3 STEALTHY Secrets To Look More Muscular In A Shirt!

3 STEALTHY Secrets To Look More Muscular In A Shirt!

You my friend are excited about a date
or a job interview so you go out and you buy yourself a new dress shirt. But it’s
all big and baggy and unfitted like this. And I think it should look like this on
you. Well how do we make that happen? Is it custom-made? Absolutely not it was
like 20 bucks at Kohl’s. I just changed a couple things. By the end of this video
you will know exactly how you can take just a normal average off the rack shirt
and look amazing and muscular and chiseled and it better than you would
even a custom-made shirt. If you are new here I’m SD and I do not have a lot of
time. How long was that? Whatever let’s do this! One. Make sure you buy the right
colors and the right patterns for your skin tone. This is one that I had to
learn the hard way because I used to do a lot of shopping at Express and I used
to buy my shirts based off of how they looked on the mannequin. Not only that
but do you remember when they would sell those dress shirts that were like lime
green and lipstick red or sunshine yellow? Well my thought process was
surely the contrast between my dark Black Panther looking skin in this
awesome lime green looking shirt it’s gonna look great right? What could go
wrong? well a lot went wrong, I looked stupid! If you are someone like me you
got to realize that yeah contrasting colors can look great on you, but just
stick with the basics stick with blues and whites and blacks. And if you’re a
black guy like me wear a black dress shirt trust me it looks awesome. Two.
Now let’s say you go out and you find this awesome looking shirt that you like
a lot and it fits relatively okay but there’s still one big glaring ridiculous
problem. It’s these buttons, they’re ugly, nothing is more annoying than going out
and finding some dark colored dress shirt and then seeing that they put
these ridiculous looking cream buttons on it. Hey you know what looks really
good on a dark dress shirt? Some white or cream looking buttons, said no one ever!
Yeah I bet you didn’t realize how distracting these buttons were until I
changed them huh. Well I don’t want it to have cream
I wanted to have blue buttons or black buttons now you might be thinking that
the only alternative is to then go out and buy a different shirt with some
different buttons on it, clearly it’s not. I made an entire video on how you can
change a button on a shirt you can go check that out right there and the only
thing you need is a $2 seam ripper and about ten minutes of your time. And I
want to share this with you quick when I went to go buy these black buttons for
this shirt I got some really awesome wood ones that I’m gonna put on a white
shirt it’s gonna look amazing I’m pumped about it,
stay tuned! Three. The most annoying thing about working out besides beating the
ladies off with a stick is the fact that you end up developing some really really
broad wide shoulders and a small waist. Now that’s great it looks awesome you
feel awesome but here’s the problem, you are gonna then go out and buy a dress
shirt and it’s gonna fit like a garbage bag on you. You my friend you are gonna
end up with this non contagious disease called dress shirt muffin top. Well see
the thing about a lot of dress shirts that I’m sure you’ve noticed as if it
fits properly in the shoulders you are gonna have a ton of fabric down here in
the waist. And your only option is to just tuck it all into your pants and
then just have it spilling all over the edges. You can find the best color or the
best pattern in the world but that shirt it was not made to fit you that shirt
was made to fit everyone. And because of that they fit no one they are a
one-size-fits-all market it doesn’t make financial sense to make five different
types of a large shirt when you can just make one. Now yeah you can get custom-made
clothes but let me see hang on, hang on one sec, no! Why am I gonna pay 100 or
even 200 bucks for a dress shirt when I can walk into my local Kohl’s or Costco
and get one for like 20 bucks. “But SD surely that hundred dollar shirt is
going to be a much better quality than that $20.00 shirt from Kohl’s!” Well yeah
it probably is, but I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that I could spill
a chili cheese dog on a twenty dollar shirt or I could spill a chili cheese
dog on a hundred dollar shirt, which one am I gonna feel better about?
I gotta stop eating so many chili cheese dogs I referenced those in a lot of my
videos. And another problem is yeah you can go out and you can find let’s say
like a slim cut shirt. First off, it’s not really all that slim cut to me and
second off, then you always got to go out you got to buy that exact same size, by
that exact same brand and you have to hope that they keep making it and if
they discontinue it? Bro you are Sol. Well I’ve got an alternative for you,
just do it yourself it’s quick it’s easy and once you figure it out you will save
a ton of money. Not only did I make an entire video on this I made an entire
playlist on how you can tailor your own clothes so go check it out. And there’s
also a video on there explaining to you how you can get rid of that ugly pocket
whoever uses this pocket I don’t use this pocket. It’s funny because I never
thought in a million years that not only would I need to wear tailored clothes
but that I would learn also how to tailor myself. And I will admit like a
lot of things in life there is a big learning curve involved and I’ve messed
up a ton of shirts but just go out and buy a couple of cheap t-shirts practice
on them you’re gonna mess them up but who cares you spend like five bucks on
them so that way once you start buying more expensive clothes than yeah you
already got it down bro. You are ready to hit the ground running and you now never
ever ever have to worry about wearing a big ugly baggy dress shirt ever again.
And my daughter she says thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell
notification because YouTube ain’t telling you what I upload anymore. SD out,

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  1. Looks good, was hoping for a more detailed version of your shirt but still good.

    Still kinda looks a bit baggy. Was hoping you can show us how to do darts lol. Your sleeve width could be shortened to show off your guns a bit more too.

    Well, I am off to try and alter my cheap shirt from kohls. Wish me luck lol

  2. Damn my dude i have been here since you had 700 subs and i have to say its insane how much better you got i am glad i stayed sub to your channel even on the "Spam 1 video per day" face

  3. Another great video! When the other fashion advisor only talk about materials, colors, and patterns, you talk further about modify the shirt.. Good idea! I've sent another email to you btw. Good job!

  4. What's sad is the dresses at my school that the girls have to wear are SOOOOO baggy and we aren't aloud to fix them

  5. Wow, the buttons make such a huge difference. I hadn't noticed the switch til you mentioned it and damn, the white buttons are UGGGLY!

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