4 Exercises to Help Build a Classic Physique w/ George Peterson III

4 Exercises to Help Build a Classic Physique w/ George Peterson III

hey what’s up guys this is George
Peterson the third aka the Bull your 2019 class physique Arnold classic champion we’re
at the Bev’s Francis Powerhouse Gym the East Coast mecca and I’m about to
take you through a few exercises I feel like every classeic physique competitor
should give a try so let’s get started one of the key things for having a
classic physique is having a great upper pecs when you’re on stage you hit that
side chest having great upper pecs will give you that that Arnold type of side
chest so this is like a similar to a incline dumbbell press but there’s a
twist at the top and the twist at the top helps you contract the upper
pecs more than if you were just doing straight presses you don’t have to
necessarily have to go heavy with this you can keep the weight moderate it’ll give
you a great burn and squeeze you know on the upper pecs keep dumbbells up the
same way you would doing regular incline dumbbell press start at the top come
down and on the way up twist the wrists make sure you really squeeze and feel
your pecs on that twist second exercise to help you build a
classic physique is these side lateral raises you can do these with dumbbells or you
can all use alternatives like a seated machine like this doing it seated
makes it more strict you know you can’t really cheat when it’s seated control on
the way down explode it up it’s like you’re flying raise it up high to really hit
those delts I feel like classic physique should
include a very strong nice-looking core so this is a ab movement it’s very
convenient ab movement meaning this is something you could do even at home you
don’t even have to come to the gym to do this blowout on the contraction when
you hit a lot of shots on stage if you have a strong core your eyes first go to
the core and then they go out to everywhere else I’ve performed this AB
movement routinely for years I feel like having great
bicep peaks is great for developing the classic physique and now my go-to for
that is spider curls I swear by these spider curls they’re great they even
more strict than regular preacher curls you lean into the pad chest on the pad
elbows up against this pad here think of the all-time greats like Alfa
Beckles and you look at his bicep Peaks Robbie Robinson you know you just get
enamored by by those bicep peaks you know so these are this is one of the
movements that can help you develop peaks like that well there you have it
guys those are a couple exercises that I definitely recommend for every single
classic physique competitor out there definitely give those a try add those
into your routine and definitely develop that classic physique that you’ve always
wanted thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe below

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  2. ive been doing the 3rd one but I only get extremely sore in my hips like right by the hip balls and only minor soreness in my abs

  3. How is that a spider Curl?
    As far as I know, spider curls have no elbow support on the pad. What am I missing here? He's doing a preacher curl

  4. I love classic physique because of the weight to height limitations. It truly forces competitors to focus on symmetry and conditioning as opposed to just trying to become mass monsters. I'm going to be competing in my first show soon in the classic physique division. Great upload!

  5. Can anyone tell me how to measure chicken breast? I mean if I need 25gm of protein in one meal, then should i be weighing 100gm of raw chicken breast and then cook it or should I be weighing 100gm of cooked chicken coz after cooking 100gm of raw chicken breast it kinda compresses down to 60-65gm not sure if that's the water weight or it drops down some protein content as well😑

  6. What I really wanna know: 4 PEDs that I use to look the way I do. No hate. Just genuinely wanna know. But I know y'all can't be sharing your trade secrets.

  7. Thing is if I didn't know any better I wouldn't think he was competing in the same class as Breon and Cbum. Looks like a natural 212.

  8. Hell yeah! Ive been doing this ever since i got into bodybuilding before watching this video! Now i know im doing it right! Much respect for George the Great!!

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