3 Ways You Should NEVER EVER Stretch Your Hamstrings

3 Ways You Should NEVER EVER Stretch Your Hamstrings

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ (clapping) – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – The real most famous physical
therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – I stumbled on my words a little bit. Today we gonna talk about three ways you should never, ever
stretch your hamstrings. – Right. Why Bob?
– Why? – You’re gonna find out
in just a little bit. – Now, tomorrow night we’re gonna show the correct way to do it, right? – Right, ’cause the people are gonna ask. So just wait, you got 24 hours and you’re gonna find out how to do it. So I’m ready Bob, just roll. – All right, all right so what are we, oh! If you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos how
to stay healthy, fit, pain free, and we upload every day. Also, if you get the chance, join us on our social media channels cause we’re always giving something away. You wanna grab that Brad? – [Brad] Oh, yes! – We got the Ergonomics Innovation Donut Cushion or Pillow. – [Brad] Oh, you want
me to bring it over too? – Yes. (laughs) – There you go. It’s a nice cushion, memory foam, you could sit on it on a hard surface and it makes it very comfortable. – Well it’s good for sit bone pain or for tailbone pain or Coccydynia.
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going to help you a lot. – If you go to bobandbrad.com and you go to our giveaway page our latest giveaway is always on there. We’re giving away mattresses
and Thermatex infrared heat. – Right, we got a lot of nice things. – Yeah. – So hamstring flexibility
these things just drive me crazy and I think any physical
therapist will agree with what we’re saying. There’s going to be a number of people who may disagree,
– Will disagree. – But. – This is in our opinion. – This is, we’re experts in the field. We’re body mechanics, and we’ve got a lot of
scientific information that supports us. – Well beyond that Brad, I’ve treated a lot of people
who’ve done it this way. You know I mean over time–
– Injured people? Yeah, injured people
– Right. – that insisted on doing it this way. – Right. So are we going to have
someone demonstrate the number one way that drives? – Do you want to do that one first Liz? You ready?
– Liz are you ready? We’re going to get our… – So this is Liz, this
is our camera woman. She has her own channel, along with her husband. It’s actually a really funny channel. It’s called The Family Product Channel. – Sure. – We’ll put a link down below, they do products and stuff like this. So Liz can’t talk because
she has no microphone on. – Yeah. (laughs) – We won’t say anything about that. So I’ll make sure we’re filming right. – Okay, we got Liz out
here for a couple reasons, she’s much better to look at then us. I can not do, I call it the Hip Fold and I don’t know, you keep your legs straight, you try and touch your toes, which it does stretch the hamstrings, but it also puts a lot of
stress on the low back, and if you’ve got any kind of low back problem, particularly if you have sciatica or a disk problem, this is really going to
stress it and make it worse. But Liz, I don’t do it. Because I’ve got a back issue so I quit doing this many years ago. Go ahead and show it. A lot of people are able to do. Now are you comfortable there? – Yeah.
– She’s doing a really nice Hip Fold. Are you feeling a stretch
in your hamstring? But look at her back right here. It’s all rounded over and
everything is being stretched from the sacrum all the way up to T12 and it’s just stretching
and putting a lot of stress on every disk, particularly S… – [Bob] It’s making me
uncomfortable even watching it Brad. – Yeah, how do you do it? – [Bob] Come back up again. – Well I’m red in the face. – Were you feelin’ stress on your back? – [Bob] We can’t hear her Brad. She’s saying yes. – She’s saying yes. Wait, wait, wait sit down please. We’re going to do the log sit. This is another one.
– By the way Brad I want to make one comment about that. – Please do. – [Bob] I’ve seen people
argue, yoga people, that will say, hey I can
keep my back straight while I do that hip hold. There’s no way. You might be straight from
like L4, L3, L2, and on. – Right. – [Bob] But there’s somewhere where you’re getting maximal flexion. Now, wouldn’t you agree Brad? – There may be a few
exceptions but by and far… – [Bob] I would say still
at some point you’re getting flexion at the spine. – I would agree Bob. I’m just giving those people
a little benefit of the doubt. – [Bob] Alright, I know, but either way it’s not good for you. – Right. The comments are coming in already Bob. – [Bob] I know they are. – Okay, now this one is
my second worst peeve. Is people that want to stretch
their hamstrings like this. Again, yes it stretches the hamstring, but it does not in any way isolate them. You’re stretching a lot
of low back muscles, and your stressing the
disks in a bad direction the most injured way
that disks gets herniated is this type of movement. – [Bob] The thing is your stretching your back in that direction almost throughout the day already, you don’t need to stretch your back. – And you cannot breath this way. – No.
– How do you breath? So you cannot breath well if
you cannot breath and relax you cannot stretch well. You need to relax.
– Just relax. Actually can you do that
real quick with that shirt? Yeah, there you go. – What’s Alex going to say? That’s his wife.
– No. Her wife. The problem is it was
so, yeah there we go. It was so dark it just looked like one amorphous person.
– This is much easier to see. Now we’ve got her here we
might as well go to my next. The Hurdler’s Stretch. I was taught to do hamstring
stretch all the way through high school and track
doing The Hurdler’s Stretch and there’s two ways that you can do it. The first and worst way in my opinion, left leg out please, were going to do the figure
four, knee, there you go, and go ahead and stretch. Exact same mechanics on the back. You’re really working on the
low back in a negative way, and yes you’re getting
some hamstring here, maybe some isolation. Can you do the real hurdler stretch? You never hurdled did you? – No, I didn’t. – (Bob and Brad laughing) Some people get the knee
farther out this way. – [Bob] There you’re kind
of doing a double stretch is what you’re doing. – Right, and this probably
isolates the hamstrings a little bit more, would you say so Liz? – Yeah.
– Yeah, but you’re still…now you’re twisting the low back and flexing it
which is even putting more unneeded stress on the low back, and she says it’s uncomfortable. – [Bob] You said it’s
uncomfortable, right. – So those are the ways to never ever stretch your
hamstrings again, thank you. – [Bob] And remember
tomorrow night we’re going to show the right way to do it. We’re going to show
you safe ways to do it. Why do it bad when you can do it good? – Right, and they’re easier to do it good. Easier, easier. – [Bob] Alright, thanks Liz,
remember check out our channel. Thanks a lot.
– Thank you. – [Bob] Oh, I better turn it off.

100 Replies to “3 Ways You Should NEVER EVER Stretch Your Hamstrings”

  1. Ok now, Liz should get a years worth of free massages just for demonstrating in those uncomfortable positions ! Very good information Bob and Brad I'll be looking forward to the sequel 🙂 <3

  2. Interesting timing. I was just recently watching some stretching and strengthening exercises by a young Taekwondo expert named Samery Moras. She was teaching what she called the "pike stretch"–the equivalent of the seated hamstring stretch you showed, EXCEPT she was very specific in saying to go forward only so long as you could avoid bending the spine–which I assume is what you'll show us on next video. I'll just have to wait and see! 😎 Unfortunately, i have been guilty of doing the standing one. Oops! Time for plan B.

  3. Football stretch exercises also do this bad lumbar stress. One is in pairs where one bend over, bracing the arms on the knees. The other puts one leg on top of their partner's back and bends over that leg. Of course both legs. Then switch and do the same thing.

    I never did like it. (They did it in PE class in HS.)

  4. Nice video, Ive been stretching like this consistently for the past few months and my lower back has gotten worse. I always thought that my lower back/rear hip pain has been caused by tight hamstrings, but these stretches may be making it worse. I deadlift quite heavy approximately once per week, and I am starting to have some concerns with my lower back/hip area. I always focus on having proper form and I utilize a weight lifting belt, but I often feel pain in my lower back a day or two after deadlifting. Rarely do I feel pain during the actual excercise. However, I consistently feel pain when I hang from a pull up bar and let my feet hang loosely. It mainly happens on my right side. I let me feet hang and I feel my lower back/upper hip area crack. The cracking is accompanied with pain. I can also cause the lower right side to crack by letting my feet hang, tilting my pevis back (anterior tilt), and then lifting my knees up towards my chest. Any idea on what could be causing this and what I should do about it? I should also note that I have moderate scoliosis in my mid back, which has resulted in a muscle imbalance in my upper back (my right side around my scapula is more developed).
    Thanks in advance

  5. If you can’t wait 24 hours, then stretch your hamstring with your back flat on the ground and raising your leg

  6. Bob and Brad
    Hello from Barbados. Been a subby for a while but thought I would say Hi to the 2 most famous physical therapists on the internet

  7. With that hurdler's stretch, is it still bad if you're putting your straight leg out to the side and therefore leaning sideways instead of forwards? Also, my other leg stays heel inwards, not outwards.

  8. Over the last few years my collar bone has been gradually slipping up from its natural position at the ac joint. It’s extremely pronounced. I am sure it does not need to be physically repositioned because I can pull it into place using my scapular muscles. Strangely, I’ve only just begun to have discomfort in the last week. No pain. I have watched your other videos about the ac joint and videos from others. I would love it if you would do a video on this.

  9. Kudos! Again! My flexibility is really improving since subscribing to you and adding your advice to my personal and clinical PT. I'm head to mid foot with you guys. Head to mid foot I tell ya!. (Not head to toes cuz you still don't have a vid to help me straighten my hammer toes ha ha).

  10. Thank you thank you!!! I'm a yoga person doing stretches wrong way all along. Very much looking forward to tomorrow's video on the right way. Definitely feel the need to be more cautious and attentive to body changes of aging. I hope you will do more videos like this.

  11. But she’s doing all those stretches with a curved back! That’s really bad form. The back must be straight at all times

  12. my yoga teacher will be mad at this info…but i think my body is mine, and i hv to decide whats best for my body…tq b&b👍

  13. Thank you, guys ! I will never do these exercises again….you are my seviour🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  14. I know how not to stretch my hamstrings. Now I need to know how to stretch them in a proper way. Next video, please. 😊

  15. It helps for me, as one with a lower back issue, pops/clicks if I raise a leg, more so if I am laying flat.
    Can also touch hand palm to the ground, if warmup up.

  16. Ok, folks. It is sound weird this recommendation because the McKenzie book suggests the First stretch and you highly recommend such book. That is confusing…

  17. That's why you keep the back neutral and only stetch as far as you can without flexing the lower back.

  18. I like these "do NOT do these stretches/exercises" but what would be helpful is to follow up with "do these instead…" so show us the worst vs. better/best. Thanks for making these very helpful videos!

  19. AHH the long sit – good because I can not do this one – hopeless – always hurts the back – thought it was just me.

  20. I was s dancer in my teens and early twenties, and these were part of a daily stretch routine! These many decades later, these stretches feel good to me, but I guess it’s time to change my ways!

  21. Suffering from sacroiliac joint pain right now and the standing fold was recommended by an osteopath because I have slight lordosis. Now I'm wondering what I should do. The other stretches I do in body balance … Confused!!

  22. Great video guys. These stretches have been taught to me throughout my childhood: in gym class, and in cheer. I still as an active adult do these, so I appreciate this video.

  23. I have done all of these stretches and I have issues with my psoas muscle. I thought I was doing something good LOL….I look forward to seeing the correct ways to do it.

  24. One of the secrets is to have strong enough abdominal muscles, use those, and not stress the lower back and spine so much. Always make sure the back is supported and honor the spine, because you only get one in life. People in the know will tell you when you are doing the seated hamstring stretch to visualize trying to stick your butt backwards and lean forward just enough to actually feel the hamstrings stretching, not to show off by how far forward you might be able to get by rounding your back and neck. As I heard once – range is for the ego, but control is for the soul. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people abuse their bodies to the point where they are actually harming it. I can just imagine the backlash coming from the comment section.

  25. Good to know. I’ve been stretching my hamstrings by bending over for years. Can’t wait to see the correct way. 👍🏻

  26. Hi Bob & Brad thanks for these videos, I only wish I'd had you guys fourteen years ago. Keep up the good work teaching and healing.

  27. A lot of people's lower backs / posterior chain are out because of wearing heals. Men and women. Barefoot shoes are the way to go, well it work for me.

  28. Hmm… Chances are this is how I herniated my L4/L5/S1 a few years ago. And to think it was just some yoga…

  29. I’ve been doing all these stretches in dance for years I had no idea they were actually really bad for your back!

  30. Well…crap. I knew the first one was bad for your lower back, but my physical therapist had me doing 3A instead which I guess is still bad. Can't wait to find the right way and get on it.

  31. The first stretch gives me amazing back pain relief! I'll go into a fitting room to do a few when I'm out shopping but I don't do it the way Liz did. I was taught to do a forward fold to bend my knees but the main reason why we were taught this way is because it was as a back stretch rather than a hamstring stretch. I know exactly what you guys mean and it sounds like you get or see a lot if examples of yoga from ashtanga yoga, which is very hard on the joints, the body in general. My yoga teacher told me that ashtanga yogis are notorious for needing hip replacements! I'll stick to nice gentle hatha or dru yoga, which are both excellent for those with limitations. The one thing that will always stick with me, and I will teach it to my students, is it's your practice. It doesn't matter what's going on around you, you adapt, modify, sit it out or even do a completely different pose that has the same benefits. It's all about listening to your body and that should be the mantra no matter what kind of exercise you choose to do. There's so much more to yoga than what people see and there's so many different styles. I stretch my hamstrings on my back because that's what works for my body but I'm looking forward to your advice tomorrow

  32. Please invite an experienced yoga teacher in to demonstrate these positions properly. There is alot going on in each of these poses. Done with care and self observation they are safe and very beneficial. No offence to Liz, Bob and Brad but this is exactly how not to practice these positions.

  33. "Wow, that splains e'ryting Lucy!" These have been among my fave stretches for longer than I care to admit, and I like to think I'm comfy as I slowly languish deeply into each one. I thought these stretches also benefit my lower back but clearly, I needed to wake up to the facts! Thanks much, Bob and Brad.

  34. I like the shorter videos. I can sneak them in quickly when I have a moment.

    I am amazed and how many people are commenting they do these stretches and don't know the correct way.
    Yoga is a cult of bad form.

  35. She should not round her back the goal is to stay straight and aim your belly button to the knees. Do not aim the fingers to the toes.

  36. Thanks for the advice I will avoid these from now on definitely makes sense when you have Professionals showing you why it's bad. Tyvm B&B

  37. So I’m yoga what would you recommend to do instead? My pt told me to not bend over like that anymore. It’s a hard habit to break 😕😣

  38. Does this mean that a “forward fold” in yoga is a bad thing? Because essentially it’s the first stretch you showed in this video.

  39. I have done these stretches for years – and as I’ve got older I’ve got a lot more back issues – makes me wonder – so many of us in the aerobic jump around era are now experiencing the downside to it all

  40. These stretches are not bad whats bad is people who are not 1. Flexible enough 2. Dont know how to do it. If you can hip hinge correctly, are not straining to reach toes/floor and have adequate hamstring flexibility there is absolutely no pressure on your back

  41. I get "404" errors when I try to enter the contest using the link provided. It's tough to win when you can't enter.

  42. wish i'd seen this years ago. all three of those stretches have been a part of my daily routine forever. most recently, when i got up from one of them, i felt a terrible pain in my lower back. my solution? to keep trying to stretch even further. cut to, me in terrible sciatic pain….it's not always possible to isolate the cause of a sciatica flare-up but this video confirms what i already knew but was denying to myself –it was those damn stretches! never ever again. thanks Bob and Brad.

  43. i hear you, and i guess this is more relevant for older people (as i am now getting, so i will take heed). but i practiced yoga intensively for 20 years doing all of these things and i was in impeccable health without issues. it's been in the last year, after a series of deaths and the resulting grief and just sort of losing steam sitting in front of the computer for months (and getting into my later 40s) that now i have this lower back/bulging disc problem. yoga kept me in perfect shape. dropping the ball on my fitness is what injured my back.

  44. You guys are awesome! Love this channel! Thanks for posting this! I’m a runner and I’ve been doing the hamstring stretch wrong for years.

  45. Both first example are not done slowly enough, nor is she first extending lengthening the front side body, the c curving does not allow the contraction of the abdominal wall, allowing the low back to achieve the alignment and therefor what the therapists are confirming is this is a way to hurt your body, It is not , however a example of a posture done correctly. The first therapist, who described himself as having a back problem, also is not extending upward . His head is held forward, and he does not appear to practice exstention of the front side of his body, the lack of elan in the trunk which does the curve rather than allow the hamstrings, gluets, low back as well as abdominal wall to support spine alignment as the posture is preformed is 'the problem". All three of these people need a good yoga teacher.

  46. I love y’all to bits. I’m a mess with spine stuff, and you guys don’t play. I have gained a ton of knowledge with your videos and even got excited to maybe win a giveaway. I just checked ur subs tho and you have A LOT more than the last time I looked! Clap! So congrats to you. I love seeing others success. It’s a mood booster. 🦴 💜 🦴

  47. You just explained why my back feels worse today. All the stretches you demonstrated are what I thought were good.

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