3 Tweaks for the Best Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

3 Tweaks for the Best Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

if you’ve got tight lats and you’re
doing latissimus dorsi stretches then you’re gonna want to apply these three
tweaks that are gonna make your stretches much more effective yo what’s
up it’s coach E from precision movement and today we’re to go through
three tweaks you can apply it to your latissimus dorsi stretching to make
it much more effective okay so the latissimus dorsi it’s a muscle that we
often know and associate with pull ups chin ups and rows so it’s a huge
contributor to those movements and it goes from it inserts into the humerus
and then it goes right down and fans out and inserts it’s got a broad insertion
right into some of the spinal thoracic spine segments into what’s called the
thoracolumbar fascia which is a thick band of fashion that goes right from the
thoracic to down to the lumbar spine and some portions also insert into the iliac
crest so right on the hip okay the hip bone right back here okay so big muscle
how do we stretch it what’s the best way to stretch it so the most common stretch
is to grab on something this case I’m going to use this band here but you
could just as easily grab onto a pole and just kind of stretch and hang out
there okay that’s what most people know and are shown and do okay there’s a
couple of tweaks to this a few tweaks that we’re gonna make or apply to this
stretch to make it much much more effective okay so the first one let’s
get into the setup and let’s talk about what you want to do just from a basic
perspective from the basic stretch perspective okay so you grab on elbows
locked out and you just have your arm overhead and you lean back and you’ll
feel that pull right under the arm here okay and that’s cool but let’s make it
better so the first thing we’re going to do is because the lat goes across the
spine and inserts into the hip the opposite hip here we’re going to step
behind okay and that’s gonna side bend that’s gonna
pull this hip away from the shoulder it’s gonna increase this space we’re
gonna side bend the spine here and you’ll see that once you do this the
stretch on this muscle is gonna be increased significantly okay so that’s
trick number one step behind trick number two the movements of the
lat are adduction so bring the hand closer to the body extension bring the
arm the humerus behind the body and medial rotation okay so to stretch it we
do the opposite of that so when you’re here this gets you into flexion instead
of extension and it’s abduction a full abduction or just overhead which is the
opposite of adduction okay it’s away from the body now what you want to do is
you’re stepping behind you’re in position you feel that stretch already
you’re gonna externally rotate the shoulder okay and that’s going to just
wind it up a little bit more from the top
okay so here we’re stretching it from the bottom we’re increasing the
stretches from the bottom then we increase the stretch from the top
through external shoulder rotation and it’s just not moving the elbow but think
of moving the whole upper arm and rotating it pull facing it up okay so
that’s week number two external shoulder rotation okay we want to make sure that
shoulder joint is rotating and not just supinating the wrists in the forearm
okay the final tweak this one you can basically apply this one to
any stretch that you’re doing okay whether it’s lower or upper body this
tweak will help but it’s especially helpful for any stretches for muscles
that go around the ribcage and that is the concept of 3d breathing okay so 3d
breathing you might have heard diaphragmatic breathing pushing the
belly out I don’t think that’s necessarily that effective nor
functional for most sports or exercises because if you think about it if you’re
pushing the belly out when you take a diaphragmatic breath you’re losing core
stability there okay so we want to maintain core
stability but still be able to breathe deep and use the diaphragm how do we do
that 3d breathing so basically you think of the there’s a balloon inside your
chest and when you inhale the balloon expands in all directions okay out
sideways in front at the back so the whole ribcage just expands fully and
that is how you’re going to get the diaphragm to work but still be able to
maintain core stability if necessary okay so when you’re here you get your
stretch going you step behind load it up externally rotate and then when you’re
holding you focus on your breaths expanding the ribcage in all directions
and because the lats come over top of the ribcage and even insert in some of
the ribs it’s attached to some of the ribs the bottom ribs the inferior ribs
when you expand the ribcage that’s going to further stretch out those lats okay
so there you have it three great tweaks that you can apply to your last
stretches to make them way more and more effective and this is just these are
just simple things that you can do to improve what you’re already doing okay
but if you want to do different things to get even better results
I suggest you head on over to precision movement (dot) coach and see what we’ve
got for you there take a little search on the blog and if you search for ERA
sequence you might find some interesting stuff there okay so this is coach e from
precision movement thanks for checking out my video let me know what you
thought make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you next time peace

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  1. anything for leg pain, or bow legged or the other kind, i subbed to you for this exact practice. i just cant find the video im talkin about

  2. amazing videos, i think i have ac joint disfunction and maybe also shoulder impingment for at least 3 years now…tweaked it back then and until today have shoulder pain (mostly in the clavicle, chest and traps) starting to do all this stretches and exercises (referring to the one for the ac joint) and its already helping but its gonna take a long time, the shoulder problem has screwed up my neck and i think i have a ton of scar tissue there but have to stop somewhere

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