15 Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch Class | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

15 Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch Class | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– [Voiceover] Hello,
it’s Leslie Fightmaster and we have a little 10
minutes stretch class today. So we’re gonna start
sitting but cross the other shin in front, the left one
for probably most of us, but if you’re left-handed
maybe it’s your right one you don’t normally cross. If you have a blanket handy,
sit up on the edge of it. If you have two blocks
get those handy as well and a strap if you have it. Close your eyes, start
to lengthen the breath. Then bring the hands in front of the heart and set your intention. Then inhale, lengthen
the spine as you exhale. Just kind of fold forward stretching out the hips a little. So it’s a little stretch
class you can do anytime. First thing in the morning
would be wonderful. You could also do this after a workout before a workout, before bed, anytime. Head up and hand walk yourself back and then switch the cross. So now the right shin is
in front for most of us. Inhale, pull the chest forward. Exhale, keep the spine long. Walk forward any amount, maybe not at all. You don’t have to walk forward at all. If sitting up nice and
tall already gives you a stretch in the hips then you stay. If it is hard to sit up nice and tall I do recommend sitting
on the edge of a blanket. Let’s come on up and then move that blanket
out of the way if it’s there and come onto your hands and knees Wrists under shoulders
and knees under hips. Inhale, bring the chest forward. Lift the chin and tailbone up. Little cat cow. Exhale, round the back. Press away from the floor and again inhale. Bring your chest forward. Lift the chin. Drop your shoulder
blades toward the waist. Exhale, pull the ribs and belly
in as you round your back. Inhale, heart comes forward
through the gates of the arms and exhale, round the back. Chin toward chest, tuck in the tail. Inhale, come to neutral. Then reach your right
arm out to the right. As you exhale slide it under the left arm. Come up onto the left fingertips. Pull the left hip back and then take your left
hand to the lower back. Where maybe you’ll hook
it onto your right hip. So the hips want to come
out of alignment here. That’s why we gotta draw
the left hip back a little. Now roll your top shoulder open. So you can widen across your
collar bones a little bit more. Then come on back up to table. Take the left arm sweep
it out to the left. Stretch it out. Exhale, bring
it underneath the right arm. Come onto the left shoulder. Pull your right hip back. Then take the right hand to the lower back where maybe you can reach around and hook it onto the left thigh. Then rolling the right shoulder back. We’re trying to get our
shoulder blades to move a little closer to one another and then to press
forward toward the chest. At the same time we’re getting some nice shoulder stretching. Let’s unwind and back to table. Step your right foot
up by your right hand. Pad up your left knee
if it needs any padding. If you have blocks you can
put your hands on blocks like I have. Pull your right hip back and just sinking into your lower lunge. Tuck the back toes under or not. It’s up to you. Now pull the ribs and belly in. Keep the spine locked. So we don’t want to round the back here. Which might mean you
need the blocks up high and if you don’t have blocks
maybe you can get creative. Use some books. Or, I don’t know… soup cans? Then straighten the right leg. Exhale. Fold over the right leg. Keep pulling the right hip back. This is Ardha Hanumanasana. Or half split. Breathing here. and again, keep your
spine long as you can. Instead of rounding the back. So I could be up a little
bit higher I think. Cause my back looks a
little rounded today. Then re-bend into the right knee. Bring the block on the inside and come into the lizard pose. A little stretch of the hips. So you can stay with that. Or take your forearms down to the block. Or you can keep your hands on the floor. Or forearms on the floor. Depending on how deeply you want to go. Back knee is down and the right hip is drawing back. If your right knee is
going out to the right side turn your toes so that
your knee and middle toes are lined up. Steady breathing. Come on up and then we’ll come back to table and then we’ll step the left
foot up by the left hand for our lunge. Now pad up the right knee
if it needs any padding. I’m just gonna hang out
here for a few breaths. So make sure your inhales and
exhales are equal in length. So always check in with the breath. We breathe in and out through the nose unless it’s not possible. Sometimes we get congested I know. Otherwise breathing in
and out through the nose. Little constriction in
the back of the throat. Ujjayi Pranayama that
means victorious breath and helps to warm us from the inside. Then straighten the leg, the left leg and then fold over it on your exhale. Your left hip is drawing back gently and your left toes will pull back as well. That will help to stretch the hamstrings on that left leg. Remember steady breathing. Come on up, re-bend the knee and then take your hands on
the inside of your left foot. So you can take hands on the block. You can take hands to the floor. You can take forearms on the block or forearms on the floor. Back knee is down for this variation. And again, if your left knee
is drifting out to the left then point your toes
in that same direction. Breathe here. Notice if you’re holding
any tension anywhere. Maybe in the shoulders, maybe in the jaw. Maybe in that hip. If you find any let it go. Relaxing relaxing. Come on up and now we’ll move the
blocks off to the side and make our way onto the belly. Arms out to a T. Another shoulder stretch. So arms are out to the side and roll to your right side. So your right arm is
still out to the right. Bend the right knee. Put the right foot onto the floor. Take your left hand behind your back. Maybe you can find your right hand. It doesn’t matter if you don’t and keep that left leg straight. Or you can bend it as well. It’s a pretty intense stretch. If you have both feet on the
floor with the knees bent. So just be mindful, be careful. Never ever have to go any deeper than your body would like you to. So this is widening the collar bones. Also stretching the shoulders. The shoulder blades are again
moving toward each other and forward toward the chest. Then straighten out your
legs, roll onto your belly. Arms out to a T again. Wrists and shoulders are inline. Then we’ll roll over to the left side. Pick up the right foot. Bend the knee, put it on the floor. Use your right hand behind
your back, see if you can find the left hand and then you
can slide it down to clasp and then bend the left knee, or not. Just let that shoulder,
that top shoulder roll open. Roll it back. As always let every exhale remind you to just relax a little bit. Straightening out the left
leg and then the right. Come back onto your belly and then press yourself onto your knees. Grab a blanket or a towel
if you’re on wood floor. If you’re on carpet you won’t need it. Take your right knee onto the blanket. Or onto the towel and let your right knee
go out to the right. This is called mandukasana,
this is frog pose. Just want to make sure the
hips are right above the knees. So you can take your forearms on a block. You can take your forearms onto the floor. Put a block under your belly
for extra support if you like. It’s important to keep the hips and knees in line in this one. It’s a pretty deep hip opener and the inner thighs
get quite a stretch too. So you gotta watch your groins. Make sure you don’t go too deeply. Gonna stay for just a few more breaths. If you can go any deeper please do. Otherwise stay where you are. Now come out of this. Lift your head and then slide
your whole body forward. So then you can straighten the legs. Almost like you’re just
swimming yourself forward. Then take the blanket or the block and or block, and or towel. Whatever you’re using to the other side. Left knee on the blanket and extend that left knee out slowly. So move very slowly, very mindfully and the hips have a tendency
to go in front of the knees. So draw the hips back
maybe just slightly so that they’re above the knees. Then support yourself
if you’ve got pillows or anything you want to put underneath you or blocks, whatever you have. Support yourself. Once you’re supported in the
posture then maybe you can relax and sink into it
a little bit deeper. Check in with your breath. Make sure it’s nice and steady. Stay a few more breaths,
go deeper if you like. Then to come out of this you’ll slide your whole body forward
and take the legs together. Then come onto a mat. We’re just gonna sit
and come onto our backs. If you have a block we’re
gonna do supported bridge. If you don’t have a block you can always do a regular bridge. Make sure that block is right
at the base of the spine and the heels and knees are lined up. Keep the chin away from the chest. If you’re in supported bridge
let yourself relax here. There’s an option if you’ve got that block to extend the legs forward. That’ll make it more intense. If you straightened the legs re-bend them. Lift off your block and come on down. Draw the knees into the chest
and gently rock side to side. Make little circles on your back. Keep the right leg hugging
in, extend the left leg out. Then take your right
knee across for a twist. Look over your right shoulder. Twisting has so many benefits. Let’s come back to center. That’s for the spine, lots of benefits. Draw the left knee into the chest. Keep the right leg straight if you can. Take the left knee over to the right and look over the left side. Draw yourself back to
center and we’re coming to Sirsasana. We’ll breathe Sirsasana today. So allow your tailbone to
lengthen toward the heel. Shoulder blades toward the waist. Close your eyes and sink into rest. Start to move the hands
and feet, arms and legs. Our quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Roll to your right. He said, “It is only with
the heart that one can see “rightly, what is essential
is invisible to the eye.” Make your way up to seated. Hands to the forehead reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart for
clear and loving intentions and the hands to the mouth for clear and loving communications. Sending out some nice positive energy to all things everywhere. Namaste. Thanks you so much. I hope you enjoyed your stretch and I hope you have a fantastic day. Don’t forget subscribe and to push like and share with all of your friends cause all of your friends need yoga too and go to fightmasteryoga.com and join us for our daily class. Bye bye.

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