2015-2019 Mustang Fastback TruShield Standard Custom-Fit Car Cover Review & Install

2015-2019 Mustang Fastback TruShield Standard Custom-Fit Car Cover Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americanmuscle.com and today
we’re taking a quick look at and installing the TruShield Standard Ready Fit Custom Car
Cover available for all 2015 and newer Fastback Mustangs. Quickly before we get out the gate here and
talk about the car cover, if you have a convertible, this one is not for you. This is for the Fastback S550 owners. Convertible owners have this exact same cover
in the category but specifically made for your drop top. Now with this particular option here, if you’re
looking to protect your Mustang, your S550 specifically from all the exterior harsh weather
elements, animals, droppings, moisture, rain, snow, sleet, hail, all that good stuff, this
is a great way to do it without damaging your factory car or your factory paint. Now this one in particular can be used inside
and outside obviously and it’s great for all weather conditions. It has a proprietary synthetic four layer
construction, a four layer blend to make sure that it’s water resistant, UV resistant and
really all element resistant. Some of the other covers out there aren’t
gonna be as thick and as durable as the TruShield option here so when it comes to taking care
of your car you’re gonna probably want the best of the best. This in my opinion is one of those options. Now this one is made specific to the Fastback
S550. It’s in no way, shape or form a universal
cover like some of the cheaper, more affordable options out there. This is one of the more premium ones. Specifically, it’s cut out for your mirrors,
it’s cut out for this exact body style to have a hugging fit front to back, side to
side. So that’s something I really like about it
and it’s what I look for in a car cover. I want it to be made for my car. I don’t want it to fit a Prius, a Civic and
my Mustang. I want it to fit my Mustang. I’m sure you feel the same. If that’s the case, this is a ready fit built
for yours. This is the standard one meaning that it doesn’t
have all the bells and whistles like a logo printed on the hood. I’m not really looking for that in a car cover. If you are, there are some of the other ones
out there in the category that have a little bit more like that customized with 50th anniversary
logos, a pony logo, so on and so forth. This one is a plain light gray which I really
like in my opinion. Pretty simple, very clean. Now this one front to back does have an elastic
lining on the ends. What that does is when you fold it over the
hood and it goes right down under the chin splitter it’s gonna have a really tight hug
to the underbody of your vehicle. Front and back. So that really makes sure it’s not going anywhere. To further add to that you can see right behind
me here there’s a little plastic circle right there. There’s a string included in the kit or a
little rope that you can tie to each end, throw it under the car and tie it to the other
one to make sure even in the strongest winter conditions and winds it’s really hugging the
bottom. So this thing ain’t blowing away. I really like that feature as well. And to add to peace of mind, some guys may
be a little afraid that that rope’s gonna scratch the paint underneath. Have no fear. There’s a nice, felt padding to make sure
the rope never comes in contact with your vehicle and that felt padding is really soft
and scratch resistant so it’s not gonna hurt the paint. It’s a really good way to not only protect
your vehicle, make sure it’s UV resistant. None of that’s getting through. This car cover is UV resistant. It’s also resistant like I said to all the
weather but bird droppings, tree sap, all that stuff. Now quick story. I always park down the shore when I go down
to the beach and I always come out to my car and there’s bird feet marks on my mirrors,
there is poop dripping down the side of my door. If you had one of these car covers on that
wouldn’t be an issue. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s always really annoying for me. That’s just one less thing you have to worry
about when it comes to the TruShield cover. This one comes in right around 100 bucks putting
it right there in the middle of the pack but at the top of the pack when it comes to construction. Compare this to Covercraft’s cover, their
deluxe cover is a three layer blend. This one is a four layer blend giving you
a little bit more of a thick material. You might get a little bit more protection
out of something that has that extra layer involved. So something to keep in mind. One thing I also really like about this cover
when it comes to installing it you can see where each panel belongs in the cover thanks
to the seams. Now the seam up here separates that roof line
from your door right on the mark. This is separating your door and your mirror
from your fender. You have this line separating the hood and
it’s right on the edge there. I can feel the hood line right underneath
that seam. So that just goes to show that this is really,
truly a ready fit for the S550 Fastback. Each panel is separated and I think it actually
makes life a little easier when installing it. You can start to line those up which helps
you make sure it’s even on all sides. Now the installation as you can imagine, one
out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. It’ll take you about five minutes from start
to finish. It’s really simple to do. Might be a little overwhelming when you take
it out of the box. It’s just this big lump of material but have
no fear. I’m gonna show you ever step of the way. We’re gonna start by popping it right on top
here, unfolding it to match our mirrors and hug the mirrors. Make sure they’re in their covers and then
we’ll go front and then back and then we’re pretty much done once we wrap up with the
rope. I’m gonna take you through every step of the
process. What do you say we get started? All right, guys. Kicking things off. The first thing you wanna do is unroll and
unbox your cover. When you unroll it you wanna be looking for
key aspects or key components of the cover itself. What you really wanna look for is your side
mirror covers. They stick out like a sore thumb. It’s really easy to see. They’re cut out specifically for the mirror
shape. From there you can determine what’s the front,
what’s the back. If you find the mirrors you can see the longer
portion at the back will go this way. The front of the vehicle will be a little
bit shorter going toward the front. So once we determine that which we have, we’re
gonna pick up the whole car cover and we’re gonna sit it right on our roof. From there we’ll be able to flap down the
two sides and connect our mirror covers and then we’ll be able to unroll the front and
then unroll the rear. So this is really your starting point. These are kinda your key markers. So we’ll set it up on the roof, the whole
thing. It’s gonna look like a big ball. Once it’s up there, we’ll start unfolding
and pulling down our mirrors. So once we have that, we know where our mirror…we
want that to go. Kinda want that to fall down and cover the
mirror itself. So we know where that’s at. Let’s go to the other side and make sure that
can be folded down too. From there what we’ll be able to do is work
down our rear. We’re gonna pull that down and then again
our front. You can do front and then rear. It’s all personal preference. Just wanna pick a side, unfold it, get it
down to the ground and then we’ll work on getting it strapped. All right. From here we can start pulling down the front
of our vehicle and you can see, guys, number one, there’s a big crease in the front there
which’ll be kind of your hood line and then on the bottom there’s that elastic band that
really goes under the front splitter and gives it a good grip. All right. So we’re just gonna go ahead and tuck that
underneath. On the side there you can just pull it straight
down. All right. So you can see we’re about half done. Right now what we’re doing is just pulling
back looking for that elastic liner for the back end. Got it right here. Pull straight back. You can just go back to…right in the center,
your deck lid and start to pull down one side, pull down the other, bring that elastic underneath. It’ll start hugging the bottom valence. Make sure it’s nice and snug. All right, guys. The next step here is to take this rope included
in the kit and find these little rings on the end. You’re gonna find these right by your rocker
panel under your driver and your passenger side door. Now keep in mind, guys, when you’re putting
this rope through basically what you’re doing is tying it to the one side. We’re gonna toss the other end of the rope
to the other side of the vehicle from underneath and tie it to the other one. That way it really secures the car cover down
and even extreme winds aren’t gonna blow this thing off. Now what you might wanna take note of is this
little felt padding on the bottom. This is here to protect your paint so the
rope itself doesn’t cause any scratches or anything to your rocker panel or your door
jams or like anything like that. So really just feeding that rope through. What we’re gonna do is just tie this guy in
there. Just gonna knot it one time. Just for quick example. And from here let’s toss this all underneath. All right. So other side of the vehicle. We’re just looking underneath, grabbing that
rope. I’m gonna go in from the front with my hand
underneath and just pull it down. From here we’re just gonna tie this on again. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install
for the TruShield Standard Ready Fit Custom Car Cover available for the ’15 and newer
Fastback S500. You can get yours right here at americanmuscle.com.

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