20 Min Muscle Building Dumbbell Chest Workout at Home for Women & Men Bodybuilding Workouts Routine

20 Min Muscle Building Dumbbell Chest Workout at Home for Women & Men Bodybuilding Workouts Routine

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 20 Min Muscle Building Dumbbell Chest Workout at Home for Women & Men Bodybuilding Workouts Routine we’re
going to use multiple muscle building techniques that require you to have at
least two pairs of dumbbells you’re going to want one lighter and one
heavier pair so you can switch up your weight as needed the way that you’re
going to use will be completely dependent upon your fitness level now
through the course of this routine I will be performing some of the exercises
from a bench and I’m going to be using a stability ball but if you don’t have
access to either one that’s okay you can perform the same movements from the
floor are you ready to get started because I am let’s do let’s go we’re starting with a two-in-one
movement it’s a press to a negative fly we’re going to start with a lighter
weight doing a set of 15 followed by a set of 12 then 10 then 8 we’re working
our way up and weight as we go try to get ready to perform a chest press
movement I’m going to be using my stability ball Claudia is going to use
their bent if you don’t have access either one
feel free to perform this move from the ground so let’s go ahead and lie back it
into our chest press position so we’re going to do a press on the way up bring
those hands together squeezing your chest and then for in turn your palms so
they’re facing inward and a negative portion for the flies slight bend in
those elbows control the descent bring them back to starting position your
hands back and press again so I know there’s a couple different components on
this one but the goal of this one is to overload what you’re able to do in that
negative fly so you know really the strain on this movement should be coming
on that fly I want you to control that way as it comes down and then boom press
up and you sure to breed if you’re on the stability ball keeping your hips up
core nice and tight this just adds a little extra element of stability and
core if you’re on the bench either way going to keep your feet
firmly planted on the ground again we’re doing 15 repetitions on this first one
pressing up and then as those dumbbells are lowering you’ll net stretch in your
chat got five marks and controlling that descent almost there keep it going and
we’re just doing this exercise to start on its own we’re breaking just long
enough for you to change that weight and mix it up almost there feel a little
burn going button through it two more and then last one right here
and last one excellent okay so go ahead and set that weight down and we need to
raise that way just a little bit for your next
that of 12 repetition so I’m going to up my weight by about 20% when you’re doing
using this muscle building technique and mix it up your weights and your rest
really it’s all about this feel and experience and knowing what weights to
use and if you need some times if it’s the weights too much for me I’ll keep
the same weight for maybe a set or two yeah you don’t have to change it every
time you’ll figure it out as you go and again if you just have a couple
pairs of dumbbells you probably want to switch it up at the midway point correct
alright so let’s go ahead and get right into it
next set now this time we’re hitting twelve repetitions pressing up and again
nice and controlled on that way down breathe so on this one you’re breathing
in on the way down as those dumbbells are being lowered and you’re breathing
out as you press up excellent keep it up this one’s working not only
your chest but also hitting your shoulders your triceps as well a little
extra credit on this one nothing wrong with that breathe keep fighting guys pushing
through rep by Rep excellent one qumar almost last one and dawn good okay so
that’s halfway through this first one again I’m going up my weight we have a
set of 10 repetitions coming up oh I definitely do feel those on my shoulders
as well are at change it on my way like a so go up about 20 percent if you’re
looking for a general rule of thumb how much you should be increasing if you can
alright get back into it here let’s go and start this next set in five four
three two one it’s important that we take we use a little rest periods in
between and just don’t just go one right into the next your muscles do need that
time to recover so you can use the max amount of weight which in turn allows
you to build muscle so they’ll break periods are very important they’re going
to be very important throughout today’s workout if you’re used to doing some of
our hit workouts yes today is going to go a little slower pace but the point of
that is for you to increase and increase that weight that you’re using tomorrow
don’t be afraid to push it on the weight excellent
one into the next and last one right there
excellent work okay we had just one more remaining of this I’m going to max out
my adjustable dumbbells here I’m using power blocks if anybody’s wondering we
do recommend these adjustable dumbbells there’s a link and available in the
video description if you want to check them out some nicer space saver that’s
right for sure definitely okay what do we got next that is starting here in
five seconds ready position last set so this is your set to go heavy if you’re
going to do it all right everything you got out there on this
last one really control that lowering portion with the flies don’t allow those
dumbbells to just lie down but get your really controlling that eccentric
negative portion of the move and then as you press up squeeze that chest up at
the top three more good one into the next you guys got it boom your machine
likes it come on keep it up guys don’t look there
man laughs over here that’s it last one Oh feeling good
nice work next we’re going to do a superset we’re going to go back and
forth between an underhand dumbbell chest press and a standing low dumbbell
fly so we’re going to do a set of fifteen twelve and then ten again
increasing the weight as you go so we’re going to start with that underhand chest
press for a set of fifteen getting into our line down position
whether you’re on your bench ball or on the ground good lie back and on this
time we’re going to have our hands in an underhand position so that means palms
facing up go ahead and let those elbows naturally flare out to the sides as they
come down don’t feel the need to keep them in and then as you come up you’re
squeezing that chest up at the top this is just a way to go ahead and hit that
chest from a different angle that we don’t usually do
throwing it a little muscle confusion here great way to spark some new growth
and on this one make sure that you keep that weight over your elbows that is
your source of power again breathing in on the way down
breathing out more on the way up 15 in total almost there starting to feel that
lactic acid kicking in pushing through it good breathe almost there and last
one good good ok so we’re lowering the weight again like it’s a superset we’re
doing that standing dumbbell fly this is your first time doing this one I
recommend a pretty light weight just so you can get the feel of it it’s not an
easy move and we’re going to do 15 repetitions let’s get into a staggered
stance feet shoulder width apart little bend in those elbows hands out to your
side bring those dumbbell straight up using your chest and control them on the
way down that’s the big key do not allow them to just flop and fly down right but
instead you’re controlling both that raising and lowering portion one
wrapping to the next we use that chest up at the top nice work guys again 15
reps on this one sticking with it really isolate those chest muscles don’t allow
your biceps to get involved five more what’s stay nice and under control go to
work guys almost there two more and here we go last one
whoo this one’s a killer last line perfect whoa
okay so we’re gonna probably raise that weight back up going through the
underhand chest press and we’re doing 12 repetitions this time so raise your
weight accordingly all right getting into position never tell you how much I
love moving these balls around all right go on lie back palms are facing up and
let’s get right into it keep that core tight and again
controlling both parts of this movement not just the pressing but also that
lowering face equally as important driving those palms straight up six more
nice and controlled good work guys keep it up breathe in on the way down out on
the way up big power two more and last one nice move it down all right again
we’ll keep me supersets going back the back here get into that low fly their
minimal rest here on this one by design and keep that pace up we got a set of 12
coming up beater staggered a little bend those elbows and let’s hit it right into
a guy make sure to bring those arms out to your sides as I come down not just
straight down help you to engage your chest and make sure you’re not just
using your shoulders or your biceps good nice and controlled again I know it’d be
much like here to get a big ol swing in but don’t do it come on three nice and
control think about what brought you here today to begin with Tim why what
are you trying to accomplish come on focus on it last one perfect our killer
those are effective that is for certain okay one last one of these underhand
presses one last time raising away just a little bit here set up ten repetitions
on this last one getting into position going to start this last one in five
seconds three two one and right into a geyser good again control that descent
not just the way up you don’t have to keep your elbows in tight your body it’s
okay if they flare out a little bit actually preferred I’ll shoot your chest
I have more it’s one flying by just ten reps on this last one almost there q
more ah burn so good and last one boom perfect alright one last one of these
low flies these things are burning me up good I’m still going to increase my
weight feel free to do so you want to maximum gain so you do have
to push yourself put yourself out of that thinking what are you thinking
Claudia going up oh she’s pushing it – all right
here we go guys we’re here you’re pushing it with you with you rep by Rep
let’s go after it right here and time to squeeze that chest up top three
oh I’m hurting already therefore that’s a bad sign five clone right there with
you guys don’t quit six nice seven push through eight and Kim why come on now
about how bad you want it I find about how hard you want to work for it oh
there it is nice next up we’re going to do a double superset we’re going to go
back and forth between a fly and a dumbbell chest press without setting
down the way so first we’re doing eight flies followed immediately by 15 presses
and then you get a rest choose your weight accordingly correct because we’re
not switching late we’re not switching weights we’re going to try our best to
keep that same way to stay up the whole time so find a way that’s appropriate
for you but there will be enough time in between sets if you need to drop your
weight if it gets a little too heavy but that’s about all there’s time for now
about that no no time for recovery okay lying back again we’re starting with a
dumbbell fly so slight bend in those elbows control that negative portion on
the way down all the way up and all the way down on this one good core stays
tight eight repetitions of this one and then we’re going to move right into a
dumbbell chest press yes it is going to burn as much as you think it is more all
right it’s worth it though not an easy and last one okay so moving right into
the presses now boom 15 times knock them out oh don’t be afraid to get a little a
little faster pace on these ones still controlled but this is more of a burnout
technique come on let’s go ice control the way you are and the way down good
good good and what’s there mean 14 and last one all right nice going sit them
down so the good news is that one’s over with the bad news is we got to do it
through motion three more sets three more set so three more times through
that little round just a few more seconds here in between it got my chest
a little bit check it out if you need to let’s get it going in three two one and
zero into those live for 15 repetitions eight I’m sorry
eight repetitions I knew that thank you see what would I do without Claudia to
keep me on track over here the chest press was 15 fly is eight nice workout
anymore is a brutal combination and eight straight into the press right into
that press start knocking them out this is a brutal common
for your chest it just overloads it that’s where that growth comes from for
sales force those muscles to adapt that’s what you’re doing right here keep
it up guys doing great stick with it sigh and more come on grind them out
fuckin through that burn you got it 14 and 15 right back up boom very good
very good okay I’m going to raise my way just a
little bit I think I went a little little too light not by much though starting that next set in five seconds
though so don’t think you’re getting an extra break just because coach took a
second to raises wait all right right into it guys let’s go
right into that fly well full range of motion nice and controlled again huh get
a tree that’s it I would say and that’s when Michael are you just said going to
pretend like you’re wrapping your arms around a bagel wide tree so you don’t
have them straight but at the same time you don’t have so much Bend either nice
happy balance Tamar it’s a great way to isolate that chat and last one right
here eight all right 15 presses you know what
time is let’s go nice work guys all right here focus on what motivates
you what brought you here today more what is it come on get a little closer
to that goal with every rep every movement getting that they focus on more
you got it come on nothing can take that away from you let’s go
last one 14 and 15 right here that’s perfectly all right
that way it was more appropriate I’m feeling it feeling it guys I hope you
are too I’m gonna stick to right why Matt all right that’s good we got just
one more acidities again not much break let’s break for five more seconds that’s
it shake it loose if you got to the last set of this crazy superset crazy good
she must mean crazy effective crazy effect is 301 hope glad he was already
gone all premature she was excited she’s pumped up I’ll keep that energy hi
guys during this workout you got it stay positive you can do this
all day long come on you got it nothing can stop you
nothing can stop oh seven and eight right here perfect let’s not got those
15 practices right into it nice full range of motion don’t give me these
little baby ones where you’re going halfway up halfway down really got to go
all the way down if you want more engage those chest muscles which one oh you do
oh you got it right through last bet right here almost there
high more and 12 14 last one Oh 15 excellent job all right next we have
this pretty killer burnout Claudia super excited aren’t you
that’s her excited we’re going to do a one and a quarter push-up so we’re going
to go all the way down is one going to do it four knees her knees I’m doing it
up top and then we’re gonna do an extra quarter circum quarter the way up back
down and then all the way up so it’s one quarter down back up we’re going to
repeat that for 30 seconds you’re going to get as many in as you can and then
we’re going to take a 15-second break repeating that three times the purpose
of this is to burn you out so give it everything you got
let’s go now you know I was excited now you know let’s start this in three two
one right into it one quarter back up and again just getting as many as you
can and a lot of time period let’s just put extra emphasis on your
chest making your chest post double duties while I was down there in that
bottom position keep your core nice and tight on this one and just empty that
tank out giving it everything you got we got 10 more seconds in this first set
come on keep it up three two one zero nine okay that’s one time down this
break is going to go take a couple of big deep breaths we’re
going to get right into a right now come on right there with you cloudy and we’re
all fighting with her guys three two one you got it let’s go Oh McGann thirty
Seconds again this tension of this is to totally wipe you out so if you’re a
master it push up and this is too easy put your feet up on something make it
harder but find a way to get it done come on sticking with it guys you’re on
your knee that’s okay just get as many as you can
doing this one now four five four three two one zero
whoo we’re feeling it right there with you we’re not giving up though don’t
pause this video don’t give up give it everything you got
I can’t pause I wish I could we can’t pause I can right there with you guys
through this one now five four three two one last set of these come on
grind them out guys what you got prove it to yourself on this one squeeze that
chest as you press up come on everything you got put it all out there on the line
no hold them back let’s go one in the next get that full quarter at those
extra quarter push up at the bottom let’s go ten more seconds almost there
come on fight through fight through five four three two one and
aa0 way to finish strong all right we’re not quite done yet we have just one last
set remaining we’re gonna do a push up hover so we’re getting down in the
bottom push-up position and then we’re just going to hold 30 seconds kins let’s
go right here hold and breathe try your best to stay
down in that negative position but anytime you need to come up and rest you
can do so but you’re trying our best just to hold it and if you come down you
need to break for a second come right back up get back into it just make this
work out your own keep fighting don’t quit right to the end right to the end
you got a guy chest is burned we run two guys 200 second
go and Intuit come on that’s it we just have 15 more seconds that’s it fight
through don’t give up don’t give up oh come on we’re right there with you guys
right there with you five four three two one zero
that exercise did its job nice work you made it we made it way to go ahead to
try able to wash my hair later if you guys like this workout as much as we did
you’ve been working out with us for a while and you start to see some results
we’d encourage that you please go check out our patreon page you can find out
how you can help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if
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you thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today
I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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