10 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

10 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

– Physical touch is
important in any relationship and we’re now discovering just how important physical touch is. There was great book
written by Gary Chapman called The 5 Love Languages
and I loved this book because one of the love languages that people experience is physical touch. And what was ground
breaking about this book is it made it okay that
people actually receive love through these different languages and it actually created a new conversation for those people who physical touch, which is about 20% of all
people, one in five people, their primary love language is touch. So it’s beyond just sexuality. It’s actually how they
receive and want to give love in their relationships. There was a great quote, in fact, that I read a while back, and the persons says, “Those who say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, is
actually aiming too high.” Now contrary to popular thought, there is actually more than just one place that you can touch a man
to help him feel connection and help him feel love with
you and to really turn him on. So in this video, we’re
gonna explore 10 ways to touch your man that
will drive him wild. Check it out. (rock music) So let me start with a bit of a warning because we’re gonna start
with some non-sexual touch but things are gonna
get a bit steamy in here towards the end of this
video so you want to, no, I said steamy at
the end of this video. Okay, better. So, you want a little bit
of viewer discretion advised so if there are kiddies around, you might wanna get the
kiddies out of the room because we’re gonna go deep and real with the 10 ways to touch
your man to drive him wild. And I also wanna say this,
every man is different. Part of what we learn
from the Kinsey Reports and all of those sexual
studies is that every one of us is different in how
we want to express sexuality and what turns us on. So your man is unique. He’s a unique individualized
expression of himself so you wanna have a dialogue,
a conversation with him and really explore what
ways actually turn him on and use this as an experiment. But we’re gonna explore 10 things that you can actually try
out and I’m sure that a few of these are actually
going to hit the spot, if you know what I mean. So my team and I did a bunch of research and we found some great research done by a couple of British universities and a South African university
that actually became one of the largest studies done
on sensuality and sexuality and eroticism and what turns people on. And the first thing that turns people on (buzzer buzzes)
is not the feet, believe it or not, which is interesting
because so many studies that we found in other places, oh the feet is a great erotic zone. Now maybe for you it is. I know it definitely is not for me but it found that in this study
over 800 people ranked feet as one of the lowest
erogenous zones on their body. A lot of studies will say
that feet are an erotic zone because the area in your
brain that is responsible for the feet receptors is right next to the genitalia receptors and because they’re so closely
related is often shared as an erotic zone but the
latest and greatest research say steer clear of the feet. Which brings me to our actual
number one erogenous zone which is the hands and the forearm. And it’s actually touching the hands with the pads of your fingers
real gently like this. And what’s kind of cool,
and I find this cool cuz I’m kind of nerdy,
is that neuroscientists have actually found out the
right tempo to stroke his hand or his forearm. Stroke really any part
of the skin on his body and that’s five centimeters a second, which is about this speed, actually creates the most sexual
tension with that activity. Number two is fingernails
in the back of the head through the hair. This is awesome. He is going to love this. Oh man that feels good. And especially when he’s driving. Try it when he’s driving. Just reach over and put your fingernails in the back of his head. He’s gonna love this. Oh yeah, oh thank you. Number three is the ear and the ear lobe and this is how you work
the ear and the ear lobe. You can whisper something
really sexy to him and move down and suck his ear lobe and even use your teeth to
kinda give him a little bite on his ear lobe. But know this, every person
actually has one side stronger than the other that’s more erogenous. So you can experiment with him, his right side or his left side, he’s gonna have more of
an emotional reaction, more of a sexual reaction
to one side or the other. So ask him, say, “Hey
what, how do you want me to talk to you? What dirty thing can I say to you and let’s experiment,
what side do you like versus the other?” You have one side over the other
that’s more sexually active and so what you can do
actually as an experiment is close your eyes, imagine
someone that you would love to get down and dirty
with, someone you’d love to be sexual with and what do
you want them to say to you and then imagine they’re saying
it to you on your right side and see how you feel. Imagine they’re saying it
to you on your left side, see how you feel. And you’ll notice, one
side will have more energy than the other and you
can teach your partner to talk dirty to you on that side. Number four is the back of the legs. Now this one’s an interesting one because they found that there
were a few major differences in the research about
what men found erotic and what women found erotic
and women did not report back of the legs erotic but men reported it as
erotic as their ear lobes. So it’s interesting because I don’t, the back of the legs is
flat for me personally but you might want to
try this and massage, when you’re giving him a back massage, work down to the back of the legs and work up towards the upper thighs and who knows, your man
just might really like it. Erogenous zone number five is his neck. Little kisses, little nibbles on his neck, hickies if you’re 13 years old. You can work the side of the neck. You can even work the front of the neck. The author of Sexual Reflexology talks about the thyroid, the organ
on the front of the neck, is actually connected
to your sexual organs. So as you lick up the front of the neck, you lick up his Adam’s
apple, you’re taking him to heaven, taking him
to a whole nother level. Number six is his face and jaw. Go ahead and stroke his face and jaw with your hands, especially
when you’re kissing because the jaw is linked to masculinity. When you’re stroking his jaw, you’re going to ignite his masculine. Number seven is stroke his lips. See, we’re used to kissing,
obviously, lip to lip, but before you kiss him,
gently explore his lips, gently touch his lips with your fingers and as you’re exploring him, this actually builds the
tension before the kiss. Alright, we’re gonna
steam this up a little bit with number eight. Number eight is below the belly button. It’s actually the area
between the belly button and his genitals. And as you’re stimulating that area, as you’re stroking that
area and you’re going down to his area and then back up
again to his belly button, that’s creating this sexual tension that is rocketing through his entire body. And number nine is similar. It’s his inner thighs. Just like you, the skin
on the inner thighs of men is incredibly sensitive. So as you’re working
towards the area, his penis, his genitals, you can
stimulate the inner thigh and build that sexual tension. That way it also creates that
sexual tension stimulation throughout his entire body. Number ten is the thumb. See, lots of guys, we’ve
been conditioned to focus on the penis for sexual pleasure but when you can begin
to introduce other areas of the body for erotic experience, it begins to connect his whole
body for a whole nother level of sensation and pleasure. So one way that you can use
this is during foreplay, start playing with his hands and then suck on his thumb. Many men report that their thumb, especially when you’re
sucking on their thumb, that’s an erotic experience for them and it signals them to
sucking on something else and possibly what’s to come later on in the love-making experience. The other way that you can use this is actually when you’re
making love with your man, suck on his thumb at the same time and that links his whole
body together in another way that he probably hasn’t
experienced before. So there you have it, 10
ways to touch your man to drive him wild. And I would love to hear from you. What are some sexy ways
that you have found to drive your man wild? Post those in the commments section below. I’m sure this is gonna to be
a very steamy conversation happening below this video. And if you’re not
subscribed to this channel, take a moment, click that
button, get subscribed, because we have rockstar community. We have an amazing community of women, the conversations below are
deep, they’re supportive, and this is the place you can learn about how to expand
your relationship skills and the love in your life. Thanks so much for watchin. I’ll see you soon. That is very good. That is very good. Linked to masculinity. Kind a like, kinda like that. And when you stroke his face, you are (laughs). Whoa, maybe not that thumb. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “10 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs”

  1. Thumb lmaol 😂 put that thumb somewhere else it don’t belong and you’ll make him even crazier for you 🙀🥴

  2. my man loved when i sucked his fingers it dont have to be thumb it will till drive him crazy hes deceased know but what great memories i love your videos what a great Job LOL

  3. I like long hair and I find if you grab the hair hard like pull his head back. That drives him crazy. I find that if you attempt to choke him. Totally gets him crazy for sure. I don't suggest you do these things I'm just sharing my experience that it will drive him CRAZY.

  4. Yknow you aint a kid anymore when you watch these kinds of videos seriously and to actually gain info

  5. My niece tickled her husband during intercourse and he exploded. They are the parents of twins.

  6. I have been researching "things that attract men" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – 4WhatHeWants. Com Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.?

  7. When you watch this video and want to try this shit with your bf but then suddenly you realise you are single 😒😒😔

  8. I use my lips to play with his genitals through his pants while i look into his eyes. But nothing more!

  9. I love to touch caress And FEEL ﷼ HIM inside me. I love the spontaneous SEX that drives me WILD🐯 great quickie can be so much FUN so much Fun. Especially when your away on your favorite destination. 😜😍🐺🐢

  10. Yeah, I know about the ear thing! My b/f told me that ladies have always loved playing with his ears. And yes, one side has more energy than the other. It's like one side of the body is larger than the other. 🙂 Because it's like me kissing his neck. One side is more stimulated than the other. But I'm going to try that thumb thing next time. lol that's funny but interesting! Thanks.

  11. Things I always did that drives him wild..
    1) play my fingers to the back of his head while he's driving
    2) Pinching and touching his forearms or bicep area
    3) playing and pinching his earlobe
    4) play my hands to the back of his neck when he kisses me
    5) flexing my hands to the back of my head like when I'm tired or yawning
    6) biting or sucking his thumb or fingers
    7) rubbing his cheeks and his forehead like a baby

  12. I thought the sucking his thumb idea sounded dumb but figured; what the heck, l'll give it a go. Next time he was in town he touched my face and I responded by grabbing his thumb with my mouth and sucking on it. He freaking lost his mind! Men are so weird! 🤭

  13. I got helped with my dating habits thanks to those guys: http://www.surgicalcoaching.net/. Super helpful

  14. A&P girl here. I've been using my bf as a lab rat. 🤣. I'm falling in love while touching him.😬🥰😘

  15. My man loves it when i stroke him all over his body and tease him a bit. Slowly stroking down in swirly motions and coming very close to his genitals, let him feel the tension and want me to touch his genitals but only go around it to his thighs, gently touch his balls sometimes, stroke his penis VERY slow and the moment he want the build up, i stop and go back to stroking. Also whilst doing this you can come very close to his face and almost kiss him, tease a bit and than give a very slow and gentle kiss and pull away slowly. Maybe move to his chest or neck with very gentle kissing, or I whisper something about how i feel or what i want in his ear. For instance, that he is making me very horny, or that i want him inside of me etc.

    Works everytime 😉

  16. Thanks you for advised and how helpful it is this…I lovely give bJ,'s and thus is nice to know.

  17. Sexy ways I have touched my ex-Man: rubbing my breasts in his face, caressing his lips, stroking and kissing his Penis, licking his ear very lightly, and gently caressing his inner thigh.

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  19. Where were you when I needed you most? I never knew any of these except for running the nails on the back of his head and neck while driving. He loves that. I may have done one or two of these things a few times but now I think I'm too late. Things are not heading in a good direction with him and I am thinking of moving out. We've been together 23 years with 3 kids and I'm thinking if I knew all these, if someone had coached me long ago, things would probably be different. All you attached ladies out there, I think you should all try these. They sound like they would really work. If I get another chance, I will definitely try them.
    Side comment addressed to the men out there: Why don't you tell us these things? We can't read your minds so we don't know.

  20. ok, when I search for women's right, I got:
    10 Ways man do to That make women melt
    what?? why women will melt?

    let's change the title and search again~
    10 Ways women do to That makes man melt
    I got:
    10 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild

    look, these gender stereotypes

    and why these two videos are all come from man's view, what is happening???

  21. I found that rubbing from the chest, to the shoulders and up to the neck ( kinda in this shape < > ) has proven to be exceptional in turning him on, especially while making out.

  22. I actually seduced my now-husband by sucking on his fingers.. that was our first physical encounter ever.. it really works 😁

  23. I like to brush my lips on the guys neck when i step back from the hug almost like it was an accident It works great!

  24. I once dated a man(if you can call it that) who was into breasts. He wanted me to touch and suck his niples.
    Oh and another one told me the ear thing is a sin. And blow job so I'm assuming even the thumb thing will also be a sin to him. Aah

  25. 0. NOT the feet.
    1. Hands and forearms.
    2. Fingernails in the back of the head through the hair.
    3. The ear and the ear lobe.
    4. The back of the legs.
    5. His neck.
    6. [There is no 6.].
    7. Stroke his lips with your fingers. (Builds the tension before the kiss.).
    8. Below the bellybutton. Between the belly button and his genitals.
    9. Inner thighs.
    10. The thumb.

  26. My boyfriend begs me to lick, suck, and bite his ears are the time. Even if we’re just chillin. It’s so cute and makes me feel so powerful. The one thing that actually makes him moan lol.

  27. 10 ways to touch your man that drive him wild
    1/ Vuốt tay (touching his hands)
    2/ Fingernails luồn tay vuốt tóc in the back of his head
    3/ Tai, cắn nhẹ, talk dirty, the ear lobe, give him a little bite, how do u want me? , whisper
    4/ The back of the legs, massage
    5/ His necks: hickies, nibbles, kisses,
    6/ His face and jaw
    7/ Stroke his líp ( vuốt môi )
    8/Below the belly button (dưới rốn)
    9/ Inner thigh (đùi trong)
    10/ The thumb
    suck on his thumb

  28. Since I'm basically already doing all of this by instinct, my man must be driven wild all day every day. Sorry baby 😂😂😂

  29. Oh yes my hubby and I are very touchy touchy hugs hugs and I love it it works for us ! Oh good tell me more x,oh my god I hate feet ! Yes I love love hands !no back of legs no !

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