12 Tips To Eat More For Massive Muscle Growth! | HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS NEED THIS!

12 Tips To Eat More For Massive Muscle Growth! | HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS NEED THIS!

Now if there’s one thing I know it’s that if you’re trying to gain muscle It can be hard to eat a lot of calories And I know all about it because I’ve been there to some people eating a lot seems like fun But shoving calories down your throat all day long every day actually [kind] of sucks Especially [for] those of you skinny guys who are trying to eat constantly the one thing I want to make very clear is that because you are trying to eat a lot it does not mean you can eat just anything Remember guys you still need to eat the proper ratios of protein carbs and fat and this is actually something that really gets me mad Because so often I hear people say just go eat McDonald’s, or Wendy’s or Burger King or just eat a bunch of junk food And you’ll grow guys if you just packing in carbs all day long and not eating enough protein You will not grow muscle So with that being said here are some tips to help you eat more but before we get started if you haven’t already Make sure you go to my [channel] [page] if you’re on your computer and turn on notifications So that you get notified every single time I upload a video and if you’re on your cell phone [just] click the little bell next to the subscribe button so number one eat nuts I always have a bag of almonds with me And I actually keep a bag on my nightstand next to my bed Nuts in general are [very] high in calories because they have lots of good fats The extra bonus is that you get some protein with each serving as well to help with your gains But the best part is that you can snack on nuts all the time add up the calories and not feel stuffed number two eat liquid calories Shakes are your best friend guys there is no easy way to add calories then throw in a bunch of stuff in a blender And drinking a shake adding scoops of protein powder increases the calories and makes the shake more nutritious as well Personally I like to eat protein with every meal, so I don’t do fruit only shakes all that often But if I do a shake, I typically yeah I typically add BSN Syntha-6 isolate because it has more protein and less carbs now if you’re really skinny with the crazy metabolism I recommend you add regular Syntha-6 because you will need the extra carbs that it comes with a Few other items that have a lot of calories that I recommend adding to your shake a bananas yogurt peanut butter avocados coconut oil and Greek yogurt number three eat all the time I don’t wait until it’s lunchtime or [dinnertime] to eat because then I have to stuff myself With so much food that [I] become lethargic and lazy And I can’t stand the thought of having to eat for a long period of time, I just ate so much food [I] don’t want [anymore] food So the trick is to always have something with you to snack on so you don’t go too long without eating Don’t have to resort to having a massive meal a few ideas of snacks you can take with you are peanut butter and bread sandwiches with 100% whole grain bread remember we talked about that before Almonds Greek yogurt fruits whole grain bagels and cheese Number four is don’t eat or drink empty calories like diet Sodas tea or coffee these are Calorie robbers guys [they’re] going to make you feel full and keep you from eating the calories you actually need to get big Also, stay away from fat free [and] diet foods they have less calories and lots of artificial ingredients that are doing nothing [for] your gains if Anything you should think that you are pretty lucky because [you] can eat wholesome foods lots of good fats and carbs So take advantage of it number five is eat Nut butters almond butter and peanut butter are packed with calories Eat them alone or with a spoon or add them to [your] sandwich or shakes for those of you Who’ve been watching my [videos] for a [while] now You know that in my older days I used to eat bagels with peanut [butter] like crazy I would have three a day every day But I’m not as active as I used to be [I] don’t burn as many calories Before I was a personal trainer in a gym running up and down the stairs every single day all day So it’s okay [for] me eat all that food, [but] if you’re active and constantly burning energy They’re awesome for helping you hit your calorie goals for the day And you can take them with you anywhere number six is be strategic with when you drink your water Don’t drink water or drinks [in] general right before your meals Drinking too much around [mealtime] will take a precious stomach capacity and will make you feel full This is actually a trick people used to eat less and lose weight, but don’t take this the wrong way guys You should still be drinking lots of water But at the right times now a trick competitive eaters used to stretch their stomachs and build capacity [for] more food is to drink tons of water at once What they do is progressively increase the amount of water they drink in one sitting to stretch this stomach so if you have a hard time eating a lot of food in General I recommend you do this once or twice a week to allow your stomach to stretch So you can get used to eating more food But once again guys Don’t practice this right before you’re about to eat a meal number [seven] is eat fiber if you’re eating a lot is very Important you’re eating fiber to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and to make sure you are keeping things moving If you know what I mean in order [to] get more in you to make sure you’re getting more out Number eight is pick up a mass Gainer. Mass Gainers are an easy way [to] pack a ton of calories in one shake BSN’s Mass Gainer called true mass has 700 calories per serving with 46 grams of protein and you can get it at bodybuilding.com [now] if you are super skinny, you can even get the True Mass 1200 which is the more premium version packed with a whopping 1200 Calories per serving so it’s a bit more and it’s definitely going to help you reach [your] goal but if you’re hearing all of this And you have no idea how much you should [be] eating to begin with [I’ll] link an article in the info section below that will show you how [to] calculate your Protein carbs and fat and calories for your goal number 9 eat lots of wholesome carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes These foods are packed with calories and they have a lot of fiber as [well] in fact Oatmeal is one of my favorite options [because] you can make a bowl of oatmeal and add things like Laminated almonds for example which will increase the overall Calories and add some crunch to the taste I also like [to] add protein to my oatmeal as well always think that adding extra ingredients And toppings will help you increase the total calories and every little bit counts And in some cases it might make it taste a little better too number 10 always eat your protein first This is very important because when your stomach realizes you are eating food it releases hydrochloric acid to help with digestion Now this acid is necessary to break down protein but not the carbs [so] if you’re eating carbs first, you’re wasting the acid released by your body And when the protein finally hits you might not have complete digestion of the protein Causing you to feel bloated uncomfortable Which will affect your upcoming meals number [Eleven] is eat before bed Think that when you go to sleep, you will be in fasting mode which can cause you [to] lose weight So have a nice Calorie rich snack right before bed to ensure your body has the calories it needs my go-to snack before bed is greek yogurt with one and a half scoops of Syntha-6 isolate and I use the Syntha-6 Isolate at night because it contains whey and Casein protein your body takes longer to break down Casein which means you will have a steady supply of protein throughout the night and the final tip is actually another trick that Competitive eaters use and that is to eat standing up When you are sitting [down] your stomach is compressed and therefore you will not be able to really pack it as much food as you might need to so the next time you’re About to sit down to [a] big meal don’t and eat standing up [I] hope these tips help you guys out with packet in the calories to Maximize your gains at the end of the day if you want to minimize fat and maximize how much muscle you build You will need to do some work and pay attention to what you’re eating, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem [all] you need to do is get your baseline meal plan down and just experiment a little bit with your calorie intake Be sure to hit that like [and] subscribe button and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. Hey Scott what if I eat tacos like from the taco truck for a meal, I heard it’s healthy cuz it’s meat and that’s protein and it’s not processed food or anything

  2. Thanks for the tips Scott but man I've watched lots of your videos but why the hell in this one you have such a strong Boston accent??? I couldn't watch this video without laughing.

  3. I actually hate cutting and love bulking. Well it isn't that I really hate cutting because hating it means incorrect relationship with food which is a fatal error. I was at 44 body fat when i was 14 years old and now i am 16, have cut down to around 20 percent and have built an insane amount of muscle mass for the time i have been training. I will keep making those gains and of course keep watching your Videos Scott!

  4. Careful with tip number 6. Drinking too much water can be dangerous. I know people who died of water intoxication. Dont drink more than your kidneys can excrete.

  5. This is my favorite video of what one should eat and thanks a million for that. I'm not working out enough or at all but thankfully I eat more of the right food. This confirms some of the things to do or not to do and especially eating standing up is very good and something I found to work well. If you haven't done a video on what not to eat with lack of exercise… I'd like for you to do one. Thanks for all your detailed advice

  6. fix your fucking voice holy shit i wanna get big i don’t wanna get fucking cancer , your voice gave me fucking ptsd & alt of twitching in my neck , you sound like a arab chocking on a pill you damn scotish fook , your nipples are probably so long it’s ridiculous

  7. Lol every trainer I’ve met will tell you to stuff your face. And they’re right, you’re skinny because you don’t take enough calories. If you’re skinny, you need to stuff your face. You’re skinny for a reason, stop being a little bitch, scarf calories.

  8. u dont have to eat before bed, i eat at night all the time but i make sure i wait 2 hours , let ur body recover when sleeping by fasting and cleaning itself not metabolising the food all night.

  9. Why do we need to eat fat? I mean, say i should intake 3500 calories a day in order to grow bigger. As long as i reach that amount and i make sure i take the right amount of proteins, why is fat still important? Will i not get bigger without it?
    Sorry if the question sounds silly

  10. Some good tips here but……Eat all the time? My guess is that couldn't be healthy for the body or the mind. The gut and digestive system needs rest. It shouldn't be working all the time. Also do NOT eat before bed. Your circadian rhythms make digesting food after 10pm more difficult, plus you don't ever wanna lie down after eating. Keep upright for a minimum of 1 hour after eating to ease digestion. Let gravity help!

  11. im 6'5 and 175lbs.. i do nearly all of these things and still barely gain weight. wasnt till i started smoking pot that i actually put on some lbs

  12. Can I eat a lot of like really good food with high amounts of protein and nutrients n stuff but not go over how much calories I need Bc I used to be fat and I’m scared of getting fat again

  13. Wake up 6am

    2 Cups(1 Bottle) of water with 4g of Chlorella/Spirulina tablets

    Breakfast 7am


    2 Scrambled eggs with 2 slices of turkey, Quaker Oats Super Grains oatmeal, 1 double protein oatmeal and cinnimon english muffin,2 cups of almond milk mixed with 20g of vanilla pea protein powder, 450 Calories, 60g of protein, 79g of Carbohydrate

    Break 10am


    Orange, Banana, Chobani black cherry greek yogurt, 2 cups of water(1 Bottle) 340 Calories, 16g of Protein, 61g of Carbohydrate

    Lunch 12:30pm


    Beef tips, Green giant frozen mixed vegetables(Cauliflower,broccoli and carrots), brown and red rice with Quinoa and flax, 2 cups of water(1 Bottle) 800 Calories, 90g of Protein, 56g of Carbohydrate, 26g of Fat

    Break 3pm


    2 cups or 1 Bottle of Fairlife chocolate Milk(1%), 1 Nature valley protein bar 430 Calories, 26g of Protein, 48g of Carbohydrate

    Workout 6:30pm


    7 days a week Calisthenics/yoga/movement balancing hybrid

    Dinner 7:30pm 1.) For muscle recovery 2.) After cardio workout


    1.) (Protein rich muscle recovery) Vegetable Pasta with grilled chicken and shitaki mushrooms, 2 Cups of Fairlife chocolate Milk with 20g of Pea Protein 600 Calories, 58g of Protein, 50g of Carbohydrate

    2.) (Carbohydrate rich to replenish energy) Fruit and Vegetable smoothie Serving Size 2 cups (blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, mango chunks, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, Carrots, 100% all natural honey, 2 cans of Dole 100% all natural pineapple juice not from concentrate, 4 dates, 3 cups of water.)

    Total Calorie Count (approximate values)


    Total Protein Count


    Total Carbohydrate Count


  14. Don't buy into this garbage guys. If you want to have a nice body like Scott, Google "low t clinic" then the name of your city. This is how its done. Period!

  15. I don't know what's harder. Stuffing down 3000+ calories per day or buying 3000 calories per day.

  16. Well, black coffee with neither sugar nor milk has close to zero calories. And it's actually good for health, same as tea. So it's not empty food. Putting diet sodas within the same category of tea and coffee is just wrong.

  17. Hey guys I need help so I’m 5”10 and skinny and about 125 pounds and I been working out and eating a lot from what other articles and videos say you have to eat a lot but I noticed that I’m getting a belly fat . How do you guys deal with belly fat for a skinny guy please help I’m so confused people so I need to eat a lot which I’m doing but I’m getting belly fat

  18. Just suck on ur buddys nuts and drink the protein that comes with it….. thats gay? Then u dont want it bad enough😐

  19. I’m 15 been working out consistently for about 2 years. I’ve built up a pretty good physique, especially for my age, but my growth has stagnated lately due to lack of appetite.

  20. Thing is for me, I’m in the military and I have to run atleast 8 miles every week and have work through out the day, I workout after work but I feel like I’m burning off way too much calories than I’m eating, I eat about 3500 calories everyday, but i barely get time to eat because of time, and I’ve already lost 15lbs (I was 175, at 6ft) and it’s pretty annoying because it’s killing my strength gains but it does help my running which I’d prefer to be around 190 and have good cardio and strength

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