2016 V-8 Muscle Car Challenge: Handling

2016 V-8 Muscle Car Challenge: Handling

it’s not like the old days where all the
muscle car had to do is accelerate quickly in a straight line today’s muscle cars also have to handle
and break well so we’re at a racetrack in Phoenix with motor week for the 2016
cars.com muscle car challenge the contestants are the chevrolet camaro
SS the dodge challenger r/t scat pack and the ford mustang GT let’s see how they do what I really
liked about the camaro is that it does just about everything well it’s
extremely fast it’s really well balanced and handles well it’s comfortable for
somebody my size I’m able to drive around this track really so we weren’t really keeping lap times
here but the camaro SS was by far the fastest on the track didn’t see no matter who was driving it
they were gaining on whatever cars in front of them almost all day long sound great shifter works great with the
road match feature it’s just a great car on track I think
there are two performance shortcomings in the camaro SS one is the breaking it
stops the car and it does it in pretty short order but the pedal is mushy it’s not linear
and that doesn’t give you a lot of confidence on the track and the other
performance short coming is visibility it’s not just an issue out on the street
where there are other cars that a pillars are in front of you and because
there’s so little headroom especially if you have a helmet on you are sitting
solo if you can fit all that you are looking at the fattest part of the a
pillars and the gauge hoods are kind of creeping up into your line of sight and
attract that had more elevation changes than this one i think i would probably
be driving very slow in the camaro what I don’t like about the camaro SS is
that there’s not one in my garage you know I feel a kind of kinship with
the Challenger it’s big its bold it’s going to be a little bit slower than
some of its peers but you really can’t help but love the thing it is so
unabashedly retro and everything that looks the way it sounds looking at the
shaker hood out there as you’re rubbing it up it really is just a throwback experience
but if that’s what you’re looking for it’s absolutely perfect what I really
like about the Challenger r/t scat pack is that it has a longer wheelbase than
the other cars and when it starts to slide around extremely controllable and
it slides around frequently because those skinny tires just want to ink
night when the car launches off the corner things that make the challenge of great
on the street don’t really translate to the track very well it’s a very
comfortable car to drive but then when you get the corners there’s a lot of role to it just feels
big and soft compared to the other cars the shifter has a good feel but the
throws are a little bit long it’s a little bit hard to shift quickly and
even though the brakes are remarkably good at stopping the car on the street
into an extent on the track they did soften up on us here in a way
that again competitors did not yeah so the best thing about the Mustang it
may have the least horsepower but it lets you use all of it coming out of the
corner and things squats down takes off get you down the street Perry gets in
the corners does very well through there – it feels very nimble to roll much and
it’s kind of great shifter for getting through the gears the Mustang really
comes into its own on the track it’s a little soft off the line out on
the street but here on the track you keep it running you keep in that sweet spot and it’s
terrific the handling is very good a little bit looser a little bit more
sliding than say the camaro but i actually find that to be kind of fun there’s one big thing that I don’t like
about the Mustang let me tell you about the recaro seats I hate the recaros you hate the recaro
seats they are extremely uncomfortable they’re
not adjustable enough it’s not even so much a matter of with
and bolstering its the seat bottom that isn’t adjustable enough up and down and
tilt wise and so you’re not really in a comfortable position in the car ever you know I’ve racked my brain thinking
what did not like about this car and there’s really not a whole lot on the
street is a completely different set of issues but on the track and just found
myself really enjoying driving the mustang maybe just the fact that you
know it’s it’s not all about going fast you know I would have liked a little
more overall grip a little bit more confidence turning into a corner that the camaro
had the camaro was just the beast out there but this was still a totally
proficient and at home out here so there you have it for more details on
how these cars did on the track and who came out on top in the competition go to

100 Replies to “2016 V-8 Muscle Car Challenge: Handling”

  1. fat man didn't know he set himself up for fat jokes, now he is either suicidal or determine to fit into the recaro properly

  2. Mustang, looking mean and ready to race, Camaro, looking aggressive as fuck , Challenger, has that "Thats not what I ordered." look.

  3. uhm get a big merc engine and there is your muscle car , muscle car dont have to be american , well only if you want shit muscle cars.

  4. Most annoying thing about new cars is trying to look around the ugly ass a pillars and trying to look out the back windshield. My '64 Impala I don't even need mirrors its so easy to look around.

  5. I like the mustang, and the Cameros good but the price is out of the roof compared to the mustang you should get better everything for the price

  6. All Three cars are sweet. I personally drive a 2016 Challenger. My biggest take away from this video was wondering how can these guys drive sitting so close to the steering wheel? In some shots it looks like their arms are tied up and the wheel is in their laps. If you drive fast you want around 18 inches between you in the wheel for a full air bag deployment, (read your manual) for control of the car you dont want to hug the wheel you want to be able to have either arm fully turn the wheel extended. In a panic turn you dont want an elbow to jam your chest or one arm to hang up the other. Dudes they are muscle cars not dump trucks. Steer them dont wrestle them.

  7. the SS is still not a basic model like a rt or the gt. That's because Chevy is cheesy and desperately wants to win the comparisons, if Ford still made an svt not even the Shelby it would win against the SS.

  8. Why do you guys have a helmet on in a car with no roll cage? Is that helmet really going to save you in a rollover?

  9. dislike obviously a Chevy sell out. mustang is definitely faster around the track then the challenger. and most likely the Camaro. I'd prefer a dodge but it's obvious the challenger ain't a track car. fake.

  10. Why do people insist on comparing the Challenger to the other two? I own one and love it. Handles the back roads of SoCal easily but it is a big as car. It seats 5, I put my wife and kids and all our luggage in it and drive anywhere for however long I want. It handles very well but you can't overcome physics.
    Camaros and Mustangs are for single and retired guys/girls. You aren't taking your kids anywhere if they are more than 6 yrs old. But they are smaller and easier to throw around. They are Pony cars, the Challenger is a Muscle car. It was never a Pony car, 1970 or 2017.

  11. 99% of the people posting here have never been on a track so shut the fuck up about which car would do what. You don't know shit. You would all look just as stupid as these guys. Fucking losers.

  12. love how the fat guy says the Camaro is so comfortable but his gut barely clears the steering wheel but yet the mustang with the recareo seats and better seating position he hates lol.# camaro fan boy.

  13. Really?? The Ricaro seats are $1000 upgrade why are they even bagging on them? If you don't want them don't pay the extra for them, dumbasses

  14. My opinion muscle cars don't have to handle to be honest, sports cars have to handle. I feel Ford and Chevrolet are so focused on making sports cars and Dodge/FCA are staying true to muscle heritage, thats why they say domestic not domesticated, the muscle/power, straight line power, retro look, and it's not so bad in handling for its size. But other than that they are all great cars!

  15. those recaro seats look like something at the video arcade..i wouldnt want to drive that mustang on a daily basis with those cheap fake race seats

  16. So…. in another video with these three cars they tested, 0-60 and quarter mile times. Mustang gt had issues but lets run it anyway and log the times as legit.Then in this video they were not recording track lap times but the Camaro felt the fastest so that's legit too!!!! These guys are clowns! Entirely unprofessional. Entertaining, yes. Recaro seats are terrible according to this rather robust man! I personally don't care who wins these comparisons however, I want professionals doing proper tests giving me real results! Cheers!

  17. lmao! talking about the A-pillars being a performance limitation and then the mustang being loose on the track is a positive. Yet this is a handling vidoe. LMAO! What a hater.

  18. If the Challenger has a worse handling than the Mustang and the Camaro, it's because those are pony cars and more sports cars than a real muscle car, and the Challenger is the only real muscle alive

  19. How much better does the SRT 392 handle compared to the RT Scat Pack? And if I can request only answers from SRT 392 owners or people that have personally have had time to drive an SRT 392 please. Scat Pack owners seem to be a little biased in my experience LOL

  20. No doubt that the Camaro is the fastest car right now. I had a 2010 Camaro SS. I couldn’t see out of the damn thing, especially on tight, twisty (aka Fun) roads. The sixth gen is even worse, and more cramped inside.
    That’s why I have a 2017 Mustang GT now. Great visibility, more roomy and comfortable, and easier to live with every day.
    The fact that a 455 HP car that weighs 3600 Lbs. is faster than a 435 HP car that weighs 3700 Lbs. is no surprise. I’ll stick with my Mustang.

  21. I don think any of us will drive any of these cars on a legit track…………the most you will ever do is maybe a little race with your friends or if someone pulls up to you and gets a little race but personally the challenger

  22. Murica is finally seeing the light, a lot of modern cars have great handling, problem is, they're the high end sports models. Your average 5-15k euro/jap car handles way better than your average us car in the same price range.
    And I'm not even talking about the interior and the materials used for it…
    (Still talking regular cars here, not sports/super cars)

  23. The Comaro won because it out-performed the Mustang and Challenger. It had the best fuel economy, quickest quarter mile acceleration, quickest 0-60 mph acceleration, quickest distance going from 0-60 and 60-0 in the brake test, more comfortable than the Mustang, and better track performance. There you go Ford fanboys!

  24. I stopped taking this review seriously when I heard the word “track” I was like “wtf! They’re muscle cars! They should be on a “strip”. These guys missed the point of these cars entirely.

  25. I have a 2002 Mustang GT with 302 stroker kit on the 281 Romeo that came in it.
    People ask if I have seen the new Camaro. I have, just not after I hit 2nd gear…

  26. I really can help but love the Challenger. It looks woefully anachronistic, it's bizarrely tall, and it's a Dodge. I'd never spend my own money on a Ford, but I might be willing to make small monthly payments to keep Dodges away from me.

  27. I’ll pick my challenger over the camaro and mustang any day. Challenger just looks and feels more awesome then the other 2 sports cars.

  28. I have the Recaros in my GT and it was the best option I chose for my mustang. Man I love them. I think they are more comfortable than standard bucket seats (I've had both in a mustang).

  29. Actually, the only ACTUAL muscle car here is the Challenger. The mustang is a pony car and the Camaro SS is a sport's car.

  30. Mopar for life! I love me a mustang too ! No shade on the camaro ss I love the performance of the car I just can’t get with the new body style not sure what it is .

  31. Is visibility in the Camaro really that bad? I am looking at buying an SS but have seen many people comment on how bad the interior and visibility is. I was settled on that one but all the comments on how little you can see out of the thing are freaking me out, and I haven't test drove one yet. I don't want to risk side-swiping someone on the interstate. I've never been too into the Mustangs but it looks like those are the best overall option in terms of speed, handling, reliability, and price.

  32. The Mustang and the Camaro where ok but the Challenger was really out of it's element, the Camaro and Mustang would be considered "pony cars", they are sort of a group of muscle cars that are made to also handle well in addition to going in a straight line. The Challenger would not be considered a "pony car". It's more just designed for straight line speed, which it is really good. It's not designed to handle that great though, it's sort of a "road boat".

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