15 Min Static Stretching Exercises for Beginners – Cool Down Exercises after Workout – Stretches

15 Min Static Stretching Exercises for Beginners – Cool Down Exercises after Workout – Stretches

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak here from has fit and this 15 Min Static Stretching Exercises for Beginners Cool Down Exercises after Workout Stretches is a static stretching routine this is a
great routine to do right after a workout to use as a cool-down to
strengthen and make your muscles more flexible we don’t recommend doing this
one right before a workout we do we recommend our dynamic warm-up routine
that gets you moving and helps get the blood flowing
we’re going to hold each position today for 15 seconds going head to toe getting
every muscle involved when we’re doing these holds I only want you to hold to
about 85% range of motion so what I mean by that is I don’t want you to strain so
hard doing these stretches that you’re actually tearing the muscles apart all
right so we’re going to get right into this one with a chest opener we’re going
to interlace our fingers behind our back we’re going to draw your chest forward
pull your shoulders back and your hands up at the same time a little more
advanced movement is to bend over and let your arms pass over keeping your
back straight you choose which one’s right for you today we’re just holding
for five more seconds and four three two one good shake it loose and we’re moving
into an external rotation so it’s a great one for your shoulders and rotator
cuffs our elbows are at a 90 degree angle we’re going to bring your hands
back and elbows forward at the same time so hands back elbows forward and I want
you to hold you got 90 degree angles all around I’m pulling back I’m just holding
good keep in good posture and three two one break all right sticking with the
shoulders we’re going to do a rotator cuff stretch hand goes behind your back
we’re going to grab that elbow with our opposite hand we’re going to pull
forward on so you might not even honestly be able to get it to here you
might barely even be able to reach it and that’s okay just start where you can
on this one but if you feel comfortable go ahead and pull it forward again we’re
trying to get to about 85% of your range of motion and hold
good and let’s switch it up let’s do the other side so again grab him behind that
elbow opposite hand behind the back and just pulley lightly pulling forward
feeling that stretch feeling it work focus on your breathing today and break
good alright let’s go to the opposite hand we’re going to do a waterfall
so palm is up grab these fingers pull them back on my fingers and I’m going to
bring my elbow up as I pull back on my fingers and straighten my arm out we’re
gonna get a stretch on your biceps your wrists your forearms a little shoulder a
little bit of everything keep in good posture keep pulling back on those
fingers and up on that elbow and three two one switch sides so on the fingers
pulling back like a waterfall through the waterfall flying down and up on the
elbow and bicep good hold great one for the wrist flexors and three two one all
right we’ve got a two-for-one movement next we’re going to do a tricep and lat
stretch so arm goes over your head I want you to grab that elbow we’re going
to pull down and away at the same time feeling that stretch in your lat
as well as in the back your arm and the triceps good so just a little lean to
get that lat stretching here on the side and five four three two one excellent
switching sides good again get your breathing right through all of this
inhale slowly exhale slowly good feeling this one I must have done some push-ups
yesterday I think yes I feel it and three two one all right relax so for the
next one we’re either going to need like a chair a wall a box something along
those lines I’m going to grab my box real
quick really anything will do that you can just kind of hold on to to help you
keep your balance so we’re going to do a reach and pull so we’re gonna have your
knees bent weight back in your hips this one is for your upper back we’re going
to pull back on whatever it is you’re holding whether it’s chair Ottoman couch
doesn’t really matter so gently pull back and hold so you’re pulling back
with these lat muscles and just holding that position getting your scapula nice
and stretched try keep your back straight on this one you don’t want it
all round it good just a gentle pull nice and three two one relax okay
so we’re moving to the lower body for the next one we’re going to use that
chair or whatever you you have just to help you keep your balance we’re going
to do a quad stretch so holding on I’m going to grab my foot I’m gonna pull
back now you might be up here and that’s okay you might be right here or a little
harder is to pull it back behind you you decide which stretches right for you
today I want you to pull back on that foot stretching your quad thank you sure
to breathe give good balance and switch opposite side next so hold them back on
that foot keeping good posture and we’re holding for fifteen and total good feel
that stretch breathe and three two one
excellent all right what do we have next next we have our good morning one leg
good morning stretch so I didn’t name this one I promise we’re gonna have our
hands on our head one leg out a little bend in this back knee and we’re going
to bend over at our waist and you’re going to feel the stretch all down this
leg now you might only get two right here today and that’s okay but if you
can keep kicking those hips back until you feel that stretch and this thought
toe is and adore C flex get that ball the foot up off the ground nice and
straight good holding for three two one okay so there’s a slightly more advanced
version the next time you do this if you want you can just want to show you you
can prop up your foot elevated and do that same movement so you can go ahead
and do with or without redo your other one decide which is right for you today
when you come back and repeat this workout you can make it harder as you go
along by increasing the height of this box
all right holding for three two one zero you got it alright go ahead and get this
out of the way whatever you’re using we’re done with it we’re going to move
on to a calf stretch next so we’re actually going to come up against a wall
and I want you to bring your ball the foot up off the ground little bend in
the knee here and then press that knee forward and feel that stretch in the
back of your calf good so it’s on that front foot that’s on the
wall that knee coming forward a little bit keeping it bent and feel that
stretch in the back of your leg nice and hold three two one excellent work let’s
do the other side little bend in that knee I can feel my trail running from
the other day right now feels good that’s how I know it’s working and hold
and three two one zero very good all right so we’re going to hit the ground
for the next grouping we’re going to go on to a cat cow so we’re going to start
on all fours we’re going to start with the cat so we’re going to roll our chin
up slowly we’ll bring in our sternum and upper abdominal to the ground rolling
back and hold this position get that butt up rounded back feel that spine
stretching head is up and back breathe and three two one okay reverse
it coming up bring that chin into your chest upper back comes up pulling it up
little scapula stretching press it up pull that back up like
somebody’s pulling you up with a string good and hold breathe and three two one
nice we’re going to move right into a wrist extensor stretch so from the same
position this one I want you to be careful with fur if it’s the first time
you’re doing it on the back of your hands we’re going to put apply pressure
and we’re just going to hold so first time doing it you know don’t feel like
you have to put your whole body weight I mean just a few pounds of pressure
sometimes as all it takes again like I said we’re practicing that 85% rule
today so don’t push the limits on this one
just hold grip with the wrist extensors especially if you spend any time on a
computer the wheel of a car driving whatever that may be these tend to get
really tight and three two one zero good shaking loose we’re going to move on to
a child’s pose next so when you get down again we’re on our knees sitting back
hands in front hands flat on the ground we’re sitting back letting those
shoulders stretch blows your feet ankles quads getting a whole group of muscles
on this one breathe and 5 4 3 2 1
nice moving into the next one moving into a Cobra so from this position with
your fingers forward you can either come up on the balls of your feet or you can
stay down a slightly easier version doing a Cobra we’re looking back feel
that stretch and your biceps wrists and of course your spine come back a little
harder version up on the balls of your feet
allows you get a little more range of motion you decide which one’s right and
easier version sorry down here on your forearms that’s too
much for you today right here that’s all you need and let’s hold it for five more
seconds 4 3 2 1 nice work all right what do we got next moving on to a butterfly
so sitting down our butts feet come together we’re going to stretch our
groin a gracilis feet together don’t you press down on your elbows you might be
right here and that’s okay but try to get your feet together and press down on
the elbows – you hit that 85% mark and then hold good breathe just a few more
to go and five four three two one all right
right into the next one we’re going to lie down on our backs we’re gonna do one
leg at a time for this next one we’re going to start with a knee to the chest
so I’m going to start my left leg here I’ll bring my knee into my chest I’m
going to pull straight ahead keeping this leg flat and on the ground pull
into my chest then again you might be right here that’s okay
no shame everybody’s going to start somewhere pull it into you good notice I
have my chin up off the ground that’s on purpose that helps me to keep my lower
back flat on the ground I’m here then you see sometimes my lower back comes up
this allows me to keep that lower back down on the ground
good okay next one we’re going to pull that same knee we’re going to twist pull
it across I want you to look in the opposite direction breathe that you
might get to the point where that knee comes all the way to the ground or maybe
nowhere close you decide what’s right for you today good and three two one good all right one
last one on that same side we’re going to take that leg bend that knee place
your ankle on your opposite quad reach through your legs and pull that knee
into your chest at the same time bringing your chin to that leg so again
you might be just right here might be a challenges for you to pop it up that’s
okay we’re working on grabbing it and getting it closer and pulling it close
to us and three two one nice okay switching we’re going to go through that
sequence now just on the other leg so starting with the knee to the chest
pulling in and holding again have my chin tucked that allows me to keep my
lower back on the ground good breathe and three two one okay
next into the lower back twist it’s a great one if you have sciatic nerve pain
help loosen that up pull look in the opposite direction
keeping that upper back both upper back scapula’s on the ground cross breathe and hold for five four three two one
alright last one coming back pull that ankle up on the opposite quad reaching
through and now I’m stretching that hip and that glute should feel it in your
glue all through your hip hamstring some of these you’re going to feel more than
others let’s just you that’ll be your indicator if you know what’s tight and
what you need to work on the most excellent keep holding four three two
one zero nice work everybody thank you so much
for joining me today make sure to come back and repeat this workout often and
you definitely will improve your flexibility if you liked it be sure to
give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel it’s really what
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we are where you are I’m coach Kozak from has fit and I will see you at your
next workout

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