25 Min Lower Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Strengthening Rehab

25 Min Lower Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Strengthening Rehab

hey everyone is your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 25 Min Lower Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Strengthening Rehab now this
video is a remake of one of our all-time most popular workouts and that video
helped thousands of people relieve pain and improve their quality of life now
the only negative with that video is it doesn’t have the highest production
quality so we thought we’d redo it with our new high quality video and audio now
there’s no equipment that’s required for this particular workout but depending on
what surface you’re working on you may want to use a mat like I will be I’m
going to be doing the traditional movements and follow along with me for
all of those beginner modifications this routine is broken up into two parts
first we’re going to do a lower back stretching routine to help improve your
mobility and part two is a lower back strengthening routine now these two
parts put together are the perfect combo to help relieve your pain and return
your quality of life all right if you’re ready we are lay out let’s get into it
so we’re going to the ground for the first one both going to be on all fours
we’re actually going to do both of us we’re going to do the same move for this
one we’re going to do a cat cow so we’re gonna first we’re going to bring your
stomach and belly button to the floor as you curl your chin up bring your chin
raise your chin up to the ceiling that belly button goes to the floor and your
glutes come up and you’re just gonna hold this position for 15 seconds making
sure to breathe control your breathing good now in all these movements that
we’re doing and stretching today really want you to take it to the point where
you’re feeling a stretch but you still feel comfortable all right now we’re
going to reverse it bring your back up like somebody’s pulling the middle
you’re back from a string and curl your chin into your chest at the same time
now we’re going to hold here pull it up on the middle of your back again like
some use a string to just pulling you up and hold in here for 15 seconds again on
all of these I want you to make this routine your own if you don’t have quite
the flexibility that Claudia or I do today that’s okay make it your own
breathe okay let’s reverse directions the opposite slow
transition draw that belly button to the floor as you pull your chin up good
breathe nice and relaxed excellent work hold good good good feel
that spine stretching okay reverse one more time again pulling up from the
center your back like somebody’s pulling you up with the string as you curl that
chin into your chest excellent hold and stretch stretch good
very good let’s go five four three two one zero okay nice okay we’re going to
transition into a Cobra so we’re coming down into a prone position now Claudia
is going to come on their forearms where I’m going to come all the way up onto my
hands bodies is the easier version right curl up with my back flexion bring that
chin to the ceiling and breathe again you decide which one of these versions
is right for you and where you’re at today 315 seconds and hold good few big
deep breaths you got it let’s go five four three two one and breathe exhale
we’re going to come back down to a prone position we’re going to place your arms
out in front of you now I’m going to do both legs and Claudia’s going to do one
I’m gonna do a prone leg ray so I’m bringing both legs off the ground I’m
using my glutes on this one so squeeze your buttocks either and Claudia’s only
going to bring one leg up at a time so you decide which one of these two is
right for you keep your upper body on the ground just bringing up your legs on
this one if you’re doing the one leg version switch legs
good breathe squeeze those glutes you got it
let’s go five four three two one and zero nice rest those legs on the ground
okay let’s turn over to our backs we’re going to lie flat on our backs with our
feet up so this next one we’re going to push our pelvic bone through the floor
now this one’s hard to pick up on camera because you really don’t get to see much
we’re literally going to push our pelvic bone through the ground keep your lower
blat back flat on the ground and we’re just pushing through the ground so
you’re pushing straight down with your pelvic bone straight down push down good
so this one is going to engage your core and don’t allow your lower back to to
curve on this one or your lower back to come up off the ground keep your whole
back on the ground while you do this one again just pressing through and
breathing excellent good let’s hold this one for five more seconds keep pressing
through straight down into the ground let’s go five four three two one zero
okay excellent relax shake it out all right next we’re moving
into is an ISO hip up again Claudia now we’re going to do the same move on this
one bring your feet nice and close to your gluts feet are flat on the ground
now let’s press up drive up off your heels and ideally we want to make a
straight line from your knees to your shoulders so get those glutes up don’t
want to hyperextend but at the same time you don’t want your butt sagging so I
want a nice straight line drive off those heels and really flex your glutes
and actually your abs even though we are working your back I don’t want you to
focus on squeezing your back but instead focus on hamstrings glutes and your abs
good just hold excellent work again make this your own
if you can’t quite get up as high as we can that’s okay today
everybody has to start somewhere he can come back repeat this routine you get a
little bit better every single time it’s not going to happen overnight but if you
work at it I promise you you will get there excellent let’s go five four three
two one and zero slowly back down nice ok arms that other side for the next one
let’s go and bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle we’re gonna do a lying
leg twist stretch I’m gonna twist my knees all the way down to a 90 where my
legs around the ground stop at a 45 degree don’t go all the way down like
Coach cozec is I want you to keep your back flat on the ground while you do
this one so if you don’t feel comfortable coming all the way to the 90
with your back flat then like Claudia is doing on the 45 is great you choose
which one of these twos can be right for you today try to keep those shoulder
blades on the ground good so that’s stretch and if you are doing this full
nine you don’t just let your body relax still keep some tension feel that
stretch good and 5 4 3 2 1 other side of course we got to do both sides keep it
nice and even nice good multiple applications for this routine whether
you just want to do some prehabilitation and strengthen your lower back or maybe
you’re trying to fight back from an innate and injury either way this is a
great routine for you feel that stretch good hold tight on this one again just
take it to the point where you feel comfortable not to the point where
you’re in pain good let’s go five four three two one zero and then back nice
okay straighten those legs out on this one little shake okay next we’re going
to do a line knee to your chest so get lying position we’re going to bring both
knees into your chest now you might just be right here or you
might be able to get them all the way in again you decide what’s right for
you today come back and every time you do this your flexibility and mobility
will improve just a little bit you’re all those knees into your chest pull
them in nice excellent work three again don’t feel pressured to match our
mobility you make this workout your routine
Fitness is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution make this
workout your own good let’s go five four three two one and lower your legs back
down take a second s stretch it out okay next we’re going to do one leg at a
time now so go ahead and bring one knee up does it matter which one and I want
you to keep try your best to keep that other leg on the ground so even if it
wants to come up won’t you try to force it stay on the ground excellent bring that knee in again to
the point where you feel comfortable getting your back from all angles today
you have a sciatica or loosen it up whatever it may be that’s ailing you
we’re going to try to hit it today good and three two one all right let’s switch
it up opposite side now and pull it good hold and breathe so proud of you today for doing
something about this you know so many people have an injury or something wrong
with their back and they said they just get defeated they know I have a lower
back problem that’s the way it is but no not you taking the steps to make it
better alright and leg goes back down excellent okay next one we’re doing a
one leg raise so go ahead and raise one leg straight we’re gonna raise our right
leg straight try to keep that no bend in that knee like stout to the side and
just pull back as far as you can on your own and that looks like this today like
this that’s okay no big deal depending on we’ll work out as we’ve done this
week our flexibility is going to vary greatly on this one depends on how many
squats we’ve done this week just keep it straight and just pull good every time
you come back you a little bit better at this one again just make this routine
your own all right and slowly return back to the ground all right
opposite leg up try to keep that leg nice and straight I know it’s hard I
know it hurts feel that stretch in your hamstrings gluts calves excellent
loosening it up we’re gonna feel so good when this routine is done all right
almost there let’s go five four three two and one slowly back down alright
next we’re gonna do a knee to the side stretch to bring one knee up and we’re
gonna use your hand to gently pull it over to the side so for this one you’re
gonna decide what’s right for you this might be enough of a stretch or you
might need to pull it all the way down but either way when I try to keep your
shoulder blades flat on the ground so don’t curl and twist with it but instead
keep those shoulder blades on the ground that’ll allow you get that stretch in
your back you decide if you’re here all the way down
take it to the point where you feel comfortable today no reason to push it
wanna this workouts intended to make you feel better
good alright and slowly return let’s go opposite side breathe and stretch good
pull across the shoulder blades flat on the ground excellent work
doing great guys keep it up and let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 and return nice work all right we’re going to the ground
we’re going to get into a prone position so we’re lying flat on our stomachs now
I’m going to do a prone Superman where Claudia is going to only
do her upper body I’m doing my whole body I place my hands on my head and I’m
going to bring both my upper body and my legs up off the ground at the same time
Claudia is only gonna bring her upper body off now we’re doing 12 repetitions
go ahead and count your own reps and move it a pace that you feel comfortable
with squeezing both your glutes and getting a little lower back squeeze up
at the top nice good breathe nice and controlled no
rush back down and relax in between I have three more two one and zero good
next one we’re gonna straighten out flat put my arms out in front of you if my
thumbs up we’re both doing the same move we’re going to do an alternating
Superman so I’m going to go right arm left leg comes up back down now left arm
right leg comes up good you really feel those glutes firing on this one again
this was going to be twelve reps in total six on each side we’re doing
twelve repetitions of every movement move it a pace that you feel comfortable
with good keep it up come back down in between
each rep raise that arm at the same time raise that leg squeeze those glutes good gonna go four three two one last one and
zero nice work all right next we’re going to stand up
give you a second here to stand up moving into a good morning now I didn’t
make the name up on this one don’t ask me why it’s called a good morning of our
feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to place our hands on our head we’re gonna
start with a little spin on our knee we’re going to keep that same bend
throughout the whole move now kick your butt back as you bend over using your
hips as a hinge until your upper body gets to parallel to the ground
stand up bringing your hips forward but back but four keep your back straight
good that’s three but back but forward now you’re gonna
want to as you’re coming down you’re going to feel instinctively to start
bending those knees but don’t do it just start that little bend and keep the same
Ben so you should be feeling a nice stretch in the back of your legs and in
your hamstrings let’s go five more the whole back stays straight three and if
you can’t quite make it this far down your flexibility isn’t there it’s okay
if you only get two here and back that’s totally okay can’t quite make it all the
way let’s go last one and squeeze those
glutes at the top nice okay we’re going back to the ground for the next one
lying on our backs we’re going to do a hip up hands are at our sides bring
those feet nice and close to your gluts now you’re going to
press up off those heels squeeze your gluts up at the top and slowly return 12
reps drive off those heels squeeze your glutes and back down now ideally at the
top position you have a straight line from your knees all the way to your
shoulders but if you can’t quite get your hips up as high as we can today
that’s okay come back repeat this workout you will get a
little bit better every time now the key on this one is to squeeze
your gluts up at the top and not your lower back so I don’t want you to
hyperextend your lower back up at the top not a race on this one it’s going to
take your time on the way up and on the way down nice and control excellent guys
keep up the good work we’re right here with you rep by Rep get a little bit
better feeling a little better every single rep let’s go three more almost
there breathe good two one zero
all right okay next one moving it into a high plank mule kick or a mule kick from
the knee so I’m going to come up into a high plank position which is basically a
push up position and I’m going to keep my leg straight while I raise my leg up
with my gluts claudius from her knees she’s gonna bring that heel to the
ceiling with a bent knee now we’re alternating legs right then left we’re
counting 12 reps in total good keep it up all the way up all the way down
squeeze those gluts up at the top keep your back nice and straight
don’t allow your back to sink or don’t put your butt way up in the air good
work again you decide which one of these moves is right for you today move I’m
doing is a little bit harder Claudia’s move is a little bit easier
neither one are really easy no both are work definitely feeling in this one nice
almost there let’s go last two and last one
excellent work nice okay that was one round end we have one more to go
returning to our prone position one more time through these strengthening moves
hands are on her head for that prone Superman I’m going remember I’m going
legs and upper body where Claudia is just gonna bring her upper body off the
ground good breathe again on all these moves I want you to take them to the
point where you feel comfortable don’t take it to the point where you’re
feeling a lot of pain but instead take it to the point of you’re feeling
challenged good making sure to breathe throughout don’t forget to breathe on
these moving at your own pace it’s twelve repetitions on this one one right
into the next you got it guys not much left more than halfway done let’s go for more
I have three two one last one zero good okay we’re going to do an alternating
Superman neck so arms are out in front of us have those thumbs pointing up
let’s go right arm left leg up and back down left arm right leg and back down
that’s two we’re doing 12 good guys you’re doing so well
so proud of you for making this this through this far it’s okay if you’re
experiencing a little bit of discomfort that’s okay that’s we’re gonna work
through it strengthen my lower back improve it get through this oh it’s all
going to be worth it in the end good squeeze those glutes up at the top
excellent work guys keep it up halfway done with this one let’s go five four
three almost there and one last one uh excellent okay we’re
coming up onto our feet for the next one okay a couple deep breaths doing the
good morning knack so that’s feet shoulder-width apart hands are on her
head slight bend in the knees let’s kick those hips back feel that
stretch and back up again we’re coming down to our upper body is parallel to
the floor and if you can’t quite make that happen that’s okay
you only just get what you can good whatever you do kick that butt back
behind you and feel that stretch in your hamstrings as you’re going down good
that’s halfway already good breathe hamstring stretch and then squeeze those
gluts up at the top strong glutes and hamstrings believe it or not are one of
the best ways to protect your lower back because then and all the things that you
do and all the movements you do in your day to day life they help you out they
help your lower back out so your lower backs not doing all the work
good let’s go two more last two stretch and return last one stretch and squeeze
those gluts up at the top good all right go into the ground back into the hip ups
hands are at our sides lie on our backs just bring those heels nice and close to
your gluts let’s drive off those heels bring your gluts up and squeeze up at
the top control the way down again don’t just let your hips drop down but control
that descent that eccentric lowering portion good draw a nice straight line
if you can from your knees to your shoulders try to use both legs equally
don’t allow your dominant leg to do all the work and control the way down
excellent guys not much left in this one keep fighting through good that’s half
way squeeze those glutes up at the top as well as your abs and do not
hyperextend your back very important good you got it we got three more and
two one almost there control the way down last one zero hand
control good good good okay let’s turn over
moving into the either a high plank position or from the knees we’re going
alternating mule kicks right leg then left leg if you’re doing the high plane
keep your leg straight if you’re on all fours keep that knee bent at about a 90
degree angle either way you’re raising that heel to the ceiling and it’s
forcing you to contract both your glutes and your hamstrings you guys got it keep
it up making sure to breathe nice controlled pace we’re not in a race
today not with this one excellent getting a
little stronger with every rep fight through it guys we’re almost there
excellent good good good let’s go last four let’s do four more of
these nice and control you got it alright last one right here and done
excellent excellent work good work thank you very much if you like this workout
we’d ask that you please check out our patreon page where you can find out how
you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you
enjoy this routine with us today we ask that you also please give this video a
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whatever that is it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat we are there and we
just want to connect with you thank you so much for working out with us today
it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at
your next workout

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