3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

Many people practice swimming to get a swimmer’s
body with a six pack and toned muscles. Here are 3 reasons why swimming will not make
you look strong and some tips on what to do about it. If you are new here, welcome to this channel
where every week we bring you new tips on how to improve your swimming technique, how
to reach your goals and much more, so if you are into swimming consider subscribing. Reason #1 Hunger after swimming. It is true that you burn a lot of calories
when you swim. Simply by being in the pool, your body will
be constantly creating heat (aka burning calories) because the water is below our body temperature
and it steals our heat. The problem is that because we burn many calories
in a short period of time we get very hungry when we stop swimming and we eat more than
we use to. We end up eating more than what we burned
and sometimes food that isn’t nutritious or that is very high in sugar, so the body
just transforms those carbohydrates into fat. Tip #1
After a swim session try to rehydrate yourself with water and electrolytes, but try to avoid
sugary drinks like juice, soda or even gatorade. Also try to eat complex carbohydrates and
vegetables instead of junk food. Reason #2 Cardio
Swimming is mostly a cardio exercise, meaning you are training your heart and lungs. This is good because you will be healthy but
it is not the best way to grow your muscles. Our muscles grow because of mini ruptures
during exercise. Those broken muscles fibers are then rebuilt
stronger when we are resting. That makes them grow. But since there is not a lot of tension in
swimming, the amount of muscle rupture is limited. Tip #2
If you want to build more muscle you need to compliment swimming with an exercise with
more tension, such as weight lifting, cross training, calisthenics etc. Reason #3 Time
It takes time to lower fat percentage in our body and increase muscle mass. Maybe, you won’t see any results in a week
or two. You put in the effort and it is disappointing
to not see any results. But remember that you are changing the composition
of your body and that takes time and consistency. Tip #3
Schedule your swimming sessions and other weights or dry land workouts into your daily
routine and make them a habit. Wait for at least two months before check
for improvements. If you are making progress keep going and
push yourself a little bit more every day, if not consult a nutritionist to get a specialized
diet that works best for your body type. Check out this playlist to watch dry-land
and weightlifting workouts. or this other one for swimming workouts. You can also check out our webpage for more
information and workouts at skillswimming.com Use promo code SKINNYSWIMMER for 10% discount
on our webpage Thanks for watching! See you next time! Swim fast!
빠르게 헤엄치세요!

100 Replies to “3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body”

  1. Trust me, when you swim over 5,000 yards, twice a day, you definitely tear down and build muscle. Look at any competitive swimmer’s back. We definitely have muscle. I rarely lift weights or ever go to dryland for that matter, and my back, shoulder, and leg muscles are very visible

  2. Nothing gets results within two weeks. This is such an ill-thought out video. Just keep swimming and the results will come, plus you'll be a better swimmer…

  3. The is funny. Believe me I’m a swimmer. If you swim like a real swimmer does, not recreational, you’ll gain muscle

  4. From experience, swimming has helped me develop a six pack. Depends on how you swim too.
    The best and most tiring in my opinion is butterfly and freestyle.

  5. I used to swim almost every day last summer, and I gained a lot of muscle mass + definition. I didn’t lift weights and I didn’t go to the gym. Swimming is the best cardio for building muscle and losing fat at the same time.

  6. It made me stronger I have muscles on stomach and its healthy im taller too! 3 years ago I was shortest in class now im higher than my classmates who were higher than me before I was training swimming so shut up if you wanna tell lies ;-;

  7. Swimming does make you strong because of the movements your body has to do and ofc you have to eat a lot or else your body won’t do well while in the water. Swimmers already do lots of dry land as well

  8. So you're basically saying (and judging by comments) that you will be more toned, but not build a good amount muscle from swimming? I wonder why not, if done enough, since the water is a form of resistance – kind of like weights? My arms and shoulders (and maybe my abs) are more toned from swimming, but since I am now over 50, I want to build muscle and I realized that's going to take free weights for me.

    **Currently swimming in a 91 degree hot springs pool at 8,000 feet above sea level…

  9. I have been swimming 3k a day for 8 months and my body fat percentage has gone from 13.8% to 9.5% and my muscle mass from 44% to 48.5%. My overall weight is down from 82kg to 66kg. I feel fantastic but wouldn't say I look much different. I am still breaking pb's.

  10. The only thing that got thicker on my body is my arms and legs, my stomach has lost most of its fat (not totally flat) and I play water polo, we do many laps in a span of 20 minutes. We are swimming back and forth every time there is a foul and stuff, it’s a huge fat burner and muscle toner. We may be very hungry after practice, but we burn it all off the next day. We all still eat healthy, so this video is opinionated but I also see where he’s going at.

  11. 빠르게 헤엄치세요?ㅋㅋㅋwhy you said that? lol
    Any way, I’ve lost 30 pounds in 4 months and firmed up my thighs and shoulders
    More importantly, back pain is gone. I had chronic pain in lower back even after getting a steroid injection for a herinated disc, so started taking swimming lessons 5 times a week. Now pain gets eased off and my body has so much changed in a good way 🙂

  12. It's true that if you eat too much sugar, junk food and alcohol you will gain and retain weight even when swimming hard. Lots of my teammates on an adult master's team have flabby bellies and spare tires even though they swim fast and hard everyday. I eat pretty decently (no meat except fish and no alcohol) so I look pretty fit…but I would get much leaner and more definition if I cut out the sugar. That's my goal…starting this week…to decrease the amount of junk food I eat. Also, weights in the gym are a great way to get that pumped definition…as an augment to the muscle that swimming builds. If you look at all the top Olympic swimmers, they augment their swimming with weight training, and the result is amazing. Check out Silvia di Pietro's instagram – she's an Italian swimmer who is super fit with really defined muscles. She has a lot of photos of her weight training, not just swimming.

  13. swimming is good for you and will make you have long muscles.but he is correct about to not eat fat after swimming.

  14. Endurance swimming is the best way to increase cardio, I swim 5 times a week and swim almost 8Km every time I swim, if I really wanted to u could swim those 8Km non stop cuz of the cardio, but I split it up into endurance and sprints since doing sprints with little rests burns lots of calories, like the video said, DO NOT EAT AFTER A SESSION, water is a swimmers best friend. Weights is good if you want to become a swimmer. It really makes a difference after about a month of a good routine, I swim on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I do a dry land session everyday, jumping Jack's, push ups, plank, stretches, and I go do weights on Wednesdays and Sundays, it really helps, good luck everyone who's on a journey

  15. I’ve swam for 2 months now at school before I could barely do 10 push ups and now I do 75 in a row

  16. I’m a woman who could do with loosing 2-3 kg an I want to achieve a more toned look. Now this might sound silly but I am very much an hourglass figure and I’m quite scared to end up looking more like swimmers do as I do not like the female swimmers physique :/ will it help me loose some weight or will it have a loooot of (semi negative) affect on my body shape?

  17. I hope no one listens to this! Swimming is the only way I can loose weight 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂

  18. So, it doesn't make you skinny or gain muscle because you burn SO many calories swimming that you end up overeating? This could be said about literally any exercise. Fake fucking news.

  19. Total BS get your facts straight. I've been swimming since my parents put me in swimming classes as a baby. I swam competitively for 4 years in high school. I was swimming for nearly 2 to 3 hours every day before. As a result I developed a swimmers back and chest. My doctors say I have fabulous lung capacity due to my swimming. Stop spreading lies. Swimming is great for everything.

  20. You certainly can build up some muscles with the right exercises and training volume.
    But there are limits. Eventually you will reach a point where you have to decide what you really want: Swimming with endurance and fast or aesthetic bodybuilding?
    I am not saying your swimming cannot benefit from normal gym sessions, but it is more about body tension, coordination and anaerobic tolerance than too much muscles. You benefit from a good ratio of muscles in your body weight, but you will have to move that weight.
    No problem if you swim for purely recreational reasons, but if your approach is rather competitive one it makes a difference.

  21. Ur right bro. Michael Phelps just eats 10,000 calories a day because hes cold yea for sure. Damn that guy is so fat.

    Ur delusional and don’t know what you’re talking about btw.

  22. So Lets say i go swimming in the morning for an hour everyday 3 weeks long, drink water and healthy food after i Will Loose weight? (Im already strong just little fat(winterwastocozyandilikefood)

  23. So wrong.. managed to loose around 35 Kg weight by swimming 4-5kilometers a day, 6 days a week and gained muscle bulk.

  24. Not a lot of tension during swimming?

    Yo dude, what are you talking about? After a long session of slower swimming or just fast swimming, your muscles hurt like hell.

  25. #1 is why I got FATTER after taking up tennis. I would binge eat more from using so much energy. If you choose to become more active, you need to learn good eating habits along with it

  26. Wow. Hi~ hello… I doubted my eye…. where did you get these Korean words ?? 빠르게 헤엄치세요. ^^ I can suggest '빠른 수영 !!' instead of it. because 빠르게 헤엄치세요 is so descriptive. not having an impact than '빠른 수영!' '빠른 수영' means 'Fast swim !'

  27. Dude this could be said for running or any other cardio WTF, at least swimming in water keeps your body heat down

  28. Terrible Advice. “You’ll be hungry because you’re burning calories.” This is true for any form of exercise then.

  29. Hello! I'm always looking at the good contents. Thank you. At the end, the word 'swim fast' was really good. I think many swimmers in Korea will like it.

  30. The results of swimming are the same in male body and female body?
    I pretend this year go to swim and lost body fat , but i have more body fat in legs . If i swim i would lost that body fat ?

    Sorry for my english, this is not my first language

  31. You can induce muscle growth by doing explosive sets with fins and paddles. Probably not as efficient as weighlifting but it will lead to muscle growth ( and its much more fun).

  32. When I first started lap swimming I worked up to a mile a day five days a week and within about five months I looked like an entirely different person. My body was fit and toned. Its all I did for exercise. I didn't pig out after swimming either. Basically, swimming is all you need to look great if you consistently do it over a period of months and eat healthy. You gain muscle because of the resistance of moving your body through the water. Its not like land based cardio.

  33. what do you mean wit TIP3? do you mean to do a swim session and after that a weight training session the same day? Thank you for your vidéos i like it

  34. Hi, I little disagree… I have swimmed 2 months now, three times a week, ca 2-2,5km at once freestyle usually. And I have lost 9,7kg in two months. Offcourse, I watch what I eat, but now and then I drink beer and eat bacon :D. And swimming helps, also mu muscles hurt sometimes, so I ques they dont shrink.

  35. So just swim and don't eat extra food I don't even have extra food to eat. Whoever made this video is an idiot swimming is great exercise

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