3 Simple Stretches Upper to Mid-Back (Thoracic Spine)

3 Simple Stretches Upper to Mid-Back (Thoracic Spine)

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet. ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course. – Today we’re gonna talk
about three simple stretches you can do to your upper mid back, that’s the thoracic spine. This is a, if you wouldn’t
mind turning around Brad. This is an area that
bother a lot of people. I have a, this is a
troublesome area for me, even. You know, C seven is right there, that’s the base of your neck so the thoracic spine runs
from right below C seven all the way down to T 12
where your rib cage ends. So it’s below the shoulder blades running right in here in this section. How do you stretch that out? That’s what we’re gonna show you today. By the way, if you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free and we upload every day. Also, we’re doing the
big giveaway again, Brad. – A big one, oh, yes. (choir harmonizing) – Just started this afternoon with the SleepOvation mattress. Wonderful mattress. Go to bob and brad dot com and go under the giveaway section or it’s always pinned to the
top of our page on Facebook. – There you go, yeah. – Bob and Brad also. – Sign up and we’ve given
away about four or five of these so far, haven’t we over the year? – I think more than that. – Yeah, I love mine. – This year alone we’ve
given away four or five. Yeah, we love them. – [Brad] Just carry on Bob. – All right, next one, let’s start, let’s talk about the top three here. So the first one is, this
is an interesting one. You can do this on the wall or you can do it on, we’re gonna show you how
to do it on a chair first. – Sure. – So basically, Brad, do you
wanna do it on that side, I’ll do it on this side
or should I just do it? – I thought we were
gonna do it on a chair. – I’m gonna pretend this is a chair. – Oh, I get it. – You know what I mean or you can do it on a mattress. Win the SleepOvation mattress. – Yeah, I think on a
mattress would be even a chair would be fine, mattress might be a
little more comfortable. – So basically you’re
gonna put your elbows on it like this, you’re gonna
grab behind your head and then you’re gonna
stretch down like this. It really gets into that area. – [Brad] Yeah, it might
be kinda hard to see but he’s putting a lot of extension through this part of the back the part we are treating as he mentioned. How you feeling Bob? – Yeah, feel, I don’t
know if you helped my back crack a couple times there but what’s nice about this is, yeah, you could do it against a wall, too, so I’m gonna go ahead and
pretend this is the wall and I’m gonna put ’em like this and I’m gonna bend forward like this. You can’t stretch as much
as you can on a chair but you still can get a
fair amount of stretch. For most people this might
be enough, even, for ya. – [Brad] I’m gonna give it a go, Bob. – All right. – So, yeah, yeah, this is nice ’cause you get gravity is helping ya out here. – [Bob] Yeah, it really
stretches that area there so, I mean, I’m not exaggerating here. It works out quite well. – Oh, yeah. – Once you invest in, we
mention this many times on some of our other videos. I want you to invest
in buying a little ball from one of the big box stores and if it’s a little
flatter, that’s even better. – Sometimes at the neighborhood park they’re, the kids forget ’em and those are good ones to get. Clean ’em off, though. – So you steal them, huh? – Well, no, they forgot ’em. – All right, so anyway,
what’s nice about this is you can actually move it up and down to get different spots of the mid back or the thoracic area. I love this stretch. This was invented by one
of our physical therapist assistants and– – Right. – He came up the idea. I think it’s one of the best ideas. – Can you see it? – Oh, yeah, am I angled right? – And actually, a ball
that’s a little flat like this one, they work better. Or you can use a firm
Nerf ball that has squish to it but not too much. – Yeah, I’m just I worked my way down. What’s nice about this,
it’s so convenient, like if you’re working at your desk, just pull the ball out,
do a couple of these and then you’re done. I’ve had, I’ve literally had some patients that that’s all I had them do. – Yep. – I had a school teacher
that was having trouble and it took away her pain. I mean, it’s just amazing what just that one simple stretch can do. – She probably took it
from one of her students. – Yeah, she probably did. She’s a nice teacher. She wouldn’t do that. – Well, of course she is. – Okay, you wanna show the last one Brad? I like Brad showing this
one because he’s tight on one side and you can see the difference when somebody’s who’s, so this is a good way
to get thoracic rotation and a little bit of
strengthening, too, so. – So, we’re on all fours like this and we’re gonna take one hand, keep your knees and
other hand on the floor and we’re gonna go up
and stretch like this. – So we’re getting
rotation and a little bit of strengthening of the mid back, too. – [Brad] And I’m there. Can you see a difference? – I think you look bad on both sides. – Well, but I am a
little tight, let’s see. – Yeah, I was gonna say go
this way so they could see. – There we go. So if I go up this way. See how high that hand goes now does this hand, is it about the same? – [Bob] Yeah, your just,
is it a little higher? – Little higher on the left? Yeah, my right side
feels tighter for sure. You know, I’m right-handed. I’ve had a couple more
injuries on my right shoulder. – All right, step aside once Brad, because I wanna show what a normal person should look like. – [Brad] You’re the
last thing from normal. – Look at this, I’m up here, not here. – Yeah but you were a gymnast. – I felt like a gymnast. – Yeah, you really have
a lot more flexibility than I do. – I’ve actually been working on it because of golf so I have an excuse. – Oh, see, well he’s been working on it. – It makes a big difference if you if you stretch out, you know, once a day. – Yeah. – You can quickly regain anything
that you might have lsot. – Sure, well, I can work on that. – All right, thanks a lot for watching. We wanted to do a quick one today. There, we did. (gentle music)

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  1. So my back and neck are messed up and have been for a while and I tune in to Bob and Brad often. My son has some ankle issues playing lacrosse right now and have been watching some more videos. Is it wrong of me to walk through our kitchen singing Bob and Brad…the two most famous… Physiotherapists…on the internet?

  2. Wow I never would of thought of that 1st stretch with the chair..I tried it. .and boy oh boy does that feel good! Thanks guys, great job!

  3. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this video…my thoracic area has been giving me a FIT and the first stretch alone gave such a relief! This is gonna be my go-to video!

  4. You are creating slack in those muscles, not a stretch. However, slack can relieve the pain of tense muscles too.

  5. Lying on the floor on a rolled up towel works great as well + it is not a difficult exercise so people tend to do it more often

  6. I entered in the drawing. I have never won anything. Oh my goodness I hurt there. It causes my ribs to hurt badly. Especially on my right side. I'm leaning more on that side. I had two spine surgeries on my S1 L4 L5 now its in between my shoulder blades. I can never get comfortable in my bed anymore. I have to elevate my arms on a pillow. It has to be perfect. My hips hurt from sleeping on my sides all the time. I am so sorry for complaining. Thanks guys. This exercise helped. I just need to do it more and watch more of your videos. God bless you both.

  7. This video is great. I've been dealing with costochondritis for a few months now and these stretches seem to have really worked my thoracic area. Thank you for the great videos!

  8. Couldn't have come at a better time! As you know I'm bothered with my lumbar and cervical spine. Today was massage day and she couldn't get from my shoulders to my waist to release. I will be doing these every day because the pain I'm getting in my shoulders, especially the left is torture and clearly it's coming from this area. Thanks Bob and Brad, your always the best xx

  9. What is happening with the neck/head? Are you pressing the back of the head against your hands? And are you tilting the head back, lifting the chin, or is the neck neutral, or tucked down? Thanks for this video!

  10. Thanks so much, Bob and Brad! I have a 14 hour drive coming up and these stretches will help tremendously before, during and after the trip. Your trip on posture while driving is fantastic too. You two guys and this channel are the best thing going!

  11. Seriously, I learnt a stretch off you guys that's saving my life right now, thanks.
    Also who are the 5 massage therapist that unliked the video? Why unlike free helpful information? ๐Ÿค”

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