3 SI Joint Stretches For Proper Sacroiliac Motion

3 SI Joint Stretches For Proper Sacroiliac Motion

Yo what’s up Eric Wong here from
precision movement coach and today we’re going to go through three SI joint
stretches to improve your sacroiliac motion so yes our joint is right down
here it’s where your sacrum meets your ilium okay
and your sacrum is like kind of like your tailbone right before the end of
your tailbone and that’s where the sacrum is the ilium is kind of like the
part of the hip that’s like plates okay like so and where the sacrum meets the
ilium that’s where the SI joint is located now there’s not a ton of motion
at the SI joint research shows there might be up to two degrees of motion but
if it’s completely stuck that can result in low back pain or even radiating pain
down the leg sciatica some type symptoms okay so we want to ensure that our SI
joint is moving properly but it’s not about just statically stretching the
joint or the muscles surrounding the joint to improve that motion because
oftentimes the SI joint gets stuck because it’s loose and unstable and then
it gets stuck in a position it’s not supposed to get stuck in so the exercise
is out and the stretches that we’re going to go through today are going to
improve the motion in the mobility and unlock that SI joint but they’re also to
be done with full muscular control and activation so that you’re training the
joint to be stable as well as mobile all right so keep that in mind as we’re
going through and I’m going to keep measuring that so yeah you don’t forget
it alright so first technique is the supine s side joint cycling mobilization
okay so with this technique you want to lie down
supine is lying down on your back and you’re going to extend one foot out okay
now you can lift it off the ground if you want or you can just keep it down on
the ground it doesn’t really matter this is just to lock the pelvis
here and then you’re going to lift one leg and then slowly straighten it up
just like a if we’re doing an active hamstring stretch okay and then you’re
going to switch bring it down and straight so it’s just a cycling in
between the legs so here we got the pelvis lock down the stretch the active
stress on building strength here to stretch out that hamstring the hamstring
inserts on the ilium ok the ischial tuberosity and it’s going to kind of
pull the SI joint a little bit from this position because it’s locked because
this leg is straight okay so we’re cycling you’re just going to do like ten
reps per leg okay this is a very gentle mobilization there’s the one I recommend
you start with just to get it moving a little bit okay technique number two is
the hinge alternating knee flexion extension so
what the hell is that well hinge like your deadlift you’re
hinging at the hip you’re not rounding your spine but you’re hinging nicely
okay nice clean hinge feet are shoulder width apart feet are flat what you’re
going to do is you’re going to shift your weight you’re going to straighten
one knee and shift your weight to that side okay so you stay in this hinge
position this puts a stretch on the hamstring already and then when you
straighten this knee that’s going to further stretch that hamstring out to
mobilize that aside right here okay so then I switch shift my weight to this
side street and this knee shift my weight to this side straighten this knee
just like that reason why we do that is because the SI joint is designed to
rotate designed to move when we do things like walking we’re alternating
support leg the SI joint locates okay and then we switch SI joint on this side
rotate like a they rotate asymmetrically the left and the right side okay so
that’s what this exercise is helping you to train that movement of the SI joint
in a motion like walk okay so that’s technique number two go on do one to two
sets reps per side there okay the key is when
you do this exercise and when you do the next one you tilt over your hinge but
you keep your muscles on and keep your glutes on keep your quads on you can
keep your adductors on a little bit so we’re keeping lots of muscular tension
as we do as we do the technique now I just did the total opposite technique
okay you want to go straight leg weights on the straight leg okay just like that
but keeping muscular tension all through up because that’s going to develop that
stability that we need in the SI joints so that it doesn’t reflexively
tighten up yeah the third technique is just a slight variation on the last one
we just did it’s the asymmetric hinged knee flexion extension okay so it’s
going to go asymmetric like a longish type stance you’re going to hinge over
okay and this front leg back leg keep it straight the front leg just going to
alternate between knee flexion and extension okay that’s it it’s going to
further mobilize that SI joint take it a little more take the position a little
deeper than the bilateral stance okay you’re stretching out now and we’re
getting a little more flexibility range of motion in the legs in the hips and
ultimately the SI Joint right okay so same thing for that one one two two sets six
reps per side and you’re good to go just remember when you do these techniques
keep the muscles active don’t just be passive still actively contract glutes
adductors quads hamstrings and that’s going to help you to build the stability
and the strength you need to ensure that the body just doesn’t tighten back up
okay doesn’t throw your efforts down the toilet okay so hope you enjoyed those
hope those helped and throw on more like this make sure to hit me up at precision
movement coach otherwise talk to you next time. Peace.

38 Replies to “3 SI Joint Stretches For Proper Sacroiliac Motion”

  1. Eric wong I thank the Internet for you, osss! Have you done a video on functional leg length discrepancy? If not do you have any advice for this? Once again thank you for your work, it has helped a lot with my injuries!

  2. Getting a pop in between reps as I do the Supine SI joint cycling technique. It's not painful. Do you have a video for this issue?

  3. Mr Wong my right so had been locked for 6 months. I thought I was going to need my second hip replaced. Your exercises are working I have less pain when walking some poping. I had the same problem with my left hip in 2003. Wonder why our doctors do not tell us of this simple solution? Could it be $… THANK YOU

  4. I'm dealing with pain and feelings of instability in the SI area since a whiplash injury in 2013. Xray and MRI didn't show anything that could cause this and every doctor or physio who examined me said that there's nothing unstable, rather not that mobile how it should be. I tried so much strengthening and stretching exercises over the last years but nothing really helped constantly.
    But the Hinged Alternating Knee Flexion/Extension nealry solved that Problem within two weeks!! I can't tell how thankful i am, finding your channel. Greetings from Germany

  5. Thank you! I have a history LBP and this worked like a charm form guarded mobility to 0/10 pain in 10 min or less! Excellent instruction!

  6. Mr Wong.
    I had two hip replacements last year. My left side is great but I can't walk far because of a pull within my right buttock. I saw a physio yesterday who advised that the muscles on the right side are extremely tight and I need to loosen them; also stretching the RSI joint.
    I have been given a rubber band to put around a sturdy object and take my leg out to the side and then backwards. Unfortunately, standing on my left leg causes pain, and I am unable to perform these exercises. The only exercise given that I can carry out is to bend my leg backwards at the ankle; pull it towards my bottom and whilst holding, try to straighten my leg. This gives me a huge and painful stretch to my thigh muscle.
    I'm not seeing the physio again for another two weeks who has advised that I need to stretch before stenthening.
    Would any of the exercises within your video assist please?

  7. The #2 and #3 exercises are really nice which simulate the most frequent motions of the SI joints when working and running. Will try these to strengthen my SI joints! Thanks for showing the tricks.

  8. These exercises are making a big difference. My SI joint has been a source of pain and reduced flexibility for a few months owing to holding, lifting and the twisting actions involved in looking after my 18 month old who loves to be held by his mommy.
    Stretches provided temporary relief but by incorporating these exercises I no longer feel pain in regular activities. Deeper flexibility is returning and if I skip a couple of days I don't feel as if I'm starting over again.

  9. Wonder what it can be: I have pain in my si joint, and my hip (Right side) and a sort of muscular bulge above or at the top of my right groin. I get relief temporarily if I do a sort of lunge stretch for the right hip flexor, but I'm confused about why this works. I did it today, heard a loud pop, and had zero pain for about 3 hours for the first time in 3 years.

  10. When I was about 13, one leg muscle somehow got pulled and was painful, went to an Osteopath who said my SI was out, and pushed it back in while I bent over the table. That fixed the pain, but I limped for weeks. I don't understand how it got out in the first place. Now all these many years later I'm having piriformis syndrome.

  11. Thank you so much for the very gentle exercises and easy to understand explanation. With SI joint pain that spread to the hip, tailbone, and groin, I haven't been able to walk much. These stretches have provided immediate relief (and pops!). Can't wait to get back on the treadmill and start working on hamstrings when I'm well.

  12. Hey my dude thanks a million for those exercises….been having bad nerve pain radiating from my hip..my chiropractor mentioned my SI joint being a cause…I felt a big difference today after trying thse out…..

  13. Just wanted to say I've done these a couple times through out the day now for the first time ever and I'm currently pain free! Started the day stuck and in pain as I've been most of the time for years and tried pretty much everything to get better with no results.. So thank you very much. I'm more hopeful than ever to get my mobility back. Also added in some pelvic strenghtening to keep things in place. Been moving around all day and still no pain or even stiffness as I'm going to bed now which is unheard of for me. Amazing, thank you 🙂

  14. That cycling would definitely REALLY flare-up my SI joints. About the only thing I can do that doesn't flare it up is lay on my back and pull one knee to my chest. If I try anything else I'm in severe pain and a flare-up. I found the best thing for pain relief is just pure rest and leave the SI joint alone without exercise. I have injections scheduled later this month and hoping I get some relief.

  15. I must have watched more than a dozen videos for my SI joint pain before this one. This is the only one that obviously provided relief within minutes. Thank you so much!

  16. Hello Eric, great content. Thank you so much for helping us without demanding any fee. I wanted to ask your thoughts about swimming for fixing spinal curve, lumbar related issues and hip problems. What do you think? Can swimming help on fixing mild scoliosis and other back issues?

  17. I'm a little bit scared to try these since tilting forward at the waist really brings on pain for me, but I'll give them a shot. I've been instructed to do some of the supine SI exercises, but these are new to me.

  18. I was thinking – I believe actually you don't want the SI to move really, you want it to be solid and stable, but just not in the wrong position..?

  19. Have just found you via recommendations and I need to thank you with all of my heart.. as a stay at home mum with no transport currently i cant get to a physio, but after having twins and now currently pregnant, my SI Joint pain is preventing me from being and doing the best i can for my kids, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

  20. This stuff really works! I used to have sacroiliac problems occasionally popping up which would always culminate in terrible back pain, only curable by several visits to my chiropractor. I dreaded those occurences, which happened maybe a couple of times a year.

    Since I learned about Eric's exercises, whenever the SI joint begins to be troubled I do these, and that ends the problem!! Actually the first, the cycling, exercise ALWAYS works, but I do the other two anyway.

  21. Hey Mr Wong, I have a question about the third exercise: Do you keep your upper body balanced over your knee the whole time? And does your rear leg stay extended the whole time? In your video it looks like your right knee is sometimes flexing aswell. I fele my upper body also moving backwards when I am extending the front knee. It's like a natural reflex.

  22. For someone with long term inflammation at the SI joint, do you think it's OK to be doing exercises involving hip hinges, like variations of bodyweight squats/lunges? Not loading with extra weight.

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