2 Exercises for the Best Rectus Femoris Stretch

2 Exercises for the Best Rectus Femoris Stretch

hey what’s up it’s Coach E here from
precision movement and today we’re gonna talk about a muscle called the rectus
femoris okay so the rectus femoris goes from up in the inserting or originating
in the pelvis on the pelvis and slides down on the anterior aspect the
superficial aspect of the thigh inserting into the patellar tendon okay
so it’s one of the quadriceps muscles it’s the most superficial of those
muscles and it’s the only two joint muscle okay so the rest the quadriceps
the vastus lateralis medialis and intermedius they’re all single joint
muscles they only act on the knee but the rectus femoris it acts on the hip
and creates hip flexion and it acts on the knee and creates knee extension okay
so that’s very important to understand because if you want to get the best
stretch for it and you want to work it through the full range of motion then
you have to understand how both joints must be to make that happen
okay so in terms of stretching the muscle we need to fully lengthen it so
because it’s a hip flexor and a knee extensor to fully lengthen it we need
knee flexion and hip extension okay that’s the fully lengthened position of
the rectus femoris okay fully shortened position is hip flexion within the
extension okay so there’s a little amout of me for you some biomechanics so you
understand what is happening with this muscle so the first stretch that we’re
gonna do now I’m all about active stretching building strength through the
full range of motion so that you develop range of control not just range of
motion okay so it’s mobility over flexibility that’s the ultimate goal because
we want to move for this for the rectus femoris or also known as the rec fem the
most common stretch is foot up on the wall or foot up on a bench or a couch
and then yeah jam it in there like so so you fully flex the knee you see my calf
is basically touching my hamstring and then the hip is in extension I’m leaning
back and I’m feeling a huge stretch through the rectus femoris and all my
quads ok iliopsoas as well so cool but it’s static stretch it’s not helping us
build range of control so how can we do this better so first of all it’s a build
range of control we’ve just got to work out the end range
and passive range of motion okay if we go so deep into that passive range
there’s no way we’re gonna develop any strength there because we don’t have the
neuromuscular control of that range yet okay so what you’ve got to do is you got
to find the end passive range so the end passive range is basically if I’m in
this same position and I stand up and I actively pull my knee or pull my heel to
my button so I’m flexing the knee there that’s my end passive range okay so I
want to work around that range it’s close to that range as possible go a
little bit deeper but no more okay so I can find that range again get close to
the wall okay and that’s that’s pretty much perfect for me because now to
increase the passive range I just rest on the wall a little bit okay so what
we’re gonna do is you find that range first find your end passive range I’m
about there okay now I can increase the stretch a little bit so now I’m a little
bit past my end to passive range and active range story here what I’m gonna
do is I’m first I’m gonna drive my foot into the wall so that’s firing up the
quads including the rectus femoris so I’m building strength in that range
there okay so shortening the muscle up strengthening it hold it for five
seconds like a PNF or contract relaxed style stretch I call these en range
activation sequences and then you relax and you hang out there a little bit more
yeah next you want to work the opposite muscles the antagonist group in this
case the hamstrings okay because we want control in and out of that range of
motion so the hamstrings bring us into this range the quads, the rectus femoris
brings us out of this range okay so to do that I come off the wall a little bit
and then I actively bring my heel to my butt and I can add a little bit of force
by pushing down on my heel okay and I’m holding for five breathing and then I
can go back into the passive range a little bit okay so here as you can see
we’re building strength going in and out of that range and that’s going to help
us to achieve lasting and better gains and lasting gains because we’re not just
working on the extensibility of the tissue we’re working on the
neuromuscular control of those muscles so when we have the control
there the brain is like okay we have control no need to tighten up because we
can use that stable it’s functional yeah so that’s why I’m all about the active
range of motion active range of control okay so do that a couple cycles on each
side that’s the first technique the second technique it’s a little bit
different similar but different yeah I call it the BJJ quad stretch it’s one of
my favorite mobility exercises great for warming up before workouts before
anything that you do sport because we’re getting into these end ranges but we’re
doing it actively okay so for this technique you know post up one hand
opposite foot okay I’m bridging and I’m gonna drive my
knee forward but what I want to focus on what I do this is squeezing the glute
okay so I’m squeezing the glute and then I’m pulling it back with my hip flexor
to pull back into the seated position then I transition switch sides drive
squeeze the glute and when I come back I pull back with the hip flexor okay so
it’s again it’s all about control and building active range not just passive
range driving squeezing the glute make sure that’s on
and then hip flexor to pull me back in okay so here you can see we’re doing the
same thing we’re extending the hip flexing the knees so the rectus femoris
is fully stretched that’s the end range there but now we’re building strength in
the glutes okay so this has more impact on what’s happening at the hip and then
the hip flexor pull it back in so we’re building this neuromuscular control
again of this range of motion and all the different muscles not all the
different muscles but in a bunch of the muscles that influence this range okay
we haven’t really hit the rotators or any of that stuff but that’s okay this
is gonna give you a great rectus femoris stretch these two exercises together
okay work wonderfully together because they complement each other even though
it’s in the same range of motion the control aspect of it the firing pattern
or what I referred to as the activation pattern is different okay so when we hit
it with all these different from different angles we’re solidifying that
range it’s like a table if you have a table I’ve got two legs it’s gonna be
wobbly gonna fall it might not even stand three legs a little better four
legs really stable so there’s gonna hit it from multiple angles and solidify
that range so that you can achieve it and keep it for life all right
so there you have two best exercises for stretching out the rectus femoris we’re
building mobility not just flexibility and this is range that you can use
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watching I’ll see you soon

10 Replies to “2 Exercises for the Best Rectus Femoris Stretch”

  1. Excellent video not just for the specific s of this muscle but as an approach to how you should view and treat limited range of movement

  2. Great video buddy, massaging the muscle belly with your elbow I find helps before the static stretch as well

  3. If i do a lunge or Bulgarian split squat, I feel a serious pull on the back legs knee and also loud crepitus, do you think that is due to a tight rec fem?

  4. Great stretch! I can't even put my opposite leg out never mind getting vertical. I'm going to work on this. Thank you.

  5. Question: I strained my Rectus Femoris or hip flexor playing tennis on Saturday. I was limping sporadically, mostly after periods of sitting on Sunday and Monday. BUT I have been doing these two exercises since Sunday night and it's Tuesday now and I feel 85% better. When do you recommend I'm able to play tennis again? I feel like I'll be pain free by tomorrow morning! Thanks for the great video.

  6. Great video. I often feel tight and itchy feeling from rectus femoris muscles. Do you think these two exercises will help? Thanks

  7. Great video as always, just tried this and already seems to be helping with my limited knee flexion (normally get medial knee pain in full flexion). Thanks!

  8. i'm 27 and hwp and my quads are too tight for this. This is pathetically too hard for me XD is there a kids bop version to this or where I can start? I need this in my life but, it hurts.

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