Hey, what’s going on nation? Today I’m sharing with you guys the three most common mistakes holding back your muscle up now if you’re Watching this video And you can do at least 8-10 pull-ups in a row there should be no reason why you can’t bang out a few muscle ups Whether it’s just one or two you should be able to do them and if you can’t it’s most likely Because one or all three of these mistakes are holding you back now as always guys if you’re enjoying the content Please show the love and hit that like button the last video on the anabolic window got over 6,000 and that might not mean a lot to you guys but it means a lot to me it really shows me that you Appreciate the content and that you want to see more so hit that like button Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already and also guys please turn on video notifications So you get notified as soon as the new video upload comes out now. Let’s get on to those three mistakes the first mistake is Improper hand placement it has to do with both your grip and your wrist and if you’re messing this up guys you were doomed to fail before you even started swinging to try your first muscle up and What I mean by that is most people when they attempt to muscle up. They Number one they squeeze the barbell as hard as they can and number two when they hang at the bottom they hang like this with their wrists Directly under their fingers or directly under the bar and if you’re hanging like this as soon as you start to come up And you’re squeezing as hard as you can you basically lock yourself right here And this is where a lot of you guys are probably getting stuck You’re not able to get any higher than this because as soon as your arm comes up And hit your wrist you can’t bend anymore, so you get stuck in this position So there’s two ways to fix this mistake number one You’re going to have to loosen your grip up just a little bit So that your hand can slide as you’re going up and over and number two and this is the most Important guys is you want to actually start with your wrists higher like this, okay now Obviously, you can’t get it up and over the bar because then you’d be hanging quite weird But what you want to do is instead of hanging down like this guys just take a second to kind of readjust Maybe put some chalk in your hands it gets slippery, but just get your wrist up a little bit like this It’s going to make all the difference as you guys come up, and then swing over the box so again keep those Don’t grab the bar tight with your hands and instead of having your directly underneath the bar like this guys Try to start with your wrists up just a little bit and that’s going to help you Swing up and over the second mistake is not keeping your core tight and not tensing all the muscles in your back What happens to a lot of people is let’s say you get the grip thing down, okay? Grip is nice and loose your wrists are a bit over the bar to allow you to swing up and over But now what’s happening Is if you just do a dead hang like this, and this is how you’re starting to do the muscle up You’re creating a lot more Energy that your body has to expend in order to get up and over the bar what I mean by that is if you just hang dead like this look how far my chest is from the bar as I start to come up and around I’m really far away in order to save as much energy as possible to do one or multiple muscle ups you want to keep your upper body as close to the bar as possible throughout this whole movement of Going around and up and the easiest way to do that is to tense your back and then get your elbow slightly Forward like this, so instead of hanging straight like this you’re actually going to flex your back and flex your lats a bit and Hang more like this with a slight bend in your elbow, so I’ll show you what that looks like right here So this is the dead hang what you don’t want to do okay? So you’re hanging like this what you don’t want to do now what you want to do to get yourself into position Is tense your back and then bring elbows forward like this and now you guys can see as I come up look how much closer I am to the bar already you see what I’m saying I cut off at least five or four inches from doing a dead hang like this And trying to go up and around Okay That’s going to make a big difference in terms of how fast you go up and over and how much energy you save for more Repetitions and the final mistake is that you’re not taking advantage of the momentum and energy that you’re generating at the top of the movement to complete your Repetition and what I mean by that is a lot of people when they get to the top like this They still try to use like Energy or they still try to use their muscles to bring themselves from here to here and what you should be doing is literally Once your body gets high enough to where you can just kind of just throw yourself forward over the bar That’s exactly what you want to do Take advantage of the momentum that you’re creating and bringing yourself to the top of the movement So that as soon as you get to here you can literally come up and throw yourself Over and then do the dip portion come back down boom pull yourself over Push up come back down and just like this so don’t be afraid To really generate as much momentum as you need to get yourself up and over the bar and I guarantee if you apply these three tips to your muscle up And you get rid of these mistakes You’ll be able to do it in no time Now obviously the goal of a muscle up is eventually to be able to get to the point To where you can do it without Having to use so much momentum and for those of you guys who want to see a more in Depth video that I’ve done on how to progress with the muscle up to be able to literally Walk over to a bar grab it and just pull yourself up and over which looks extremely Badass mind you I’ll post a link to that video down in the info section below so you guys can Perfect your muscle up even more so I hope this video Helps you out and if you do try this in the gym, and you are able to do a muscle up I better hear about it down in that comment section below so once again guys be sure to hit that like button Subscribe if you haven’t already and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 Replies to “3 Worst Muscle-Up Mistakes! | DO YOUR FIRST MUSCLE-UP WITH MULTIPLE REPS!”

  1. Emasculate all the big dudes in your gym with multiple Muscle-ups! 😀 (LINK TO IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL BELOW!)
    How To: Muscle-Up (Step by Step Progression) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAw6IMk3Ogk

  2. hey scott can you do a video about how to train for flagstand "human flag" ? what muscles are involved and what exercises are best to train for it ?

  3. The problem in this video is that the muscle up you are teaching is not strict. This is fine for beginners and I think once they have reached multiple reps that they should focus on decreasing the momentum and to start doing them strict.

  4. What is this? Hahahahahahaha, man you call it a "MUSCLE UP"????

    You are swinging like drunk monkey around that bar and even with that monkey form you can't do 5 repz…… Im done bye…

    When i see those " Fitness Celebrities on youtube in need to go in toilet fast…

  5. people arent liking you for some reason but dont worry its just mentally challenged people or haters who hate everything and are on there periods

  6. Hi, first I was hitting this like button, its good. 🙂 Out of my experience, everybody just messing around how they should do or not do the muscle up. Me personally, the moment I trained those explosive pull ups, and put on weight when doing pull ups I was just flying up there, no momentum! 😉

  7. Just caught a pullup station last month. First hang was total hell for hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder. Nervous system was freaking out.
    Now I can do a nice negative without pain. My arms are getting bigger by the weeks. Can't wait to pull my first pull-up ^^

  8. ScottHermanFitness I wish this video was uploaded on YouTube long time ago, but I learned the muscle up the hard way just basically teaching myself. Great tutorial I liked and subscibed

  9. So the first mistake would be, like in every exercise, to not focus on form? I mean….your left side goes up before, also this is a party trick. That wrist over the bar and hanging weird is called false grip and it's the start of a strict muscle-up.

  10. For some reason I can do 20-25 pull ups but I can't even do 1 muscle up.It isn't the fact that I am not strong enough but something doesn't let me go up.I need help!!!

  11. I've been able to do muscle ups before I seen this and watched this to make sure I was doing them right and I do everything you saying in this video #Legit🖒

  12. scott this is best muscle up helper video. I saw a lot of them but everyone guy expect you told the same thinkgs.

  13. Thank you for going quick and to the point! This video really hits the mark as far as giving me the info I want without all the fucking fluff! I still can't muscle up though 🙁

  14. It's a shame that my pull up bar is just underneath the roof of my room so I can't do a muscle-up on it unless I want to break my neck but, I did the gripping part and followed your steps and getting up was already way easiër than in the beginning, thanks!

  15. Three great tips. I will try to use them. Very fkn frustrated! I can do 13 clean pull ups, have never nailed a muscle up!!

  16. Dude I just did my first muscle up. Im able to do 18 clean form pull ups but this video is the only video that helped me . Thank you dude

  17. Just got my own first muscle up!! on camera in the 4th week of my 12 week challenge vlog, uploaded on Sunday night (its right at the end of the vlog) check it out and let us know what you think 😋😎

  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BbF9lG7xsI my first muscle up!

    I Just love this exercise!! 😀

    Do check it out! 🙂

  19. Thank you Scott! This is great! Have been working on MU's for while, and this is the 1st time I heard about "elbows bent forward to stay closer to the bar". Looking forward to implementing your coaching tips. Thank you so much!

  20. I got my first bar muscle up at the gym tonight. The hand placement and elbows forward tips were clutch. Before watching this video, I had more than 25 failed attempts. I repositioned my hands, brought my elbows forward and perfectly timed a bent-knee kip that sent me flying over the bar. I had so much momentum that I got the bar all the way up to my hips and barely had to move to do the horizontal dip at the top. Thanks! Great video!

  21. Hey Scott. Great stuff man. I have recently started a channel with my teenage son and we do EASY MUSCLE UPS. The best coaches all say to work on strength over a long time and always focus on good technique. So we use the muscle up SECRET tip on our videos that is not really a secret. But this way we avoid injury, improve our technique, and get stronger over time. Have a look and try it out.

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