19 Facts About The Human Body That You Didn’t Know

19 Facts About The Human Body That You Didn’t Know

19 facts about the human body that you
didn’t know if you’d like a more educational fix for your horror
fascination why not look inside the mysteries of the human anatomy sure you
won’t see serial killers roaming around your bloodstream but studying the human
body unlocks stories of zombie proteins mystery resurrections unrelenting
stalkers stone fetuses and the ever-popular
exploding bodies you might be surprised now keep watching for facts about human
body parts that will totally creep you out before we begin this video don’t
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notifications so you never miss our new videos number 19 the brain we like to
imagine that our brains have some firmness and dignity to them but they’re
actually almost as soft as jello while brains used in anatomy labs tend to be
firm they’ve generally been fixed with formaldehyde a human brain in the wild
is about 3 pounds of easy dented goop that’s responsible for everything we
think feel and experience the human anatomy sure is pretty interesting isn’t
it number 18 hydrochloric acid hydrochloric
stomach acid the digestive acid in our stomachs is as acidic as battery acid
the body has a system of defenses to keep the stomach acid from eating
through our skin starting with the epithelial wall cells of the stomach
they make a basic mucus coating to cover the inside of the stomach even then
these stomach cells have one of the fastest life cycles of any in the human
body dying after only days want to know about one extremely creepy fact about
the human anatomy and the human body that has to do with decomposition well
stick around until the end to find out what it is number 17
pain receptors although the brain interprets pain signals it doesn’t have
any pain receptors itself this allows us to perform conscious surgery for
neurological conditions like brain tumors and epileptic seizures enabling
us to ask the patient about the bodily sensations surgery is producing number
16 digestive tract our digestive tract is essentially a
30-foot long tube with no interruption between mouth and anus because of that
nothing in the digestive tract is really inside us it’s just passing through the
tube in the middle of us for a little while
number 15 pinky finger your delicate pinky finger is in fact responsible for
half of your hand strength while the two front fingers coordinate on dexterity
tasks the Pinky and the ring finger work together to give the hand its power
number 14 kidneys many people have more than two kidneys if you are given a
kidney transplant for a poorly functioning kidney they leave the old
kidney in that’s because having the extra kidney function at 1 or 2% is
better than not functioning at all and because it’s such a big deal to remove
the old one number thirteen bacterial cells as of 2016 scientists believe that
there are as many bacterial cells living in your body as there are cells in your
body itself how is that possible well most of the bacterial cells are far
smaller than human bodily cells meaning that it’s not even a stretch for them to
fit don’t worry most of these cells are benign
relatively number 12 spinal arc reflex the Lazarus sign is a
spinal arc reflex that causes the arms to rise and cross over the chest much
like a mummy now that’s pretty cool on its own but what makes it creepy is that
it can happen after you’re dead spinal arc reflexes
are relayed directly to the spine without any need to run through the
brain so they can happen even after the brain has already died number eleven
zombies prions are the zombies of the microbial world little proteins that
infect other proteins into behaving like them despite not being alive
prions are responsible for mad cow disease as well as kruetzfeldt Jakob
disease a universally fatal brain disorder in humans there’s no known cure
for these zombies but they can infect you if you eat any beef tainted with mad
cow disease and they’re almost always fatal number 10 the liver our liver
function is vital to our existence the liver is one of the only organs in the
body that’s capable of regeneration and it can regenerate after the loss of as
much as 75 percent of its volume that’s why a live donor can donate part of
their liver the donated portion will grow back afterwards during liver
regeneration most of the functions of the liver remain normal
yikes did you know this fact about our liver function the I sure didn’t
number nine walking humans aren’t particularly strong and we aren’t
particularly tough but we are incredibly stubborn
although slower than many other animals our endurance when walking enables us to
outpace other animals over the long run early humans use this strategy called
persistence hunting to literally walk their prey to death
number eight thinking with your stomach if you’ve ever been accused of thinking
with your stomach it might comfort you to know that all humans technically do
the ens enteric nervous system is a set of semi independent neurons governing
the gastrointestinal system it’s made up of five hundred million neurons just one
two hundredths of the cells in the human brain and it stretches between the
esophagus and the anus number seven the human body glows
if you’ve ever marveled at a fireflies glow you’ll be thrilled to hear that
humans are also bioluminescent in 2009 Japanese scientists released a study
showing that under ultra sensitive cameras human beings produced a tiny
amount of visible light it’s a thousand times weaker than anything we could
detect with the naked eye but it’s still pretty cool right
number six our skin the skin is the largest human organ if you stretched out
the skin of an adult male it would be around 21 square feet also your skin has
multiple layers and the outermost one the corneal layer of the epidermis is
mostly dead talked about a cool organ right number five being in space without
a suit if you’re ever caught out in space without a suit don’t worry your
blood won’t boil you won’t explode and you won’t freeze while gases expand and
liquids boil in a vacuum you’d be protected by the envelope of your body
instead you die from lack of oxygen asphyxiated after a few minutes in the
cold dark vacuum of space isn’t that so much better number four
saliva every day our mouth produces two to four liters of saliva which is
important because saliva contains enzymes that start breaking down food in
our mouths before we even swallow it even better
the saliva is filled with far more bacteria than our urine which is
relatively sterile YUM number three jaw muscles your face would
look pretty nightmarish without muscles and most of the difference is around the
jaws that’s because your misete are one of the muscles involved in chewing is
one of the strongest muscles in the body pound for pound think about that the
next time you’re biting into an apple number two mites in our eyelashes those
of you who had traumatic early experiences with lice should skip this
next segment all the louse folks out good because there may be tiny mites
living in your eyelashes demodex mites are microscopic little critters that
thrive on people’s skin oils they aren’t usually troublesome but if you’ve got
too many of them they can cause inflammation now that you’ve made it to
the end here’s the number one creepy fact about the human body and it has
something to do with decomposition number one decomposition this is one of
the worst facts about the human body parts I’ve ever heard so of course I
needed to pass it along see after death there’s a natural
decomposition process that a body follows and if the body’s left in a
place without oxygen like too tightly sealed in a casket anaerobic bacteria
can literally turn the body to brown sludge releasing gases that quite
literally make the casket explode afterwards the sludge often drips out of
the casket decomposition is creepy enough already and I’m about to make it
even creepier see it starts out a few minutes after death with something
called a loose or self digestion as the cells run out
of oxygen to deal with their toxic byproducts enzymes start to digest the
cell membranes yum which fact from this video creeped you out the most let us
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  2. I knew about liver, but decomposition that we can turn into that brown thing is gross! After this I will consider burning me after death. Good video

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