22 Days to “BIGGER” Muscles (GUARANTEED!)

22 Days to “BIGGER” Muscles (GUARANTEED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today I’m going to show you how to grow bigger
muscles in just 22 days. I guarantee what I’m going to show you here
is going to work. The cool thing is, it doesn’t really matter
what you’re training next because you can apply the four training strategies here, I’ll
tell you and it’s going to work no matter what you’re doing. Here’s the thing, guys. I throw these quotes up around bigger because
you don’t have to grow bigger muscles for them to look bigger. That’s due to a difference between muscles
size and the muscularity of a muscle. I’ll get to that in a second. That’s good news because we know it would
be pretty damn challenging to try to grow bigger muscles that quickly. In 22 days, especially if you have a lot of
training experience. The longer you’ve been training, the slower
those gains are to come. Even in the case of Jesse who’s certainly
make some impressive gains. No matter how many gains he makes he’s never
going to look like Thor Bjornsson. We’re not talking about the same genetic makeup. That’s okay because we love Jesse. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it gives
us some optimism that we do have some strategies that will allow us to overcome the fact that
those might be difficult to come by. Those strict size gains. We can rely on those difference sizes in muscularity. So, what are we talking about? Well, we’re talking about the difference between
here, the size being the overall circumference, and then the resting tone and what it looks
like when it’s really not even flexed or contracted. You can see that my arm has some good tone
to it – resting tone – even when I just stand. That has to do with the excitation of a muscle. How much nervous system activation there is
of a muscle at rest. We see this, unfortunately, in the world of
PT in hypertonic states when we talk about kids with cerebral palsy. They’re hypertonic. Their muscles are firing too much without
the ability to relax. We’re talking about degrees of that. How much excitement is there in your muscles
when they’re at rest? You see, this is not just about body fat and
differences in body fat. Some people say “No, it’s just that one guy’s
leaner, or you’re leaner than somebody else.” No, you can see here in a comparison of my
pictures over the course of 10 years, I didn’t change that much in terms of bodyweight. I’m talking about a pound or two up or down. The same thing with my body fat. My body fat has always been consistently pretty
low. It’s the fact that the same strategy that
I’m going to show you here today, out of necessity a lot of times, were implemented into my training
that have made a lot of the differences that you see. They’re very, very helpful when you apply
them to the right series of exercises. The accessory movements while you’re still
working on your foundational training. What are we talking about here? We’re talking about applying some principles. The very first principle is one that literally
did come out of necessity because of the issues I had with my shoulder dating back to my Met
days. You have to make sure you’re muscling up the
weight and not momentum-ing up the weight. We know that’s not a word, but it fits. The fact is, what do you do when you lift. You can see me doing shoulder raises here. I could tell you that back then, when my shoulders
were this size, all I was focused on was trying to progressively overload, do my overhead
training, and even when I was doing some of my accessory lifts like the shoulder raises,
just swing the weights as much as I could just to get them up. I learned a very important lesson here. That was, out of necessity I had to lighten
the weights. But because I lightened the weights I went
slower. I took away the momentum. I was no longer swinging the weights up. I was no longer using bouncing at the bottom. What happened was pretty interesting. My delts grew and they grew pretty significantly
and that’s because the muscles probably, for the first time in their lives, were undergoing
a lot more attention than they ever had. Even if I was using heavier weights the delts
themselves were being shut out of the equation by the momentum. So, if you can start to take the exercises
that you’re using and try to eliminate momentum as often as possible, you’re going to see
muscularity increase dramatically and it doesn’t take that long to happen. Again, this is a neurological thing. We can neurologically awaken this connection
that we have with our muscle to become more heightened at rest. That’s a good thing. We move on here because there are more principles. The second thing I want you to do is not just
concentrate on moving the weight from A to Z, but instead, enjoy that journey from B
through Y. That’s a big difference. You see, even if you look at something like
the crossover here, horizontal adduction – as we’ve covered here many times – is a key
component of a full chest contraction. But if I just focused on going from here to
here, I’m missing out on all the things I can do all the way through. I know that another accessory motion to horizontal
adduction that’s going to increase the activation on the chest is going to be internal rotation
of the shoulder. This is good internal rotation because it’s
happening on a level below the shoulder height here, parallel to the floor. So, if I internally rotate, dive that thumb
down toward the opposite pocket as I go, you’ll feel an increased contraction of the chest. In addition, if I were to take my shoulders
and keep them back with my chest more pronounced out in front, I also know I can make the demands
be placed a little more highly on the chest here. Once again, getting more from it. Even by going slower through the repetition,
I’m able to get better at recruiting muscle fibers to the task. If you just rush your way through A to Z,
A to Z you don’t have the same opportunity to build that mind-muscle connection to bring
more of the muscle fibers into play here to help you achieve what you’re doing. Another key way to increase the muscularity
of a muscle. The third thing I want you to do here that
I guarantee is going to work, and work quickly; I want you to squeeze every, single repetition
like it’s the last one you’re going to do. Don’t worry about all the ones leading up
to it. We tend to fall into this trap all too often. I covered this concept in my “Three Sets of
12 Is Killing Your Gains” video. That showed we do tend to focus on a number. But if you look at how I’m doing this lat
pulldown, I’m not really worried about numbers. I’m worried about the quality of every, single
repetition. It doesn’t matter if the number I had in mind
is not the number that I reach, as long as I give my all to every, single repetition. You can see, as I hold these contractions,
as I take my time, additional muscle fibers are recruited. You can see the upper traps and mid traps
becoming more recruited as this repetition prolongs. You could do this. The reason why a lot of us don’t do it is
because it is a little more difficult. The tradeoff here is that you do happen to
become more focused on what you’re doing. You can’t be thinking about 50 other things
and the repetition you’re doing being the last thing on your mind. Instead, you’ve got to bump that up to a priority. What you’re doing at that moment is what matters
the most. If you do that here, you can see much better
gains and it doesn’t have to be on a lat pulldown. It can be on any exercise. Which brings me to my last point. That is: sometimes you don’t want to just
think about the moving muscle, but if there are other muscles that can work, that will
help the moving muscle do its job better, then you should take advantage of that. That’s exactly what I do in this bicep curl. Here, I’m not just worried about the biceps. Why? Because I know that I can get much better
activation, and control, and production from the biceps if I heavily engage the core. We’ve talked about this concept before because
we know if the weights are coming up in this direction toward my back, if I can get my
core to be more engaged, and keep these stabilized here, and grounded, then the biceps will be
able to do a better job. They’ll have more leverage. I can ground myself as well by really tightening
up my hips and my glutes. Even as I bring these dumbbells up, I can
activate the chest and the lats as well to keep these arms tightly adducted into my sides
to prevent that drift and flow that would normally happen when the biceps are trying
to get some additional help. Maybe sometimes from the delts to cheat that
way up into the curl. We don’t want that. What we want is more effort from the muscles
we’re trying to use, but at the same time taking advantage of the fact that other muscles
can help that happen. The fact is, all these techniques can be applied
to a lot of different exercises. But yes, they do require a little more focus. And yes, they require a little more work. But guess what? They work. And they work every, single time. When that muscularity increases, the appearance
of the muscle will dramatically change. It doesn’t have to grow in size to have a
change in appearance. You probably have friends who have these differences
and you’re always wondering “Why do my muscles feel soft and theirs always feel like a rock?” The fact is, we can increase and change the
resting tension of our muscle. We just have to be more focused on doing that. It works in perfectly without having to sacrifice
your overall strength training and the goals that come from your foundational lifting. Guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful. If you did, make sure you leave your comments
and thumbs up and let me know what else you want me to cover and I’ll do my best to do
that for you. If you haven’t already done so, make sure
you subscribe and turn on your notifications. If you’re looking for programs where we lay
this all out and I show you important these concepts are – this is part of putting the
science back in strength to the complete picture of training. It’s not always just about pushing weight. Sometimes it’s about controlling it as well
and we need to have the perfect blend and mix of all of them. All of our programs demonstrate that and they’re
all available over at ATHLEANX.com. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here again in just a few

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