15 min Morning Yoga Workout – Quick Stretch & Flow to Wake You Up!

15 min Morning Yoga Workout – Quick Stretch & Flow to Wake You Up!

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel my name
is Kassandra and for today’s class we’ll be doing a morning yoga routine so this is
just a way for you to get your body warmed up after being still and probably a little
bit stiff for 6 to 8 hours. So let’s start in wide legged child’s
pose, you’re bringing your big toes to touch, knees are about shoulder width distance apart
and you’re dropping your head and chest down onto the mat. Make sure you’re keeping
your shoulders down and away from your ears here taking deep breaths in and out through
the nose, deep into the belly. And over time your hips will start to lower
down over onto your heels, try to melt your heart down onto the ground. Just gently getting
rid of any stiffness into the hips. And we do tend to be a little bit tighter in the
morning then we would be in the afternoon or evening so don’t be surprised if you
need to bring your knees in a little bit closer together or maybe use a block. Make sure that
you’re moving slowly and listening to your body and stay connected to your breath throughout.
If you need to take a break, go ahead and do so. So just take about 2 more deep breaths
right here. And then let’s walk our palms over towards
the right, so you’re still going to be in your child’s pose but were just trying to
get a little bit more length through the left side of your body. So keep your hips down
onto your heels and you should be feeling a little bit of a stretch from your left armpit
all the way into your left hip. And see if you can relax your shoulders throughout here.
No tension through the neck. One more deep inhale. Long exhale. And coming back through
the center lets go over to the other side, so you’re walking your palms over to the
left this time, trying to get a nice extension through the right side of your body. And the
further you crawl your fingertips towards the left the better and deeper you’ll be
able to get into this stretch but make sure you’re not over doing it, were not looking
for anything too intense just yet. Just another breath or so here. And then we’ll
walk back through to center and come into a table top pose. So hips over knees, shoulders
over your wrists and just stretch your right foot back, feeling a stretch through your
heel, Achilles tendon into the calf. And then switching legs, left toes go back down extending
through that left leg and we’ll come into thread the needle. So as you inhale from your table top pose
left fingertips reach up and as you exhale swing your left arm through and lower your
left shoulder and left ear down onto the mat. Hips stay high. So you’re coming into a
twist here and you can keep your palm down onto the mat or you can lift your right arm
and hook your palm or just rest your palm down onto your lower back. Try to keep your
neck as relaxed as possible here. You’re pressing your belly button towards your back,
really hugging in, making the twist come from your lower belly and lower back. Shoulders
are still down and away from the ears, stay connected to your breath. Let’s bring right
palm back down onto the mat inhale left fingertips reach back up and then we’ll switch sides.
Right fingertips reach up breathe in and as you exhale right palm lowers down, right shoulder
down onto the mat, right ear also down onto the mat. Twisting onto the other side this
time keep your left palm down onto the ground or maybe just rest your left palm onto your
lower back or holding onto your inner right thigh crease. You’re lightly hugging your
shoulder blades in together here, keeping your hips up high. Stay active through the
belly so you’re not caving in unto your lower back causing too much of a sway. You
want to keep a nice long spine with just a little bit of a twist.
Let’s come back through to centre. Inhale table top pose. And then from here curling
your toes under come into downward facing dog. So the first downward dog of the day
especially in the morning you might find is much stiffer than you’re used to. So bend
your knees as much as you need to maybe paddling the feet bending one knee and straightening
the other. Shifting your hips from side to side, really any little movements that feel
good for you here. You’ll want your palms to be shoulder width distance apart and your
feet to be hip width distance apart. Don’t worry too much about having your heels down
onto the mat here, just keep curling your tailbone up.
And then inhale right leg rises up towards the sky and go ahead and bend your right knee
opening up that right hip. And again here you might want to trace some big circles with
your knee just so you can get a bit of movement into that right hip. So do one more circle
just like that and then lower right leg down switching sides. Left leg reaches up inhale
and then go ahead and bend your left knee opening up through that left hip and we’ll
trace those same circles with the knee. So draw in the knee towards your belly and open
it back up again. Try not to twist your upper body too much here, just do whatever feels
good before setting your left foot back down on to the mat.
Shift forward into plank lowering your hips down low, shoulders over wrist. Take three
deep breaths here, lengthening tailbone towards your heels reaching your heart forward and
just looking a few inches in front of you. Chatarangua lower all the way down into your
belly and we’ll come into sphinx pose. Bring your forearms down onto the ground; your elbows
are about a few inches forward of your shoulders and you’re reaching your heart forward broadening
through the collarbones, getting a nice extension through the upper back here. Take one more
deep breath and if you’d like to take this pose deeper you can press your palms into
the mat and maybe see if your elbows will lift off of the ground. If this is too much
of a backbend for you, keep your forearms down onto the mat. So you control how deep
you go into this backbend. Make sure the pressure is not all going into your lower back. This
is really more about the chest, upper back and shoulders. Let’s release back down onto
the mat and coming back into downward facing down, tailbone curls up towards the sky. Right
leg rises, inhale, and then step your right foot in between your palms to the top of the
mat. Lower your left knee down, coming into a low lunge, you have the option of keeping
your fingertips down onto the mat here or if you want to come up a little bit higher
you can always rest your palms onto your front right thigh. You’re still curling your tailbone
under here so that there’s not too much of a sway into your lower back. You’re just
trying to keep the stretch into your left hip flexor, left psoas. And then from here
let’s straighten our right leg, coming into half splits, folding over your right leg here
flexing your toes towards your face and you can choose to keep a flat back here fingertips
down onto the mat or you can fold over and just let go through the upper body. Try to
pull your right hip back, left hip forward so that both hips stay squared towards the
front of the mat. Bend back into your right leg, and then from here reach back and see
if you can hold onto your left ankle with your right wrist. Getting really deep into
the quads here through that left leg, deep into the psoas as well. You can always use
a strap for this as well. See if you can keep your hips sinking down low.
Release your foot. And let’s come into side plank so from here you’re going to float
your right leg stacking it directly over top of your left. Right arm reaches over bicep
along the ear and coming into the tree pose variation, you’re bending your right knee
resting your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Pressing your hips up as high
as you can really engaging your obliques here and then from this pose we’ll be transitioning
into wild thing so as lightly as you possible can you’re going to step your right toes
behind you and slowly start to aim your chest up towards the sky by reaching your right
arm back behind you. Take one more deep inhale here feel a nice extension through the front
body and then come back through your plank pose and as you exhale into downward facing
dog tailbone curls up towards the sky. Coming into the second side left leg rises up breathe
in and then step your left foot to the top of the mat, lower your right knee down. We’re
into our low lunge at first so maybe just keep your fingertips down onto the mat if
there’s a lot of stiffness into your hips or you can rest your palms onto your left
thigh coming in a little hit higher into your lunge. So whatever works for you here, make
sure you’re lengthening your tailbone down onto the mat, engaging your lower abdominals
as they hug in towards the spine. Staying nice and long through the spine so you’re
not collapsing forward. Half splits from here straightening through your left leg pointing
your left toes towards your face, choose to keep a flat back or just fold over that left
leg. And again here you want to remind your left hip to hug back and right hip to come
forward. Two deep breaths. If you need to keep a bend into that left leg then go ahead
and bend it. Let’s come into our quad stretch, so bending
through your left leg go ahead and reach back holding on to your right ankle with your left
hand. And the tendency here as we grab towards our ankle is to lift our hips up high so see
if you can keep them sinking down low. And then release your right foot back down we’re
coming into our side plank variation you�re floating your left leg to stack directly over
your right. Left arm bicep along the ear, and then your left foot comes to the inside
of your right thigh bending at the knee pressing your hips up as high as you can. See if you
can resist the urge to hold your breath here and instead breathe deeper. Engaging your
obliques. And when you’re ready go ahead and start to step back into wild thing. Stepping
your left toes back behind you, reaching your left arm up and over trying to get your chest
to face up towards the sky. One more inhale here and then come back through plank pose
exhale downward facing dog. And take a moment here in this downward dog.
Shifting forward into plank, exhale chatarangua, press back up into plank pose, exhale downward
dog. So a little bit of arm strength, inhale plank, exhale chatarangua, inhale come up
into cobra or upward facing dog, yogi’s choice. Exhale release back down and this
time we’ll switch and flip over onto our back. Starting to unwind from our practice
getting a little bit deeper into the hips. So let’s bend our knees, soles of the feet
flat onto the mat and we’ll be setting up for bridge pose. So curling your tailbone
under start lifting your hips up towards the sky and you can interlace your fingers underneath
your sacrum using your arms to get a little bit more traction so you can lift your hips
and lift your lower back a little bit higher. Feet are hip width distance apart and keep
squeezing your inner thighs together, relax your neck as much as you can. See if you can
get a little bit more height before slowly lowering down one vertebrae at a time and
then from here cross your right ankle over your left thigh and bring your left knee in
towards your chest, coming into reclined pigeon. See if you can keep your sacrum and tailbone
down onto the mat here, relaxing the upper body. Flexing your right toes just to protect
your knee. Breathing deep into that right hip and let’s slowly release that side.
And we’ll go explore the second side. So bring your left foot back down onto the mat
uncross your ankle and this time your left ankle will hook over the top of your right
thigh more towards your knee and you’re pulling your right knee in towards your chest.
And again you really need to remind your head and shoulders to stay relaxed here, you’re
only using a little bit of arm strength. Take three deep breaths in and out through the
nose. Release that side as well and from here we’re going to be coming in to a shoulder
stand. So go ahead and lift your hips up overhead
you can use your palms to support your lower back and you’re trying to get your ankles
to stack directly over top of your hips. And again here it’s really important to keep
the neck as relaxed as you possibly can. If you’d like to explore plough pose from here
you’re more than welcome to by just dropping your toes back towards your head and you can
release your arms and palms down onto the mat, bend your knees if you need too you might
still be a little bit tight through the hamstrings and that’s perfectly fine. Take as long
as you need in this pose and only when you’re ready you can softly unwind and come into
our savasna, our final resting pose. So finding your savasna, just take up as much
space as you’re comfortable taking. Palms facing up towards the sky, maybe allowing
the eyes to close, and come back to whatever breath feels natural to you.
I hope this practice leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on your day. I thank you
so much for doing this class with me. If you enjoyed it, please take the time to subscribe
to my channel, like this video and share it with your friends. If you have any special
requests for videos that you like to see, please send me a message and i would love
to do them for you. Thank you so much, Namaste. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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