15 Human Body Parts That Will Disappear One Day

15 Human Body Parts That Will Disappear One Day

Fifteen, count ’em, fifteen human body parts that will disappear one day. If you ever thought that all people are built the same, think again. If you thought that all our body parts are vitally important *Buzzer noise* Wrong answer. In the first part of the Descent of Man, Charles Darwin identified roughly a dozen body parts that he gleefully described as “Useless or Nearly Useless”. Darwin’s catalog was far from complete. Our bodies are littered with the parts we don’t need. So, we’ve prepared a shocking list of 15 body parts that will disappear in the future! Give us a thumbs up and keep watching That is, if you don’t lose your thumbs *laughing* Counting down from number 15: body hair. Body hair used to protect humans from severe weather conditions. But what about now? When we have our cozy, woolen sweaters and leather jackets. Well apparently, most hair on the human body serves no function So, it is very likely to get extinct in the future. Besides brows perhaps, they keep the sweat from our eyes. And the male facial hair plays a significant role in attracting the opposite sex, So they tell me. and we have alot. frontal, ethomoidal, sphenoidal, maxillary sinuses oi, in fact, no one knows why we have these troublesome muscus lying cavites. perhaphs to make the head lighter? mmm, probably its snot number thirteen: extrinsic ear
muscles Some animals rabbits, and dogs for example Can move their ears independently How does this happen? Thanks to these exotic sounding muscles But, do you know what? People also have them. That’s why some gifted individuals can wiggle their ears. Don’t envy these muscles serve no purpose.There is just one fact. They react to positive emotions. Though nobody understands why. #12: Wisdom teeth *Intense grunt* OhhOho This pain, this bother. Why does our bodies have to grow them. Just to have them pulled out later Well, Its simple! Because Dentist have to pay for their books. Well actually, its obvious that early humans had to chew plants. In order to get enough calories to survive But these days only about 5% of the population has set of these..Let us be honest. they’re useless teeth What’s more, as human jaws have become smaller in the process of evolution the
rest of the people simply don’t have space in their mouth for these teeth
back in the days when toothpaste didn’t exist they were kind of backup grinders
but nowadays we hope they will be the first to disappear from the list number eleven: neck rib have you never
heard about neck ribs oh boy it’s a set of cervical ribs possibly a leftover
from the age of reptiles they still appear in less than 1% of the population
some people have such a rib only on their left or right side while some have
both they often cause nerve and artery problems maybe that’s the reason why
most people who have them get them removed number 10 Paul Morris muscle there is a long narrow muscle running
from the elbow to the rest it is already missing in 11% of humans today so it’s a
safe bet that with time it will disappear completely once it was
important for hanging and climbing but nowadays let’s face the truth unless
you’re a martial artist or a rock climber you wouldn’t care or even notice
if it disappears number nine male nipples first of all
that is the question why do both men and women have nipples well it is quite
curious in the early stages of fetal development an unborn child is
effectively sexless or without gender thus nipples are present in both males
and females men generally lack the necessary levels of prolactin to
stimulate lactation and so cannot produce milk but there are exceptions to
this rule number eight arrector pili muscles did you know that these are the small
muscles that allow animals to puff up their fur for insulation or to
intimidate others gotta see my dog ever seen your cat looking like a porcupine
it’s them these muscles are working they’re meant to ensure that an animal
seems larger than it is therefore there is a higher chance to scare the enemy
away now it’s time for a surprise humans have such muscles – goosebumps are the
indicator of them at work we get them when we’re frightened amazed or cold
apparently we’ve lost most of the fur and acquired warm clothes we don’t need
any additional protection from freezing temperatures or the source to intimidate
our rivals anymore these days we use cars for that
therefore it’s likely that these muscles will disappear with time are you
enjoying this video so far remember to hit the like button when we’re done but
wait there’s more to come number seven appendix why do we need it at all this narrow
muscular tube attached to the large intestine served its purpose many
centuries ago it was a special area for digesting cellulose when the human diet
consisted more of plants than animal food but what about now some research
shows that this part of our body can be in fact useful it might store special
bacteria good for those who suffer from diarrhea
anyway the appendix may inflame and lead to appendicitis this is considered one
of the most widespread emergencies an immediate operation is typically needed
but it can be done through laparoscopic surgery and only take about eight
minutes by the way did you know that according to research men are more prone
to having appendicitis than women number six 13th rib our closest cousins chimpanzees and
gorillas have an extra set of ribs what about humans most of us have 12 except
for 8 percent of adults they have an extra one (thats it) number five coccyx oh you’ve never heard of coccyx yeah
it’s a great rock band no no what about its other name a tailbone it’s all that
is left of the tail that most man will still use for balance and communication
what’s more there have been 100 documented cases of babies who were born
with a tail which of course makes it challenging to buy pants anyways what is
the purpose of a tail bone there is not well several muscles are attached to
this point and it does help us support ourselves when we sit down and lean back
however it’s not vitally important number four third eyelid a third eyelid you will ask do we have
it yes we humans retain a tiny fold in the inner corner of the eye it is what
is left of a membrane birds and mammals have had for protecting the eye and
sweeping out debris at the same time providing visibility we don’t need this
function anymore most of us are wearing glasses so it’s a high possibility that
it will disappear with time number three Darwin’s point it is a small folded point of skin
toward the top of each year that is occasionally found in modern humans and
many Vulcans it may be a remnant of a larger shape that helped focus distant
sounds nowadays only 10% of people have this
greeting from the past but there is a theory that many more are the carriers
of the gene responsible for its appearance it just doesn’t show anyway
with all the modern technologies used for enhancing hearing it’s no wonder
that is becoming extinct number two subclavius muscle now this is
a small muscle that stretches under the shoulder from the first rib to the
collarbone it would be beneficial if humans were still walking on all fours
it’s not the case but some people still have one some have none and there are a
few who have two and number one toes yes you heard correctly scientists have
found out that humans used to walk in balance more in the middle of their feet
but now we have gradually transferred to balancing more on the side of our big
toe studies also show that our centre of balance is still shifting inward so in
fact this means that humans used to rely on their toes for balance but now they
don’t use them as much if this trend keeps up we will no longer need our toes
and when you’re playing with your infant baby’s foot you’ll be going this little
piggy went to the market and hey where’d everybody go do you think this future is
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100 Replies to “15 Human Body Parts That Will Disappear One Day”

  1. Which part of your body do you consider useless?

    Btw, click here to know what happens inside your body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw9EJbezlK4&t=214s

  2. Every part has a use. The human body has been designed in a way science is not capable of explaining it at this point of time.

  3. Tell a surfer his/her toes are useless. Laughable. Also loved the idea that if something isn't "vitally important" we'll likely lose it. The more Bright Side videos I watch, the less I trust them to be accurate, or even believable.

  4. Great video👍 however, even IF all the physical indicators disappear that "IDENTIFY" man is really an ANIMAL. He is/always be ANIMAL…technolgy, time etc cant un-ring that bell.

  5. Doubt that the climber muscle will disappear because athletics exist. People will participate in it and we will have different humanoids keep it.

  6. My question is : How does the individual who posted this video know that humanity will develop in the same manner that this video illustates?? Did he actually travel through time and witness the end results, himself ???

  7. All the parts you mentioned is still important to those who have. As every human is different from each other like other animals. So I don't think that this will disappear for those who use this knowingly or unknowingly. However possibilities are for those who don't use them and don't even know about the same. Thanks for sharing

  8. In next 5 Billion years, Humans will become Alien
    And Alien will become Humans it will switch


    Me: In grave, Lol

  9. Well, we didn't come here for actual facts, we came here for entertainment. We cant complain now can we? No matter how wrong it all is.

  10. Have you ever almost stubbed your toe but didn’t because the corner went between your big toe and the one next to it, well it won’t be possible in the future

  11. We need the toes to balance, i broke a toe and i couldnt balance on it, we need toes, if one toe is broken or if you lost that toe, you wouldnt be able to balance anything, youre probably lying to us

  12. Personally, this is utterly rediculusness!!! If The GOD of the Universe made man with these, why would He take them away? I know unfortunately not everyone thinks the way I do but, seriously if The LORD of ALL CREATION gave it to us why wouldn't we need it?

  13. Some body parts that we don't often use doesn't mean they'll disappear or we don't need'em. Some are like back up organs and for some we might need'em to save our own lives whenever in danger. It's most likely best these things doesn't disappear, but possibly develop after generation and generation.

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