2018-2019 Mustang GT Pypes Pype-Bomb Axle-Back Exhaust w/ Polished Tips Sound Clip & Review

2018-2019 Mustang GT Pypes Pype-Bomb Axle-Back Exhaust w/ Polished Tips Sound Clip & Review

Justin: If you want one of the most affordable,
full stainless muffler deleting Axle-backs for your 2018 and newer non-active GT, then
the Pype-Bomb here from Pypes might just be the system for you. The Pype-Bomb will pack 409-grade stainless
steel for the 3-inch mandrel bent tubing, along with 304-grade steel for the quad 4-inch
polished tips, all for right around that $400 price point. Installation will require the smallest bit
of cutting as is the case with every S550, so, expect a soft two out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter here, and couple of hours or so from start to finish. But, you guys hang out till the end of the
video, we’ll show you how it’s done. So, at the time of this video, the Pype-Bomb
here, along with the MBRP Pro System will be the two most affordable axle-backs of their
kind on the site. And, what I mean by that is, both are gonna
pack a full stainless build, and both will delete the factory muffler for maximum volume. Now, speaking of which, guys, let’s talk about
where this Pype-Bomb will measure up on our patented wake-the-neighbor scale, and, if
you guess, all of the neighbors, well, you would be correct. Now, I’m gonna go four out of five here because,
you have to keep in mind, guys, that this is still with the factory resonator and manifolds
in place. Replace that resonator with an aftermarket
X or H-pipe, or toss some long tubes in the mix, and you are easily going to peg that
scale. Inside the car, on the other hand, you do
pick up a bit of noise, but, because the factory resonator still is in place, the drone is
gonna be minimal at best. But, with the sound all covered up, let’s
get into the design here with the Pype-Bomb. And, as you can see, it’s a rather simple
one, right? Eliminate the factory muffler, and essentially
put a straight pipe in its place. Now, with the older style Pype-Bomb systems,
you get kind of this unique resonated tip, but with the newer S550 system, you’re just
getting a straight pipe with four beautifully polished tips on the end. Materials here will be a combination, again,
of 409-grade stainless for the small amount of 3-inch mandrel bent tubing you have in
addition to the small amount of 304-grade stainless with these 4-inch tips here polished
and absolutely beautiful with everything in place. You have been given that slash cut design,
although it’s not nearly as extreme as some other manufacturers in the category. Now, just a quick heads up here, guys, Pypes
does also offer the same exact system, but with a black tip instead, about 20 to 30 bucks
more here on the site if that’s a look you prefer instead. But, as promised, guys, we want to show you
what it takes to get the Pype-Bomb in place on your own S550 at home. So, without further ado, here is our detailed
walkthrough along with that quick tool breakdown. Man 1: Tools required for this job, a salzaw
with a nice metal blade on it, safety glasses, a tape measure to measure your cuts, rubber
mallet, an extension with a deep 15 and a deep 13, that is if you’re removing your exhaust
off the vehicle to cut it off the vehicle, a 15 short with the universal swivel is for
your tips, a 3/8ths drive, white lithium grease, optional is the electric and air impact. Now, for this exhaust install, you will not
need to remove your whole exhaust system, but you will need to make a couple of cuts. You will notice that we are going to change
out this exhaust, because we need to keep this stock. Now, Pypes has some awesome directions and
they tell you to cut right after that first bend after the muffler, so it’s gonna be right
around here. And on the passenger side, it’s the same deal,
right after that first bend, so, right around here. Now, I’m gonna swap out to a already pre-cut
exhaust and we’re gonna show you a video of how to make those cuts. Man 2: First thing we’re gonna do here is
make a mark on our cat-back, that’s gonna show us where we need to cut so we can remove
the factory axle-backs. So, what we want to do is find our muffler
and come down right after the bend. As soon as the bend stops, and you have a
section of straight pipe, that’s where we want to cut. I’m gonna go ahead and make a mark here, and
we’ll do the same thing on this side. You want to find your bend, right after the
bend, you’re gonna have a straight piece of pipe, and we’ll make our cut line right here. We’re not ready to cut our factory axle-backs
out of here. I got a metal cutting blade on my salzaw,
so let’s go ahead and get this guy cut. So, I’m about halfway through the pipe here. I did throw a pole jack up in place here’s
so when I go all the way through, this muffler doesn’t come down and hit me on my head. All right, we’ve got our axle-back cut now. I’m gonna slide the stock muffler out of place. I’m gonna spray the upper hanger with a little
bit of WD-40, should be able to just slide this right on out of our hanger. Man 1: All right, so, the first thing we’re
gonna do is attach our tip to our tailpipe section there, I’m gonna put our clamp on
first. Make sure your clamp is on your tip correctly,
just like that. Now, I’m not gonna tighten this down just
yet. I may give it a few clicks. What I’m gonna do is put this into our hanger
up here, then I’m going to attach our tailpipe section here. As you can see, I already put our clamp over
our exhaust system. And now I’m going to put these two pipes together. And, as you see, I didn’t tighten that yet
so we can get our adjustment, we can get our tips on there and tighten everything up. Now, let me tighten up this in a spot that
I like, that should be good right about there. You’re putting a little bit of pressure on
here while I do this. You want to make sure that clamp is nice and
tight, you don’t want any exhaust leaks. So, we are gonna have some adjustment still,
but we’re gonna get our tips on there and then tighten that down for our final adjustment. Let’s get our passenger side on next. As you can see, I already put these two together,
I’m just gonna tighten up this clamp here. And I did spray some white lithium grease
in there to make this a lot easier. Now let’s attach our tailpipe section. Put our clamp over those two, get that adjustment
that we want. Again, we have a lot of adjustment still,
so, let’s get our tips in, and then tighten those up, and then tighten these clamps up
last. All right. So, this axle-back kit came with the chrome
tips. We’re gonna put our outside one on first. And we are going to put them on until they
almost bottom out on that tip, and that is a 15-millimeter socket. You’re gonna want to make sure the Pypes logo
is parallel with the ground. So I have a swivel socket on a short 15, I’m
just gonna get on top of there and tighten up our clamp. Now let’s get the inside tip on. As you see, when you bottom this one out,
it’s going to stick out about an inch, inch and a half. Again, make sure that Pypes logo is parallel
with the ground. Tighten up that 15 on top. All right, here’s the driver side. This might be a little harder to get to because
of your bumper. But as you can see, we still got to get that
final adjustment. All right. As you can see, I am moving our tip into the
final location, then I’m going to tighten down this clamp right here and make sure it’s
in the right spot. And then we have two remaining bolts for our
hangers here in the middle, right behind our differential. Let’s get these tightened up. All right, that’s gonna wrap up my install
of the Pypes Pype-Bomb Axle-Back with Polished Tips. For all things Mustang, keep it here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I have the factory active exhaust and installed a resonator delete H pipe. Plenty loud enough without being obnoxious. And I can dial it down for highway cruising and still have a conversation. Perfect.

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