3 Things You NEVER Learned About BUILDING MUSCLE!

3 Things You NEVER Learned About BUILDING MUSCLE!

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  1. Lots of talking in this video but this is what I wished I learned when I first started lifting!! Watch the entire video. You won't regret it! What tip was your favorite? Let me know below!

  2. ok kinda good video. few things…if you're gonna talk physics, please know what you are saying. the F=ma formula is correct but the acceleration in free fall is due to gravity only. so the acceleration is the same in all dumbbell positions you showed. velocity, and change in momentum, would be what you're referring to. next, you talked about slow reps…but that means low acceleration and therefore less force!! wtf?

  3. Omfg 😱 WOW!!!!! Dat is so true!…. thank U so much very insughtful. I'm definately gonna work on that.

  4. Do you have a dumbbell upper chest exercise I can do home? I can't feel it in the upper chest when doing dumbbell incline or incline press or fly. Have watched 30 videos about this, without any luck. I am kinda old (40)and just started training 7 months ago, don't know if this has something to do with it, and I have gotten amazing results, just not in the upper chest. I have a pair of dumbbells and a bench (homemade).

  5. today i went from 40 kg barbell cheat curls to 26 kg normal no cheat curls.and increased reps.I felt more in biceps today.

  6. Vince, thank you for taking the time to qualify and quantify the topic. At 52, I am starting over with the weight lifting and the training simply because I am tired of seeing the person in the mirror. I have been at this a little over a month and have seen some gains, but the biggest "gain" that I am looking for is the loss of body fat. The muscle sculpture will come once I have achieved my first big goal: a 34 inch waist and little to no belly hangover when I relax my diaphragm. I am not in it for "how much can I bench so that everyone else can see", I'm in it for the "how much do I need to bench to challenge my body today". I admit, it's a definite boost in confidence when I can move up the weight plate an exercise, because it means to me that I have worked the muscle as far as I can with that weight and it's time to challenge my body with a bit more.

    I like the style that you teach with, a very hands-on, example-based training, because as a visual learner, it's good to hear the explanation but I also need the example so that I an correlate the explanation with the real-world application.

  7. love him like honestly like doing proper form and squeezing really hard builds so much muscle god my transformation really well

  8. That's fuck up to say ! I'm happy when ple are motivated or trying , do you know how excited when I see a big guy run or lift heavy or trying to work out 🏋 pumps me up

  9. Hey Vince. I haven't watched your videos for a little bit now. Your chest and shoulders are looking amazing. Keep growing and thanks so much for all the tips.

  10. Five pounds is never five pounds this is true but we always here if you wanna build big muscle you gotta lift big.So this is encouraging I wanna build some muscle but going heavy is beating me up .

  11. Two things:

    1) This will really slow down workouts with going this slow. So, how many reps are we looking at if we're using this very slow training method?

    2) If it is high rep, will it work to build muscle for naturals?

  12. thanks for the info vince. learnd allot. keep the hard work coming!"..greetz gilbert. Amsterdam/holland..

  13. One thing i know for sure is 50 lbs =/= 50 lbs. A 50 lb bag of rice is way heavier than a 50 lb dumbbell

  14. Great! It's something I wish I would've been taught when I first started lifting… 50 years ago. And when you are younger you have no patience to exercise in a slow motion manner. I have been learning lately that's the best way to go, no matter how old you are.

  15. Can you make a video (if you haven't) about if someone should go to the gym everyday, or not? Assuming the person works out different muscles and not the same ones every day of course.

  16. I like the part where he said that standing up is borrowing other joints and that sitting down actually helps you build up your muscles

  17. I can honestly say this is one of the most enjoyable training/fitness videos I've ever seen. So much sense.

  18. If I am lifting very heavy but my form is excellent, am I on the right track? Because I never sacrifice my form when powerlifting

  19. He is right. Aesthetics are more impressive than brut strength. I always try to work with high intensity and moderate weight to avoid injury to my joints. At 60 I have to admit I look pretty good. I can tell when others look at me and can't figure out how I look so defined for my age and I'm not trying to impress with loudness and ridiculously heavy weights. I do have heavy days though to push a little once a week. But then it slows me down for my other routines.

  20. hi dont mean to be rude but wtf man! this shit is common sense leave the egotistical peeps to be that way and chuck out somthing beneficial but hey big fan

  21. YouTube and the fitness industry needs more guys like you Vince. As a ex fitness trainer there are so many guys/ girls who's bodies are gonna be so fucked in a few years from heavy lifting.Sad thing is most of the big ego lifters will learn through pain. Build a body naturally that's still gonna be good in you 50s or even to your 70s! Squeeze the muscle hard, slow your reps down. You don't need to lift heavy and wear your joints down. Keep up the good work Vince fuck the haters!!

  22. LONGEVITY is about high volume and low rest if thats what you mean, then bodybuilders should be healthier than strongmen at 50, BUT THEY ARE NOT. strength keeps you longest because even though your body is lifting a lot of weight, time under tension is very low. as for bodybuilding, volume is high, rest is low and the weight is a lot, so i dont see your longevity reasoning. as for fitness, well, anybody can be fit with just running and stretching, but youre doing weights. but youre right about knowing what youre doing. one more thing. POWERLIFTERS lift heavy for a good reason, FORM AND STRENGTH. eddie hall couldnt deadlift 500kg without good form. fitness is for the dumb asses, making a body so they look good on females. FEMALES DONT CARE ABOUT PHYSIQUE, they care about money, good looking face and expensive clothes

  23. 1st off if u can deadlift 405 and dont do it right u will get fucked ..so iv never seen someone lift 405 without serious consequences…ur a good size bro but not that big

  24. What about progressive overload over time? You will need to increase the weight over time to apply this principal! I agree with isolating the muscle your working but the body will adapt to light weight and super strict form so increasing weight over time is important for building muscle!

  25. I really don't understand why so many people don't understand the simple message; "If it's easy, you ain't doin it right."

  26. you own the weight
    if you dont own it
    that means you cant control it
    if you cant challenge it
    you cant grow it
    that is what principle of ownership, what great words you said Sir Vince 🙂

  27. he lifts 40lbs barbel couple of times and is out of breath lmao. the whole point of this video; look good but get fucked up if you ever have to fight a mugger .. this guy is a loser

  28. Amazing stuff Vince. I'm so happy that you present facts, so many meat heads that I see that are at the gym everyday, yet see no changes, get injuried, blessed with recovery, JUST TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! I'm like you, fragile, and people look at me like "Wtf?" When I tell them the same ideas. Ego and pride too strong. Also, It's crazy how well you presented and spoke in this vid, I swear this could be a paid educational lesson. Haha, and we're getting it for free!! Stay blessed Vince, mirin hard! You da man! 👍🏼

  29. Although I like this guy, consider the source. He is a body building guy who's modeled and that is his goal. If your goal is strength, working for a job, a sport, lose weight and so forth, he may not be the guy to watch although I bet he has videos on that too. My goal is at the moment is to get over an injury so I can get back into Gracie Jiu Jitsu so I can choke out big muscle guys with big egos lol. So I do workouts pertaining to just that, but either way you have to ask yourself what your goal is, and leave your pride at the gym door.

  30. vince. great common sense advice.

    you actually mention physics. great!

    the lat pull-down you illustrated using full-body momentum was a great illustration of how ego-lifters using way too much weight are able to do so. (at 13:00)

    also, "injury is not normal". worth repeating.

    "momentum is not a muscle" probably worth a video all on its own.

    good work.

  31. WOW you don't know how insightful and informative this video is. It cleared a lot of things! Thanks Vince!

  32. This is one of your best informative videos ever. As a 40+ Y.o. I am planning to go to the gym for a long time. Thanks


  34. Hi Vince. I have been teaching people to be Instructors and Personal Trainers for the past 15 years and you are 100% right, it still amazes me that people don’t understand this. In fact they actually don’t want to understand it as it makes them responsible. I spend so much time in trying to get my students to understand these basic principles as they are convinced (based on no science or knowledge) that bigger, more, faster or copying someone else is the key. Fantastic video.

  35. Holy shit, how wide is the grip on the dubmbells? Looks like a lot. I got mass tendonitis but still lift , would those help?

  36. I am 62 years old and I have worked out with your exercise the super set arms awesome my arms are actually looking better I am going from this the the get ripped work outs awesome job Vince you and Lee are great

  37. Very good lesson, thanks for the advice! I will subscribe for more tips. I workout from home with dumbells and my heaviest is 8kg, I was worrying I have to go heavier but maybe I don't. And I'm a girl btw, it's not only men who lift 😉

  38. U used the wrong physics law here. It doesn't follow the newtons law, it follows potential energy and the formula here is u=mgh. Mass and g (9.8) are constant for both seated and stand, the only variable is the h (distance from the floor) so it means if you can take the momentium out of the equation stand curl is harder! Because the distance from the floor is higher (higher resistance on negative and positive portion of the motion). But I agree with you, seated is better, because most of us can't fight the momentium.

  39. I actually use heavier weights so I don't swing. With weight that is too light, swinging is a lot easier. It's a lot easier to control it if it's heavy.

  40. Also nobody in the gym is interested in what you are doing because they are there for themselves, so don't be concerned about what other people in the gym think because they don't care and are not watching you.

  41. Hahah. Good analogy about dentist and identity crisis.
    Another good video. I'm so new to weightlifting. I'm going to watch your vids and a few other athletic people here on you tube and I will listen to my body and mix up my workouts when my body tells me.

    I really like the tip about the "squatting til you can" no need to over sqaut".. That is exactly what happened to me the other day. I only went as far as my body let me.

    I'm 49 and looking ok for my age. My goal is to sculpt.

    Can you suggest what exercises to do on leg day? Currently doing summo 50 lbs… Leg press (regular, not the slanted one) 170 lbs, leg extension 70 lbs.

    Thank you!

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