1965 Pontiac GTO Tiger Gold 389 4-Speed Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 214

1965 Pontiac GTO Tiger Gold 389 4-Speed Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 214

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  1. I would get a GTO in blue charcoal, Nightwatch blue, palmetto green, or burgundy and I would get steel wheels with dog-dish hub caps

  2. They were awesome in yellow with a black interior. I liked the looks of the '65 best of all the GTO's I just couldn't bring myself to buy one as I am a True Blue Ford owner. www.gt350lady.com

  3. A friend of mine Tommy Thompson bought a 65 GTO with the 389 w/tri-power, had a 4 spd. trans with a 355 rear-end, the paint was "Aztec Gold", I didn't like the black convertible top but the black interior was the hot item back then. I sure miss those days.

  4. Beautiful GTO! Mine would be red with black interior. Wasn't GTO only a package option for a Lemans back then? And when did they start offering a GTO as its own model?

  5. One of the Few EARLY MUSCLE CARS That Could Take A Curve at High Speeds W/ Out Fear of Loosing It in the Ditch.Tough Suspension That Followed the PONTIAC Name Right Up To the TRANS AMS.

  6. In 1972 at age 16 I owned a '67 Tempest with the 328 High Performance engine (4 bbl, dual exhaust), 3 speed on the floor…it was actually a pretty fast car (I beat my buddy's '68 390 mustang GT, much to his chagrin)…but then I bought ragged out '66 (or '67) catalina for almost nothing with a good 389 4bbl engine (had good compression and good oil pressure) and put it in the tempest with a 4 speed and bell housing I pulled from a junk yard, added headers and a 3 deuces setup a GTO expert (he owned a very fast '68 GTO and knew them inside and out) helped me install and tune…I did all the work (with my Dad helping with the $$$ and a couple buddies on the wrenches) so it cost me very little and I had a defacto hot rod GTO…I kept the 328 badges on the fenders…I made many a "Hot Rod" bad boy look silly in front of their GF's…it was quite the sleeper.

  7. Rear ends were the greatest weakness in these cars, the original BOP rears weren't that strong and even in mildly warmed over cars, they broke with depressing regularity. The simplest fix was a 12-bolt Chevelle rear since the car was an A-body stablemate and it was a bolt-in swap. The 12-bolt was much stronger and at the time A-body 12-bolts weren't that hard to come by! Other people swapped B-body 8 3/4" Mopar rears and 9" Fords but those took a lot more work to adapt to a A-body so the Chevelle rear was the first choice….!!

  8. Best year goat bodystyle, (IMO). Had mine in 77 all the way to 87, DD. Trips, Muncie, 3.55 12 bolt. Such a blast on the street. Originally blue, but I painted it gold. black int. This car brings back memories. Thanks for posting.

  9. I'm a Ford man but Pontiac has always been my favorite GM division. They started the muscle car craze with the 64 GTO and built the last true muscle car as well(74 sd455 t/a)

  10. Do the brothers have any 60s Pontiacs with the Royal Bobcat package? If so I'd love to see them. Especially a 69 428 powered Bobcat GTO

  11. …Had more than a hand full of muscle cars. Back in the day..my favorite 65 GTO. TRI POWER 4SPEED..red with black interior…on my option best muscle car made… Had the most soul..best to drive…now to correct a mistake..there is more than 3 carbs difference between a 360 h.p and a 335 h.p…internal parts as well…

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