20,000 Calorie Challenge | Fouad Abiad | Epic Bodybuilding Cheat Day

20,000 Calorie Challenge | Fouad Abiad | Epic Bodybuilding Cheat Day

today we are doing the twenty thousand
calorie eating challenge I don’t know who the fuck thought this was a good
idea but I’m absolutely terrified like I had trouble sleeping last night as if
if I’m doing a leg day this morning so I know the misery I’m about to put myself
through I don’t know how far I’m gonna get into the twenty thousand but we’re
gonna give it our best shot oh fuck I’m gonna throw up so we’re at
Coras it’s a franchise breakfast place in Canada I’ma tell this guy to turn the
fucking air conditioning up because I’m gonna start sweating before I even take
my first bite it’s called the Bobby button okay whatever I’m gonna tell them
I want that and I think I’m gonna get this it’s a breakfast burrito
but it’s another 1,200 calories so put these two together it’s like a 3000
calorie breakfast thank you this is a breakfast burrito thingy has
got like 1,300 calories and this is a breakfast quesadilla it’s got 1,700
calories so we’re starting the morning off with a good three thousand calorie
breakfast should get the heart going so see how the day goes sour cream makes everything taste better I’m gonna try and eat 20,000 calories
today so they’re gonna document it and see how bad it that’s it three thousand in the bank we finished
breakfast and now we’re at Tim Hortons we’re gonna get some donuts or
croissants or something yeah I’m just wondering how many croissants you have
available okay can I get the two plain yeah and can I get a half dozen
doughnuts actually you know what I’ll do 20 Timbits instead sure no can I get the
half dozen doughnuts as well actually sorry and I’ll do those
assorted I probably just annoyed the fuck out of her thank you these are like 90 calories each and
they’re extremely easy to eat so there’s 20 in there at 90 calories whats about 1800
calories I’ll pack in a couple thousand more
bring us to like five thousand is a good number these ones have some coconut shit on that’s it
another 1,800 calories hey Siri how many calories into tim horton’s croissant
this says 260 calories 260 calories there’s two of them it’s going down yeah so I got a half a dozen donuts here
and I asked them to give me assorted let’s see what they gave me
what the fuck is this yeah who the fuck eats honey cruller honey crullers are shit
and I get all these fucking sprinkles that’s a waste and these are cream
filled oh that one’s not okay I got one cream filled that’s gonna suck all right
well here goes nothing this double chocolate is 270 these donuts are starting to fuck me up i’m
stopping after this one i don’t feel like this is a good use of calories i
mean there’s more calories in a fucking croissant and i could smash like
ten croissants probably for the same space of like two donuts so i’m just
order uh over a quarter of the way there which i think is pretty good because
we’re not even at 11 o’clock yet so i think i can take a break for like an
hour and then probably get in like another two three thousand calories so we’re gonna tack on about 3,500
calories we’re gonna do it with my favorite meal which is pasta and ground beef
there’s about 1,200 calories and this package of ground beef there is about
1,600 calories in this bag of rice pasta that we have a couple hundred
calories worth of tomato sauce and we have about 300 calories worth of olive
oil that we’re going to use we probably have to add Parmesan cheese as well it’s 3417 but we have to add another
tablespoon of olive oil before and another cup of pasta sauce because we
added 2 so it’s 3677 plus two tablespoons is fifty calories so
we’ll say at least two tablespoons so this meal 3727 was my favorite favorite
meal haha holy shit
can you turn that fan a little bit for me just turn it that way a little bit
yeah yeah right there right there no wait go back a bit go back go back a bit more
yeah right there a little more than half I don’t think there’s any way to eat 20,000 calories easily like everything I ate already today is
giving me a stomachache I gotta eat it all again to reach my goal that was a horrible idea
Oh I needed to go take a break sitting on your fucking ass and just
waiting for food to digest there’s never gonna be as good as going for a walk or
doing something active swimming whatever so I thought I just want to get up and
get out and fucking move around and yeah I feel a little better so I’m ready to
eat 10,000 I got 10,000 10,000 calories to
go my mom wants me to stop till them say stop nope
we got 10,000 more to go how many calories you think are in a big-ass
slushy okay so we had a long pause in the
twenty thousand calorie challenge because it has fucking killed me but I’m
ready to fire things back up and I’m starting with a Slurpee so I gotta have
the 430 calories here to put down baby this is the best thing I fucking eat all
day that’s cold oh fuck off okay so this is a swiss chalet which is
in our in the last muscle and strength video where i went to get to half
chickens that’s the restaurant they make these chicken pot pies that you can buy
at Costco one of these little chicken pot pies has 760 calories so I think
that’s pretty good because if I eat all four of these we’re around 3,000 and I’m
gonna cook these in the oven for 35 minutes so while I’m waiting for that
I’m gonna start getting into the pop-tarts in one pop-tart there’s 200
calories there’s two in here so this package is 400 calories I’m gonna
try and get a couple of these in before the pot pies are ready just grab one pack three thousand calorie breakfast plus
1800 calories in Timbits plus 520 calories in croissants plus 680
calories in donuts plus 3727 in macaroni and beef plus 430 calories in
a slush plus 1200 calories in Pop Tarts this 11357 I’m ordering a
pizza yeah what’s on the veggie lover no no
sorry let me can I make my own vegetarian I’m just gonna do uh yeah I
just do mushroom fresh mushrooms green pepper tomato and pineapple this is a
crazy thing people in the bodybuilding world would be absolutely fuckin shocked
if they knew what I even really ate like oh wow the pie is actually pretty good
man I don’t think I don’t know if the fourth
one is gonna taste as good as the first one but the first one good so I got a pizza for my favorite pizza
spot and they don’t have like a calorie counter or any shit like that so we’re
gonna guess so I went online I looked up medium veggie pizza says each slice is
about 200 calories so 208 so 12 slices we’re gonna say this medium pizza is
worth 2496 I need a break
I feel like I’m going to throw up oh fucking throw up this is horrible I know what I did wrong I drank a bunch
of water I was so thirsty from fucking all the salt and all the different foods
I’ve eaten that I’m like I just needed to guzzle a bunch of water and as soon
as I did my stomach just went like this eleven pieces of Swedish berries is
140 calories two four six eight ten eleven four hours fucking six thousand
calories to go it doesn’t sound like a lot but after compiling all the other
calories from the day it’s like I wonder how many calories are in cereal that’s 110 calories three twenty three thirty 440 240 I don’t know if I can do it it’s already 11:30 at night I’m really
not feeling good and I don’t mean it’s just my stomach like I feel like my
blood pressure has gone up feeling like a little dizzy and shit I don’t know if
it’s worth it man to like push my body for another 5,000 calories if I can
even do 5,000 more calories fuck I feel I’m going to die in my sleep this shit’s
crazy I’m disappointed in myself I know it
sounds ridiculous to you guys but whether you’re yeah yeah because I’m a
bodybuilder and my body needs nutrients because otherwise those fucking assholes
that say you can eat once a day and never have to eat again then I wouldn’t
have to eat anymore cuz I ate fifteen thousand calories so in their fucking
philosophy I should be good for like three days but that’s not how
bodybuilding works so yeah a 15,000 calories yesterday but I just had a
workout so my body needs the nutrients yeah I’m still eating but I am
disappointed in myself because if you’re a competitive person you want to win at
everything and I have a competitive spirit and I said to myself I wanted to
do something and I wasn’t able to achieve it the reason I stopped is and
I’m gonna be totally honest with you guys this left arm it started to throb
and I’m like holy shit am I gonna have a heart attack like what’s like between my
blood pressure and my fucking head and my arm throbbing I’m like I may have a
heart attack and it just was not worth it to have a
heart attack to fucking try and win this challenge or reach twenty thousand again
I’m sorry I disappointed you but I hope my misery was entertaining but yeah
thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe below

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  1. We've been extremely excited to share this video with you guys. HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to Fouad for being a good sport and attempting to eat 20,000 calories in a single day for us. PLEASE make sure to show him some love on all of his platforms listed below. He's got some really cool stuff in the works with his own YouTube channel and his Real Bodybuilding Podcast that all Fouad fans are sure to enjoy.

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  2. ليتك تدري ان عندنا يوتيوبر بالوطن العربي ياكلون ٢٥ الف كالوري في وجبه وحده لو شافوا مقطعك بطلوا الكذب

  3. On a serious notes, this can kill you Foad. Not just the volume of food but crap in the food. The amount fat is devastating not to mention saturated fat, salt … etc.

  4. That is an uncool idea and waste of food. Where would you be going after all this, what are you trying to show or achieve?? Wake up man, feed the food to someone in need rather than overeating. I felt really sad and angry at the same time after watching this waste just for mere publicity stunt.


  6. Cheated. Only showed one empty plate after the breakfast. Blatantly didn't finish the other plate. Btw, learn how to pronounce croissant properly. Disliked.
    Cookie cutter.

  7. Whats wrong with North Americans ? cant believe it, addicted to sugars and salts. Whats the point of this video, half way through i realize there is actually no point to this video. He uses his IPhone to the math of his adding his calories………

  8. This moron thinks that even after eating 15000 cals he still needs to eat another meal because meal frequency 😂😂😂 bro science still alive and well

  9. hey dude you are awesome 🤘 you just for sake of our entertaintment tried what we would never had expected even after knowing that it will interrupt your trainings for few upcoming days

  10. For all those dumbfucks comparing matt stonnie and this bodybuilder…just know this that Anybody in the world can achieve a bodybuilder physique nowadays with all the pre and post workout supplements and steroids…but can he achieve a eating feat like matt stonnie ??? not in this lifetime!!!

  11. Funniest video I’ve ever watched I died I was laughing and I have a pec sprain so laughing hurts.. I couldn’t stop laughing at him I’m so sorry bro 😭😭

  12. I thought this dude is ove 6'5 it turned out he's just 5'9 tall. I find it weird if i met someone who weights 225 lbs and just 5'9 tall.

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