross it over the right top thigh, and then take hold behind the right knee as you gently pull your legs in towards your shoulders stretch on the other side breathe into your hips Take one more deep Exhale here in this stretch Before you place your right foot down onto the mat and then twist your whole lower body to the right? Placing the bottom of your left foot on the ground Look over with your head to the [left] and reach your left arm out to the side relax here in this twist Once again, you can keep your right hand on the ground on your belly or on your left leg Bring your legs back to center and uncross your ankle from your thigh Take hold of your shin your left shin in both hands and as we did on the other side gently move that leg in a bent position forward and backwards Once again if you’re feeling any pain while doing this just don’t do it and remain still otherwise gently move your leg forwards and backwards Come to stillness Keep your leg raised and stretch it up towards the sky any amount so that you can hold on with your hands behind your leg on the hamstrings you can keep that leg bent and you can also keep your right leg, bent as I’m doing here or straighten it out onto the ground just be careful of your low back if you have low back sensitivity keep the leg bent if You don’t you can straighten it out to get a bit of a deeper stretch. It’s completely up to you You’ll be holding this stretch for a few more deep breaths you Release your hands from the back of your thigh bend your leg and hold onto your shin for one more moment Before you set your foot back [down] onto the ground Roll on to your right side and come up to a seated position bring your legs out to the side Stretch them out and flex your feet Sit up tall on the two sits bones in the bottom of your pelvis keep your knees and toes pointing up inhale lengthen and exhale Forward fold Reach your [arms] out and as you fold forward be sure that your knees and toes Haven’t gone forward with you So keep them pointing up towards the ceiling even if that means sitting up and not folding forward as much [we’ll] be staying here for several full breaths so relax close your eyes if you would like and continue [to] breathe deeply Walk your hands back up. Come back [up], right? Bend your legs from here Bringing your feet to meet each other so bring the bottoms of your feet together your knees are out to the [side] inhale sit up tall exhale forward fold if you want a deeper hip stretch place both elbows on your knees and Gently push them down towards the ground once again We’ll be staying here for several full and deep breaths so relax and close your eyes if you need to Come back up out of your forward fold and sit up [tall] We’ll be focusing on our arms and shoulders now so cross [your] shins keep your feet flexed and sit in Sukhasana Bring your right arm All the way out to the right Cross it over in front of your body and hug it in towards your chest by hooking your left arm underneath it Gently stretch, the Outer Edge of your arm muscle here And then you can release [it] out Raise it up and bend your elbow behind your head Take hold of your elbow with your opposite hand and gently tuck it in towards the center line of your body Release your hand from your elbow bring your arms down and then reach [your] left arm out to the side Cross it in front of your body and hug it in with your right arm hold here feeling [the] stretch in the outer shoulder on the left side sitting up tall as You’re breathing into your shoulder take one more deep inhale and exhale Release your arm Raise it [up] and bend your elbow take hold of the elbow with your right hand tugging it in towards the center once again sitting up nice and tall as you do so and slowly on an exhale release from the stretch and Then take hold of opposite elbows behind you as I’m doing on the left side of the screen Spread your shoulders wide if you would like [a] deeper stretch, you can bring your hands to meet at the center of your Back as I’m doing in the top right corner of the screen Wherever you are release your arms bring them down by your sides sit up tall Bring your hands to your legs Close your eyes and take a deep breath Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest and bow your head to your fingertips Namaste You did it congrats on completing the Twelve days of Yoga challenge? not only is this the last day of the twelfth day challenge, but it is also my 100th video on this Channel I Just want to thank you all so much for watching and [for] practicing yoga with me And I hope you all stick around because we’re only just getting started I have lots planned for 2017 so get excited and make [sure] that you’re subscribed if you aren’t already Thank you all so much again [for] participating in the challenge, and I will see you next week for another video

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  1. This was perfect for my practice.I got a cold right after Thanksgiving so I didn't go to my regular class (I didn't want to make anyone sick.). I thought the videos were excellent and your queues were very helpful. Thanks! Namaste!

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