10 Tips To Stretch Your Slot Machine Bankroll

10 Tips To Stretch Your Slot Machine Bankroll

Hi and welcome to our instructional
video that is designed to make you a smarter
gambler my name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American
casino guide which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and
travel and the only book that comes with more than one thousand dollars in casino
coupons including free rooms, free food, free
shows, free gambling money and much much more if you want to know
more about me or my book be sure to visit our website
at americancasinoguide.com In this
video I’m going to give you 10 tips to stretch
your slot machine bankroll Actually I’m not a big fan of playing
slot machines because they have a very high casino advantage they can quickly eat away at your
gambling bankroll but I know that most people like to play slots so I came up with
this list have 10 tips to hopefully help your bankroll last a little longer
So let’s get started number one slow down your rate of play. Have you
ever heard the phrase speed kills? Well it’s true on the
highways and it’s also true in the casinos since slots are a negative expectation game where the casino always has an advantage over you the faster you play the faster you are
expected to lose this also means that if you can slow
down your rate of play you’re expected loss per playing session
will be less so try not to keep pounding away at that
spin button if you can add a little break time
between spins it should statistically speaking help
you to lose less money Number two don’t always make maximum
coin bets The only time that you should bet
maximum coins on a slot machine is when you are going to get some
additional benefit for risking that extra money On some machines such as wide-area progressives you should always bet maximum coins
otherwise you wouldn’t be eligible to win the big jackpot and you would only be building it up for
someone else to win, however there are other types of slot machines
such as straight multipliers where you don’t get any extra bonus for
making a maximum coins bet and there are also multi-line multi coin
slots where you don’t necessarily need to make
a maximum coin bet in order to be eligible for the bonus rounds Instead you may only need to bet one
coin on each payline on these types of machines you really
should read the instructions to see what kind of bet is needed in order to be eligible for those
bonuses For more information on this subject be sure to watch my other
YouTube video called the slot machine went to bet maximum
coins Number three play less volatile games some slot machine will offer frequent low
payoffs while others will offer fewer but higher
payoffs If you plan to higher volatility machines that offer the less frequent
payoffs you will deplete your bankroll faster if
you don’t hit a winning combination You can usually
tell which machines are high volatility by looking at the payoff tables posted
on the machines if there are a lot of high-paying
combinations or multipliers such as five times pay or
10 times pay then you should know that those types
of machines will be more volatile and they will offer fewer winning spins.
Number four play at casinos with higher-paying
machines the slot pay-back percentages for all machines within a casino are usually but not always a matter of
public record the American casino guide book and the
americancasinoguide.com website published these pay-back percentages and
you may want to reference them when deciding where to play slot machines for example in atlantic city there is
usually a two percent difference in the average slot machine pay-back percent between the highest and lowest paying
casinos If you want to get a slightly better return on your slot machine play then you should always play at the
casinos with the highest average return on their machines Number five play at locals casinos in
Las Vegas The casinos with the highest paying slot
returns in the United States can be found in Las Vegas on the
outskirts of the city on average the locals casinos in North
Las Vegas and along Boulder Highway offer much
better returns than the casinos on the main strip in Las
Vegas so whenever you make a visit to Las
Vegas try to spend some time playing at a local casino Number six look for banks of slots with signs
offering high pay back percentages Some casinos may offer a section of slot
machines with signage that says something like
ninety-eight percent pay back those would be good machines to play
because they would all be set to a minimum of ninety-eight percent pay-back percent However if the sign
said up to 98 percent pay back you should be
careful because only one machine may be set to
that 98 percent payback and all the others could be lower Number
seven avoid playing wide-area progressive slot
machines wide-area progressives are slot machines
that are linked among many different casinos and offer major jackpots of up to
millions of dollars An example would be megabucks in Nevada
where more than 100 casinos throughout the state are linked to a progressive
jackpot that starts at ten million dollars while the average one dollar slot
machine in Nevada returns around ninety-five percent the average one
dollar megabucks slot machine returns only around eighty-nine percent So if you would like your bankroll to
last a little longer it would be best to avoid those wide-area progressives Number eight form a slot team with a
friend this may sound complicated but it’s
really simple form a partnership with a friend where
you each put the same amount into a pool and use it as a shared bankroll. For
example let’s say you and a friend each put
one hundred dollars into a pool you then have a two hundred dollar
bankroll for gambling you can then take turns playing rather
than both playing at the same time you’ll find that you could have just as
much fun watching and rooting for your friend to win knowing that you will share in the
winnings also this is another good way to slow down the rate of play One thing that you need to be careful
of though is to make sure that you can trust the other person if you can’t trust that person to be
honest with you then this would not be a good method to use Number nine use your player’s club card. Some players don’t like to use a
player’s club card because they think that somehow the card will be used by
the casino to prevent them from winning the use of a
player’s club card does not affect the outcome of any electronic gaming machines and
gaming regulations don’t allow something like that to happen By using your player’s club card the
casino will simply be able to see how much business you have given to them and usually you will earn cash back from
the casino plus comps that can be used for free rooms free food free shows et cetera all these benefits will definitely help
to stretch your gaming bankroll and you should always use your player’s
club card when playing slots Number ten don’t play slot machines
switch to video poker The final tip I have for you is to not
play slot machines at all. As I said before slots have a
high casino advantage and they really aren’t the best games to
play If you switch to video poker you have several advantages over playing
slots First you will have the ability to know what
the machines are programmed to pay back to the public By reading the paytable on each
machine and second Unlike slots where you are relying solely
on luck to win with video poker you will have some control
over the outcome because you will decide which cards to
keep and which ones to throw away For more information on this subject be
sure to watch my youtube video called video poker how to win and how it works Don’t forget that you can see more of
our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to youtube.com/amreicancasinoguide

38 Replies to “10 Tips To Stretch Your Slot Machine Bankroll”

  1. My research tells me that Las Vegas, (or any licensed casino in Nevada) will give you the best odds at gambling in the U.S.. Their State gaming laws on slots are 2nd to none, (re: server based gaming). People/gamblers should "fine tune" their research (via the internet) on where to go in Nevada so that they can get the most bang for their buck.

  2. Great advice even though I already practice a similar system. Yeah betting MAX ALWAYS KILLS I don't know why but the slot hits less. I've noticed it's much easier to get the bonus if you bet minimum or mid-max.

  3. I bet max and have won 100 plus 7 consecutive visits. I just know the machines to hit and the penny slots with bonus spins pay off big.

  4. Yep,definitely. My friends always ask if I lost it all when I come back and I say nope,made my money and stopped haha.

  5. Thank You… Very informative, I like Video poker too! But Ive never hit a royal (not yet…but maybe sometime ha ha)

  6. I hate when these so call experts tell you to always use your players card. Its bad advice. If you normally bet max and one day you go to the casino with a limited bankroll and make minimum bets that day….well its a bad idea to use your cards because you are killing your avg bet and therefore lowering your future casino comps.

  7. I would agree that a player's average bet would be lowered if one day they make max bets and the next day they make minimum bets. However, I don't think players do that. They usually have a budget which remains about the same for all of their trips. It is difficult to cover all scenarios for different types of players. Ideally, I would say that rather than making 5 casino trips in a month, a player should only visit once and put 5 times his normal play in on that one visit to increase comps.

  8. On days when you are playing "small" and afraid it will affect your status just don't put in the card. Always put card in if betting average or better than average. You're not wrong, but this is one of the few things you have control over in a casino.

  9. I have 3 questions and if I asked them before I apologize in advance.

    1. If you have a low bank roll say about $20 should you always bet minimum or take the chance and bet medium.

    2. Why does Washington state have a different set of rules for their slot machines.

    3. Why do some casinos allow photography and some don't.

  10. Thank you so much for your information.  It is so helpful.  I am one of those people who wouldn't use the card, thinking they are looking at how many times I win.  To prevent me from winning to much…hahaha.  Thank you again!

  11. Wouldn't a smart gambler not play?

    The Players Club card allows the casino to track your winnings and losses.  If you win the casino will escort you out the door.

  12. MOst what he says is true except about never playing slots. I learned long ago how slots work in atlantic city. IT was way back in 80's before i was married i was stying over playing 7 card stud didnt win much only $10 so it's early morning around 8 am i put 10$ in the triple diamond .26 cent 3 coin machine.

    Was down to last 13 coins so i said let me just bet 1 coin to try and win back my $10 7 th spin in bam 3 x and 3 x and the 7 so i thought i won 3 X 100 which is $75 uh uhhhhhh nope 3 X 3 it was = 9 x payout i thought machine goofed LOL $225 won tons of quaters poured out i needed two buckets to go cash in..

    After that i sat down at low limit 1-3$ 7 stud and played loose as a goose I got hit with the deck for about 1 hour……. means every hand i had was best and i won nice pots $15 – $30

    then decide to go grab sleep got a room outside of city only $35 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh relaxing and went out for 7 hours .woke up showered got dressed and grabbed a dinner with my free comps from playing poker we got .50 per hour played ………… but lil loophole when past 2 am they clock you out and start over again …. so when i left at 9 am i still was on clock he he he

    Hey WTF it's legal ………… cant do it anymore no casinos have that and poker rooms are all small except at tropicana and taj mahal and 7 card stud alone is gone it's mixed with omaha hi low both games so now i'm forced to only play slots or dice …. i never ever want to play black jack it's unreal how every time i hit on 13 pull a 7 for 20 dealers up card a 6 but under the 6 is a 2 and fucker always got a magical 5 or 6 card 21 ……….. havent ever played BJ since the 80's

    better off picking numbers on roulette wheel or betting red or black i found better than BJ

    Heres how to spot a winning slot machine 1st off just stay away from those big video slots like Ellen . wheel of fortune sex and the city Trazan rolling stones big bang theory any thing with Pandas or dragons run away they are all high volatile machines and even the bounus wheel spins do not guarantee you a big payout even max bet of $4 on a penny slot some how you always hit the mini payout $15 that sucks.

    GO for machines with big free spins and multipliers where you can bet mini of 25 cents on 25 lines or 20 lines even 9 lines with max 10 cents a line is only 90 cents.

    All slots machines no matter when day it is or time of day work this way after every hit count how many spins until next hit …………. best frequency is 1 out of 5 …………. or 1 out of 10

    So soon as you start with just $10 YOU want to see a hit within 10 spins and then again within 5 spins after that if not get off that machine fast also if frequent hits for way less than what your betting leave that machine it's just slow death thats all.

    Have i won a lot of times playing slots ? answer YES always late nights 1 am 2 am so i have selection of what machines i get feel for ………..YES walk around look at the machines in every area of that casino …theres some very good machines buried in back where people do not like to go I don't know why but I win on them.

    BUT your better off playing in high traffic areas machines that took in thousands will have to pay pack thier programmed % some are high at 95% to 98% as per state law in NJ the overall take on casino floor is 18% of every dollar NOT per Machine the take per million dollars played they get $180,000 HEY thats daily ……. Thats a lot of cash baby and that's why you find 2000 to 3000 machines per casino.

    Take your time playing no rush Casino is open 24 hours ………… slow your play vary your bets and at right time you hit that sequence even only a double bet per line can reap you hundreds of dollars in one spin.

    Rember when your playing pennies it kinda nuts to bet max $4 to as 6$ per spin ….better value on .25 cents 5 line machine even single line quater with 3 coins max have better payouts

    just 75 cents on a triple diamond machine get all 3 diamonds Bam you just won likke $2500 or even a 5 X multipler or 10X mutplier single line machine can reap you thousands on any one spin.

    these are as i found best machines to play the 3 to 5 reell machines however they are more mechanical and just tiny off any line will NOT be a win it's like 1 16th of an inch and hard to see it's off that line.

    So try the video multi line machines BUT YOU do NOT 50 lines or 100 lines to win trust me i select the lower amount of lines and bet more per line and WIN huge ..well huge to me is $100 ……….. LOL

  13. Hello, I found your video the other day and decided to look up the states I am from to see the payback, what I found was pretty shocking.
    Originally from Kansas where gambling has always been illegal up until a couple of years ago when a casino was approved in a southern county instead of a major one around the bigger city of Wichita. My mother was happy since she always liked the slots.We heard all the good things about bringing a casino to our state and it was finally approved and North Star Casino was built. Ive gone with her a few times and I felt pretty disappointed in the win rate but couldnt figure out why. Statistically speaking, it just didnt make much sense to me of how often we would lose on any type of slot machine. Losing a couple 100$ was very easy, penny or dollar slots didnt seem to matter. Playing the penny machines with all the lines, losing 15-20 in a row just didnt seem to add up.
    After watching this and looking up the info from your site, I found this about the casion:
    "In April 2007 the Kansas legislature authorized local referendums to allow state-run casinos in four counties.
    The Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission does not release information about the payback percentages on electronic gaming machines in Kansas. However, gaming regulations require that all machines return no less than 87%.
    There are also five Indian casinos in Kansas and they are not required to release information on their slot machine payback percentages. However, according to officials at the Kansas State Gaming Agency, which is responsible for overseeing the tribal-state compacts, "the minimum payback percentage for electronic gaming devices is 80%."
    80%-87% – WOW! That makes a lot of sense now. Moving to Oklahoma recently I was even more shocked to learn this about Oklahoma: gaming machines are not allowed to accept or payout in coins. All payouts must be done by a printed receipt or via an electronic debit card. No public information is available concerning the payback percentages on gaming machines in Oklahoma.
    It feels very low here as well and they dont even have to tell us by law? I asked in a few casinos here and they gave me the run around with no real answer, just told me all machines were different and would give me no percentages or info. Employees acted like the were never asked this before and would always call a manager when I asked and the manager would talk around it and act suspicious to why I was asking these questions.
    Very surprising that Vegas is 90-96.5% yet around these parts 80-87%, many times in Oklahoma it feels lower than that. I tried a 1 dollar slot in Oklahoma, put in 20$ and lost 18 times in a row before winning 2 dollars and than losing the next 4 rolls. That doesn't seem to be the case in Vegas.

    Any advice on how to find out info regarding my states of Kansas or Oklahoma? Seems fishy they will not tell their customers any of this information up front.

  14. Learn how to play no limit Texas hold em. People have proved they can make so much money they can live off their winnings alone. No other game can provide a living and you always lose money over time.

    You need skill to play poker though.

  15. Thank you Steve for your tips and tutorial video. It helps. I do believe what you said" Speed Kills" and don't play "Slots Machines".

  16. thanks so much I'm making my 6th casino trip ever and since watching this video and others I have extending my playing time with the same bankroll over previous visits and still have had fun . thank you again for all your informative and honest videos

  17. The key to winning at slots …. it’s all random baby !… go in .. have fun .. when it stops being fun.. leave the casino and go to your room,, the pool ..a movie … just leave for a while .. it works every time … 😜

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