25 Min Hip Stretching & Strengthening Exercises for Hip Pain – Hip Stretches Mobility Drills Workout

25 Min Hip Stretching & Strengthening Exercises for Hip Pain – Hip Stretches Mobility Drills Workout

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a hip workout to improve strength and
mobility 25 Min Hip Stretching Strengthening Exercises for Hip Pain Hip Stretches Mobility Drills Workout this workout was broken up into two parts first we’re going to do some
hip stretches to improve your flexibility followed up by some hip
strengthening exercises there’s no equipment required for this routine but
you may want to use a mat for comfort I’m going to be doing the standard
variation and follow me for those modifications all right let’s begin we’re going to the floor to start we’re
going to lie down on our back and we’re going to do a lying hip rotation so you
want to set that left foot down on the ground bring your opposite foot up with
your right leg we’re going to pick that right hip through the full range of
dynamic motion so we’re going to press gently on that knee every time and every
time you can get just a little bit more range of motion so again we’re going
through this ten times and throughout all these movements today
your range of motion may not be what ours is that’s okay make it your own and
that tenth time let’s hold now hold and press feel that hip stretch and all
these stretches today I want you to take it to about 85% so don’t take it to the
point where it’s starting to hurt or or stress you but instead where it just
feels like a good stretch we’re holding this for 15 seconds so let’s go three
two one and done okay let’s switch bring that opposite foot up and again we’re
going to go through that dynamic range of motion ten times there’s any nerves
or tendons that are docking you’re in your hip is a good one to loosen them up
the taking us through the full range of motion nice and controlled
nice and easy ten times breathing throughout good going a little further
every time too one and on his last one and hold good if
you need to you can grab the drops inside hand and hold this foot in place
and just press press on that knee fill that hit stretch again aim it for 15
seconds on this one and we are breathing let’s go three two one zero
excellent ok similar position for the next one let’s go back to that right leg
we’re going to do a figure four bring that right leg up we’re going to reach
through your legs both hands wrapped around that knee now we’re going to pull
this knee in two so on this one we’re not doing the dynamic range of movement
we’re just pulling and holding for fifteen seconds now you might be able to
pull it all the way to your chest at work you might be good just right here
everybody’s a little bit different so again you make this routine your own
your own capabilities today breathe pull again feel that stretch all through your
hips and glutes and three two one excellent
all right let’s bring that opposite leg up and do the left side again pulling to
your chest breathe whew this height is definitely tighter than my right I know
actually it is on me too and you might experience that that’s alright going
through these you might experience some kick figure out a couple spots or
tighter than you had anticipated might discover some new things about yourself
doing a book nothing wrong with that let’s hold four three two one and zero
all right good next we’re going to work on your piriformis which is up here this
little foramen which your sciatic nerve runs through off and causes a sciatic
nerve pain so we’re going to target that one with this next stretch go ahead and
kick that leg over your right leg over your left we’re going to angle that left
knee in just a little bit alright now we’re going to grab that right knee with
both and and we’re going to take it through a
dynamic range of movement but we’re pulling that right knee to your left
shoulder so you’re pulling it across so not just back not just over but you’re
pulling it up and across and up toward your shoulder up towards your shoulder
again about ten times through this range of
motion a little bit more of a stretch every time working your way into it to
one and on this last one 15-second hold and stretch good I said I’ve stretch all
down your leg and into your gluts maybe a little bit into your back that’s
alright that’s how we know what’s working loosening it up putting in the
work today so we can feel those results tomorrow let’s hold four three two one
excellent okay gently come back and let’s switch it up let’s do the opposite
side now again I’m going to angle that right knee in now my left leg goes over
and let me pull this left knee to my right shoulder you might find on some of
these that you’re more flexible than on some of them you’re less flexible and
that’s okay everybody is different just about doing our best and get a little
bit better every time you come back and repeat this routine good nice controlled
breathing throughout not using any momentum on this range of motion mass
the last one and let’s hold pull back fifteen seconds
feel that stretch good again taking that stretch to about 85% of what you’re
capable of maybe 90 but any more than that and you’re really not doing
yourself any you’re good you’re just developing scar tissue at that point so
don’t take it to the point where it’s really hurting let’s go three
to one and done zero good okay let’s sit up for the next one next we’re really
going to open up the hips with this next one we’re going to do a butterfly
Claudia is going to do the more classic butterfly move and I’m going to do a
little more advanced move called a traveling butterfly but either way we’re
going to take it through that full range of motion so I’m start my feet together
legs out straight I’m going to travel forward and then bring my knees down
where Claudia is just going to go ahead and stay seated in one position and then
she’s going to bring those knees down either way full range of motion bringing
the knees up and down feeling that stretch in your inner thighs don’t hold
your breath on this one breathe through the movement and keep good posture good
try to bring your heels as close to your body as you possibly can and as you work
through this move you should feel yourself already starting to loosen up
and getting a little bit more range of motion on your last one than you do on
your first let’s go just one last one and on this last one let’s go ahead and
take it and let’s hold against Peter as close to you as you can a couple
different variations of this one if it’s hard for you can lean back if you want a
little more of a challenge you can drive those elbows into your shins and into
your knees and press your legs down and then lastly you can bring your upper
body in towards your legs and press down at the same time again you find in here
what’s right for you and your current fitness level breathe let’s hold for
five more seconds it’s a great stretch I like this one two-one-zero this one
always takes me back to my martial arts days it was when we always well this one
take you back to elementary school we all have our memories of the butterfly
flashback okay we’re going to turn over for the next one and we’re going to do a
frog this one not one of my favorites it works really really well really well but
man does it does it work okay so let’s bring those feet together hips are open
now up on my hands is going to be the easier version down on which is all I’ll
be doing is the harder version either way I’m going to bring those hips back
and then forward it’s back and forward again working through that range of
motion figuring out what parts need work and you may not have that large of a
range of motion on this one no you might no I especially don’t that’s okay
yep and make it your own figure out what your body needs good it’s forward and
back breathe along the way let’s go one last one and then we’re gonna hold
bringing those hips down open them up and hit down good excellent work I’ll
try to keep those feet together down here trying to keep them together trying
to bring those hips down or forward good let’s hold this one for five more
seconds guys you got it and five four three two one zero
excellent okay let’s come up for this next one we’re moving into a kneeling
lunge and stretch so I’m going to do a variation where my hands are up where
Claudia is going to support herself with her hands very important distinction
between the two I’m gonna come up I’m going to reach cross I’m gonna feel this
stretch all down my hip flexor where Claudia is going to keep her hand on the
ground and what that’s going to do that that’s going to limit the amount of
weight that her body has to support and that is being stretched or I’m really
giving it everything I got on this one cuz
a feeling that stretch all the way down steps guys in your hip flexor and three
two one excellent okay let’s switch up opposite side now again in that kneeling
lunge position you decide if you want to support yourself with your hands or if
you really want to open it up now if you’re doing this one where you’re
upright be sure not to hyperextend your back but instead bring your gluts
forward as you reach across and actually go ahead and squeeze those gluts no
really make sure that your hip flexors are stretching good breathe and hold
let’s do this one for five more seconds three two one and zero good okay let’s
move into a 9090 position different names for this one but I usually like to
go with the ninety nine because it kind of describes the position right which is
both knees at a 90 degree angle and so Claudia is just going to hang out here
and make sure in trying our best to get both knees down on the ground where I’m
going to take it from this position I’m going to go one step further into a
pigeon so I’m going to bring this foot in and then I’m going to bring this back
leg back now here’s one variation a little easier version and even harder
he’s go ahead and come down onto these forearms you decide which one of these
three is going to be right for you today I think either way we’re feeling that
that hip stretch feeling it work and hold good you’re doing the pigeon
variation make sure that you have your weight over your leg and you’ll cheat by
bringing it out here let’s go three two one and zero good okay let’s hit that
opposite side now so go ahead start with that opposite side 90 90 good and again
from here I’m going to move into that pigeon so I’m kicking that back leg out
behind me and I’m coming forward just to give you
a different angle good you’re experiencing a little cramping I’m
pretty sure that’s normal because totally normal because this is me
yesterday cramping so try to breathe through the movement and this is
actually the second time that we’re shooting this video for the first time
hit a equipment malfunction yeah let’s hold this for three more seconds two one
zero good so I’m actually feeling more
flexible as a result that’s good two days in a row it works hey yeah I lose
speaks to the routine okay we’re going to go to our back so I’m going to do a
subpoena butterfly so let’s lie on our back put your feet together and try your
best to get your feet close to your body they might not be able to might be out
here but just do the best you can yeah and now let’s go through this full range
of butterfly motion opening up and closing let’s do that ten times nice and
control nice and easy taking your knees down a little further
every single time good nice and controlled breathing to one and on this
last one let’s drive those knees to the floor feel that major stretch just
isometric hold static stretch if you’d like to you can use your hands again
just a little extra stretch if you want to kick it up a notch you feel
comfortable doing so good pull this one four five four three two one and zero
good okay we’re going to come up onto our knees for the next one into a
kneeling hip flexor stretch so we’re going to come up until both knees are on
a 90 degree angle the first thing we’re going to do you have your hands on your
hips if you’d like first thing you do is contract both glutes now what that’s
going to do is going to tilt your pelvis in the right direction so
now we can stretch that hip flexor in a second from this position that you flex
those glutes you might already feel that rectus femoris getting tight and
contracting in here but if you don’t quite yet you need Elektra now bring
those hips forward it doesn’t take much keep your abs tight contract it in your
glutes contract it and just come forward last thing you want to do is high person
your back and arch just keep the glutes squeeze and rock forward until it
tightens doesn’t take much range of motion on this one not at all I don’t
have to move very far at all to feel it a lot of you aren’t gonna have to move
at all just active keeping your glutes flexed will do it for you depending on
how tight you are whole four two one zero
all right let’s switch it up hit that opposite side and come glutes are flexed
abs are flexed now gently come forward now for me my last ones a little tighter
I can already feel some repercussions from that run I did a couple days ago
that’ll do it it definitely will tighten your hip flexors this is a great one if
you are a runner to loosen them hold them tight keep those glutes tight abs
tight four three two one and zero well done from the floor we’re doing a straight
leg raise this is a great one to strengthen your hip flexors go ahead and
get down on the ground line down with your left foot flat on the ground right
leg is straight now we’re going to bring that right leg to a 45 degree angle and
back down so we’re taking it through this full range of motion keeping your
leg nice and straight probably going to feel a little scratching your hamstring
as well which is totally okay we’re doing 12 repetitions in total nice and
controlled on this one Kim are one and on the last one going into a post so now
on that 45 degree angle we’re going to do 12 little pulses 10 11 and 12 good
okay let’s switch it up hit that opposite side next again leg stays
straight zero to 45 and you feel that hip flexor working trying our best not
to bounce your leg or your foot off the ground in between repetitions you need
to come a duck come down and rest in between you can do so almost there
Kim line one and on that last one let’s hit that pulse two three four five six
seven eight nine 10 11 and 12 good moving on to a clam so we’re going to go
to our side for the next one we’re going our feet together knees are bent we’re
going to open those hips up and then close them and again we’re going through
that full range of motion nice and controlled
this one isn’t only good for strengthening but also good for
improving mobility at the same time and all at the top will you make sure you
halfway contract and flex those glutes again we’re using 12 repetitions with 12
pulses nice full range motion all the way open
two more and one more and let’s hit those pulses so it’s the tight little
range of motion squeezing those glutes up at the top good 12 next side all
right let’s clip opposite side next into
position feet together and open them up again taking it through that full range
of motion try best to control that negative
eccentric lowering face you’re not just letting your leg flap down right but
instead staying under control throughout excellent work breathe squeeze those
glutes up at the top every time strong glutes equal strong hips and last one
right here and into the poles let’s hit it just short range emotional abuses are
kind of awkward doesn’t take much and last one right here
all right turning back over to our opposite side we’re going to do a
lateral side leg raise so again lying down on our side this time with leg
straight now keeping those legs straight let’s get a full range of motion all the
way up all the way down again controlling that lowering phase not just
letting your leg flap down feel that stretch in your inner thigh halfway
through this one with your abductors and adductors working on this one good
squeeze those glutes up at the top and last one right here guys and the pulse
let’s hit it 12 reps short little tight pulses
excellent squeeze those glutes up at the top 10 11 and 12 nice all right let’s
hit that opposite side now one into the next doing great keep it up everybody
every rapper getting a little closer where we need to be getting a little bit
stronger putting in the work so that we can enjoy those results whatever that
may be from pain relief to just a better ability to perform your day to day
activity here guys and we’re right into the pulses you got
it pick those pulses whoo I’m liking this one right glute likes it eight nine
10 11 and 12 good oh goodness all right let’s turn over onto all fours
we’re going to do a donkey kick back so from all fours we’re going to kick our
right heel back so bring that knee up kick straight back try not to kick the
wall behind you like I just did and then bring it back down to starting position
so up at the top I want you to straighten that leg drive that heel back
in doing so squeeze your glutes and hamstring up at the top again control
that lowering portion of the movement will just let your leg flat down let’s
lay down good drive back squeeze that heel up at the top two more love it and
here’s the last one good those pulses now so now the pulses it’s just little
mini kickbacks just driving that heel back push it back push it back push it
back good ten eleven and twelve left switch like opposite side now let’s do
it guys doing great again whole range motion driving that heel back that’ll
really help you to contract the right muscles and make sure that your glutes
are firing on this one try best to bring that leg up until it’s about parallel
with the rest of your body see you more last one and let’s hit those pulses
right into it uh let me take much on these try the back 10 11 and 12 all
right don’t go too far from the same position we’re going to do a fire
hydrant next so let’s go ahead and bring that knee up out and to the side opening
your hip up and back down so keep that knee bent bring that knee straight out
to the side nice and under control again feeling those glutes work on this one
try your best not to rotate to bet too much at your hips keep your core
parallel to the ground excellent four more almost there full
range of motion the pulse is on this one my favorite and last one right here Dave
look at those pulses whoo this is when it kicks in it’s okay how we know it’s
working everybody push through 10 11 and 12
oh nice okay last side right here again all the way through a full complete
range of motion you got it and breathe keep it under control
think about what brought you here today to begin with whatever that is and
recognize that you are working towards that goal be proud of yourself every day
that you wake up and get a little closer to that goal good almost there
two more eleven and last one right here now go into the pulses hit those pulses
let’s go come on grind them out guys good ten eleven and your last one right
there oh whoa all right nice work thank you so much for joining us today
do you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and
you’re starting to see some results we did encourage that you please click the
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I don’t know reach out and connect with us again thank you so much for working
out with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your
next workout

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