4 Causes of UNEVEN MUSCLES (and how YOU can FIX them!)

4 Causes of UNEVEN MUSCLES (and how YOU can FIX them!)

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  1. Is it suggested to do more isolated movements with the muscle that less developed? My lats on the right are way more developed then the left.

  2. For me its my left lat that doesn't contract the same. I get so frustrated in the gym I will furiously tense my back and then punch the bench. its so fucking annoying especially as my right lat contracts very well. I'm working at it but back movements are some of the most compound / complex so its frustratingly long term.

  3. I shattered my left wrist in a car wreck and now only have about 85% rotation. My left hand will no longer lay flat without kicking my elbow in about two inches. this makes working out a pain in the ass, and as a result, my left side is about 15% smaller than the right.

    I try to compensate by throwing in an entire set of just the left side to compensate.

  4. Hi Jeff can you do another video showing what you have spoken about higher reps and using a heavier weight then back to your usual weight would I do that only on the side that needs to grow ?for me personally its my right shoulder I am right handed though but my left is so much stronger and you can really see the difference 🙁 I will try what you have said and check out your program. Thanks so much for this video and all the others you put out 🙂

  5. if both of my arms look the same, but for example, in an arm wrestling, my left arm can't make as much strength as my right arm, does that also mean my muscles are unbalanced?

  6. I would like to thank you for your videos (seen on Youtube), are very helpful. I have some question regarding triceps training. First let my give you some stats about me. Im 2.03m tall, 100 kgs, and never have worked out in regular basis with a program created by a pro trainer. Sometimes i'll do some 150 pushups – 200-300 bodyweight or backpack squats, i may do some deltoids training and some back too, but not regularly and with a program.

    Since i was a kid,i was hearing that is common for the one arm to be weaker than the other, so given i am a right arm guy, i tent to use more the left arm in order to do everyday things, like lifting market bags etc, and my tricep was engaged much. That resultet for my right arm tricep to have a well developed long head but not much developed medial head. But my left arm (the weak one), has a well developed medial head, and not that much of a long head. What kind of training can I do, and how much will it take, to correct this muscle imbalances on triceps?

    I have lower the reps of pushups per set, in order to give more efford on the pecs, and not on the triceps, because my left medial tricep head may grow bigger than the right one..

    Can you please help me
    I know it will take time to develop a physique and body like yours, especially now in my 32 years of age..

    Thank you for your time!!

  7. My right trap looks much fuller and rounder when i flex it opposed to my left trap which looks a bit more hollow (not as full)

  8. Trained for 10 years and didn't know I had any major imbalance (there will always be some asymmetry, nothing wrong with that unless it's significant). Over the years I have used dumbbells for most upper body movements except for presses. Heavy dumbbells feel uncomfortable to get to the starting position. All my dumbbell movements felt balanced on both sides, so did the presses with the bar.

    However, I strained my left labrum last week (going way too low on pullovers), and I'm doing some rehab work for my shoulder. Part of this was moderate weight one-arm dumbbell standing shoulder press. I am left handed, and I was surprised that I could do twice as many reps with my INJURED left shoulder than my healthy right arm, both sides full range of motion (I was checking it in the mirror). It made no sense, because the bar is still free weight and if you have such a significant imbalance it will show (which, for me, did not). It wasn't about uneven core strength, or even stabilizers, it was directly my upper right arm that felt weak. I do a lot of unilateral upper arm work, so I think it is only shoulder imbalance. It is weird because my right shoulder is not smaller, either.

    But how could that be? Let's say I have a weaker right shoulder. I do a barbell pullover, the bar stays parallel to the floor. In that case, my weaker shoulder is under more stress to keep the bar parallel. Then why did my "stronger" shoulder get injured? My left shoulder could not have dominated the movement, because if it generated more power, my weaker arm could not have kept up with it and the bar would fall to the weaker side. In this case, my left lat and chest are not weaker either. It makes no sense.

  9. My right lat is bigger than my left, my right arm both triceps and bicep bigger than my left and my shoulder, my whole shit fucked.*it's only very slightly bigger though*

  10. My left arm is always more sore than my right when I do curls. But my right arm is my dominant hand so I think it's normal for my left to be more sore. So should I do more reps on my left sense it's weaker and is more sore than my right

  11. I believe I have a muscle in balance bigger left lats than the right . I went to the chriapractioner and he said my spine slaints . Shoulder drops . Would this be the cause to it I only noticed after 2 years at the gym . Unsure how to balance it out with muscles.

  12. Hi Jeff…
    Your videos have really helped me a lot in understanding my body and progress in my training.

    One of my friend has week right side of his body due to paralysis attack back in his childhood. His height is 6ft. 2inch and weight is 100kg.
    He is very keenly interested in Fitness and bodybuilding.
    He faces some common challenges as his right part is slightly deformed after the attacks.
    Such as he is not able to feel weight on his right heel while squating because his right ankle is twisted and his right arm is smaller and weaker than the left arm.
    Can you please suggest some ways and exercises to increase his strength and functional abilities.
    All you help is really appreciated.
    Love from india☺.

  13. This video was certainly insightful. I've been dealing with trap muscle imbalances ever since I started college (that's when I seriously started working out), and it's so annoying. Every day, my left trap will constantly make it feel like I need to crack my neck (though I never can), and I'll be constantly windmilling (something I'm trying not to do now) my left arm for some relief. I have seen a physical therapist for this, and she has given me exercises and stretches to do in order to improve my right side, but I've been trying to figure out what else I can do to begin to correct this damn annoyance.

    I should also state that I have slight Congenital Scoliosis, so naturally, my body's somewhat unbalanced, but it's only very slight, and I'm making sure I do exercises to strengthen my back and abs. I really hope to be as free of this trap issue as I can someday, and this video has given me some idea as to what to try and work on. Great video. 🙂

  14. so this very weird thing has happened to me where I just started working on my biceps again, and I did the exact same workout for each arm, the next day the left one was soar and the right one was just a little soar, but my left arm seemed huge, and it was way bigger than my right arm. The soarness has stopped now but the left arm is still huge and it only been 2 days, is this a torn bicep? And Should I be worried?

  15. I'm right handed but my left bicep looks more toned or physique. Also I can flex it better while the right I can barely flex it. The right biceplooks more flat while the left looks not flat. Any tips/help?

  16. Guys i was kinda stupid. So before i started athrlen x i kept on doing wide pushups for a couple of months and now it makes my arms look small. So what can i do to fix this?

  17. I’m fairly new to working out and have made some decent progress in the last few months but I realised recently abs on my right side are starting to develop but I can’t see much on the left 😕

  18. My left side body is weaker than the right … can it be fix plzz tell me i am very depressed i want a perfect body like everyone

  19. I am right handed and my right arm always get more pumped I am training from 5 months and this is driving me crazy now if someone can suggest something please REPLY!

  20. I just started training and noticed this quite quickly. My left bicep feels numb and doesn't contract as it should. In full contraction it is still almost as soft as if it is relaxing. Almost feels as if some other muscle group is doing it's job. Compared to the right bicep its pathetic. Wtf.
    Still not experiencing much quicker fatigue, maybe ten percent weaker or so. Anyone else seen this?

  21. Yes finally neurological is mentioned in a video. I developed scoliosis after a hit to the head. Not many people even consider it

  22. my dominant arm is considerably smaller than my left arm.. it's crazy… the bicep width, height, and tricep width/height are ALL smaller than my left, although my right is still stronger than the left… ????!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!??

  23. Jeff, i have a query to ask you , i find it hard to do preacher curls and concentration curls .how do i fix that i had a wrist injury some years back and i would like to know if that is what is affecting it and if i could fix it , because all the other biceps related workouts are fine its only these two .

  24. i broke my left arm and i couldnt do anything with it for 3 months
    now my shoulder, triceps and biceps is smaller on the left side as well as my forearm

  25. I think I am right handed, but broke my right arm as a toddler. My mother said that when I started using my left arm. I am now kind of left handed, did all chores with my left hand, writing, picking, swinging etc but not eating. But my right arm is more developed. My right arm has more muscle on it, I play around a lot in childhood trying to emulate action heroes in saw in films (van damme). So I anything heavier I can get my hand on, try push ups and shin ups, but in stopped as I get older and school stuff become more serious. But thanks to that playing, I gain some muscle even as a 8-9 year old boy. I used my right arm, the less dominant during my playing and lifting, so I had this huge bicep on my right arm even as a child, but never used the left much. By nature I am well build but a little chubby/fatter.
    20 years later, I want to get into shape and the first thing I realise is this muscle in imbalance. Before it was kind of funny to me having one big bicep on a weak arm and having a small bicep on the stronger arm. But when I decided to shed some fat, and I hit the gym, I realise that I can do more muscle work with my big bicep weak right arm than my every day work, small bicep, strong left arm. The hand I am using for my everyday work is kind of a liability now in the gym.

  26. In my case two surgerys to repair broken tendons in my left arm. (Distal triceps and long head biceps) Two separate surgeries a year apart and the accompanying atrophy caused by disuse. I'm over a year out from that and still can't make significant balance. So you are saying if neurological lift heavy small reps, If circulation lift light high reps. ????

  27. Iam a right handed but left hand is much stronger than my right hand and my right shoulder is lower than my left shoulder

  28. when i was in the womb my umbilical cord was wrapped around my left arm which left in in an awkward and weird position, and I couldn't even move it for 3 years, so my parents and grandmother had to be rubbing oil on my arm 2 times a day. So it explains why my left arm is weaker

  29. My right side is bigger than my left side and the right side chest biceps is bigger and on the left side its small compared to my left

    And i don't know what to do with it

  30. Hi everyone. I am left handed, my left abs are bigger than the right side. What can I do to reverse it and make it even?

  31. Or, it's your atlas.

    I thought the whole shit surrounding atlas misalignment causing uneven and imbalanced feed into your nervous system to your muscles was bullshit, until i was at the end of my wit and finally tried it and got my atlas adjusted…

    It works. It fixed that FEELING of being uneven and the feeling of, no matter how hard you try, the imbalance 'feeding' of inputs from the brain to my right and left side.

  32. My right bicep is stronger than my left bicep, but my right is smaller than my left. What do I do to fix this so they are both equally just as strong as they are big?

  33. For some reason I have smaller biceps and triceps on my left arm, however the trap on the left size is probably double the size. I don't know if it has anything to do with my left shoulder being over flexible…

  34. Yeah man i suffer from this 💪 but i dont have access to a gym i do exercises at home but it still affects me (i dont do any tyoe of weights) please reply if u read this😄

  35. My left delt shoulder is much more developed then my right in fact my right arm when I relax them it moves inward whilr my left doesnt ita pretty uncomfortable

  36. whats an isolation movement for lower back, i feel like im using the right side more then my left on dead lifts and my abs are skewed as fuck

  37. I’ve switched my fapping arm lol , I’ve worked my weaker arm harder but still it seems like my strong side always prevails

  38. My love handle is fatter on my left side. Idk why. I took pictures. My lats seem fine and so do my obliques. The only thing I know is my rib cage on the left is tight and it pulls on my left shoulder

  39. My right Trap is bigger than my left trap. And my right shoulder is bigger than my left shoulder… Hate it especially when it comes to symmetry when posing.

  40. i have left lat bigger that my right lat, my left shoulder is bigger than the left, and the right bicep is bigger than my left bicep… wtf!! is wrong with me xD

  41. Could this happen with a leg press?

    My left leg is a lot more sore and looks a lot bigger then my right leg

  42. When I try to do pull ups, although I can't do them, but my entire left arm's muscle and skin gets streched before right . I consulted many physiotherapists but all they do is to hook up me on ultrasound, tens, or heating pads, its been a year and it hasn't improved.

  43. jeff
    so my left tricep is more uneven and more bulky than the right one, which have a normal shape. can i fix it with some excercises?

  44. This has been driving me crazy. I try to keep equality between sides but after a workout, I can see my shoulder as synergy especially with a pump🤯

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  46. I did something stupid and worked out my right hand for 2 months now my right hand is significantly stronger than my left

  47. Ok…help me…im 14 and im right handed, im muscular on both sides but my left is just bigger all around, and i need to fix this

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