30 Day Plank Challenge, Results and TOP 8 Benefits

30 Day Plank Challenge, Results and TOP 8 Benefits


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  1. I also did 30 pull ups challenge, CRAZY RESULT, started with around 14 reps in 4 sets and I end up on crazy … haha find out how many 🙂 http://bit.ly/2kechUX

  2. I don’t get it how do you improve you’re time ? Do you need to do 5 times A day 1 min 30 days or how ??? Please help

  3. Once a person is able to plank longer than 1 1/2 minutes, I would think it's time to change up your plank with variation instead of increasing time….

  4. You did this for 30 days guess you didn’t eat clean? Soooo many different theories out there… “yes you will lose BF doing the plank for 30 day”… “no you won’t but will make you abs stronger”

  5. Hi, can u recommend how many repetition for plank for every session every day? Or just 1 set plank for a day?

  6. Great video ⭐️Very informative and I love your presentation style! I just downloaded an app to help me track my planks for 30 days.

  7. Omg yes I've just started doing planks, and a few variations of planks and a little bit of crunches and leg rises and I did see a diff in just a week of doing it. I'm going to continue this and see how it goes!

  8. U are just amazing.. I have 87 kg… And in first time I can do it for. 1 mint… And 4 Rep… 😊…hope it can also help me in loosing weight… Because I can't eat junk food… 😯

  9. Is that any warm up required for before doing plank.if yes pls send me vid link of warm up exe suitable for plank…thank u

  10. It's actually crazy how fast people improve. I'm going to try this.
    Recently I started trying to improve my time to run 1 mile. When I started it took me about 10:00. Less than 2 weeks later, it only takes me 8:30, and I'm sure I can be even better

  11. Three sets of plank elbow plank straight plank side planks do it it's enough for you but do it hard hw hard you do it's show on your body DNt go for myth just do it

  12. If you want to lose as much as 14 pounds of ugly fat in two weeks, enjoy better health with more energy while eating delicious food, then this is for YOU …

  13. Hi….I really like your video … Especially your description of all benefits…Now I have a question ..I want to know that I have belly fat but I also want to make ABS so is it possible or not?

  14. Hi frnd is that plank can reduce belly fat???? After my delivery my tummy became so fat now it's just 2 months to my delivery …. can I start this plank??

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