2005-2009 Mustang MMD Ducktail Spoiler – Pre-Painted Review & Install

2005-2009 Mustang MMD Ducktail Spoiler – Pre-Painted Review & Install

Justin: The MMD Ducktail Spoiler that we have
here will be a great choice for the 2005 through 2009 Mustang owners who are looking for a
slightly more aggressive GT500 style spoiler but with the added convenience, of course,
of that pre-painted finish. Now your construction here we’ll utilize that
durable yet lightweight ABS plastic for the overall build while the ducktail will be available
for just about every factory color available or offered in this year range. Price point is gonna hover right around 300
bucks and the installation will be indirect bolt-on here as the MMD option will utilize
the factory holes left in your decklid panel by that factory spoiler. So, with all that said, figure a soft two
or three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, maybe a couple of hours to complete
from start to finish as we’ll show you guys a little later in the video. So, the ducktail from MMD is without a doubt
one of the most popular spoiler options currently on the site for those early S197s with well
over 100 five-star reviews and a host of customer submitted images. So, as always feel free to check those out
if you haven’t done so already. Now, me personally, I love the balance of
the ducktail spoiler from an appearance standpoint and what I mean by that is you are getting
some of those GT500 style vibes here but with a bit more angle or kick up when personally,
I feel like that’s why this is a slightly more aggressive option by comparison. Now, as I pointed out earlier, the build is
all durable ABS plastic here. But more importantly, is finished off in one
of the many factory colors straight from the AmericanMuscle paint shop. Now, if you didn’t know the crew here at AmericanMuscle
paint does spray with the same base in clear coat urethane that Ford uses on their Mustang. So, essentially, you can expect a fantastic
color match right out of the box as you’re looking at with our red fire here. Now, this is super convenient for one because
not only does it allow you to get the spoiler essentially onto your car instantly the moment
it arrives, but it also saves you the hassle of having to track down a local paint shop
and just hoping they do a good job on the color match for your ride. Again, we do offer just about every factory
color available for this particular gen. And as always to be on the safe side, I would
double-check on the product page before pulling the trigger on the ducktail. Now, if you’re not sure exactly what your
paint code is, you can find it either on the internet, of course, or by using the sticker
in the driver side door jamb or on your VIN plate. Now, it’s also worth mentioning that if you’re
either handy with a spray gun or if you already have a solid paint hookup locally, well then
you can always grab the ducktail spoiler unpainted and save yourself a few bucks in the process. But either way, now we wanna segway into that
installation and again, the MMD ducktail here will install using the pre-existing holes
left by your factory spoiler. Now, if you have a bullet or maybe some other
car without a factory spoiler option then obviously some light drilling will be required. But for a majority of owners out there, early
S197s, you will be reusing the factory holes as we’re about to show you with our red fire
GT here at the shop. Check it out. Man: The tools used for this install are:
Detail spray, a microfiber cloth, a Phillips head screwdriver, a 10-millimeter socket,
a quarter-inch cordless impact, and a clip removal tool. The first step to installing your new ducktail
spoiler is gonna be to remove your factory spoiler by removing the four 10-millimeter
nuts located inside the trunk lid. Once the nuts are removed from the inside
of the trunk, you can use a panel removal tool to start prying apart the double-sided
tape that also holds the spoiler down. Now that the original spoiler is removed,
you can clean the surface and get it ready for your new ducktail spoiler. Next, I’m gonna use the supplied alcohol white
pads to clean off the surface where the double-stick tape is going to apply. Now, we can just peel the corners of the double-stick
tape to get it started and get it ready to install into the trunk lid. Just peel them back and fold them over the
edges so you can get to them once the decklid is put on the car. Now that the double-stick tape has been peeled
back a little bit, you can apply it to the trunk and line up the bolt holes on the bottom
of the panel with the bolt holes on the trunk lid. Keep a hand on the spoiler while you lift
your lid to get the holes lined up. And then using the supplied screws, put the
screws into the threaded inserts. Once the screws are started, you can use a
Phillips head screwdriver to snug them down making sure that your spoiler doesn’t move
out of place in the process. Okay. Now, we can close the trunk lid. With the screws snug but not tight, you can
start to peel back your double-stick tape that you’d peeled off earlier. And with your tape peeled, now you can tighten
up the screws fully. And that’s gonna wrap up this review and install
for the MMD Ducktail Spoiler for your ’05 to ’09 Mustang. Thanks for watching. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Wow, that is one seriously aggressive ducktail wing! Jeez haha, if i'm being 100 this would most likely be the wing I got if I owned one of these beautiful s197's, which is crazy for me to say since i'm not really a fan of duckwings. Love that this spoiler uses the factory holes, but I feel like this install is closer to a 1 wrench as opposed to 2!

    Keep the videos coming guys!

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