4 Popular Diet Tips – YOU SHOULD NEVER FOLLOW!!

4 Popular Diet Tips – YOU SHOULD NEVER FOLLOW!!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavalier, Athlean-X.com. Today we’re going to commit a murder. We’re
going to kill four nutrition myths that need to die. They needed to die a long time ago
when it comes to building muscle. Okay, let’s start off with our first one and
that is “Fats make you fat”. Guys, eating a lot of fat makes you fat, just like eating
a lot of carbs will make you fat, eating a lot of protein will make you fat, and eating
lots and lots of food in excess of your caloric maintenance level will make you fat. We’ve talked about, in order to lose fat you
have to be in a hypocaloric state. Eating fats on their own is not going to cause a
problem unless you’re eating them in excess. Here’s a little caveat when it comes to fats,
however, that maybe confuses people. That is that fats on a gram by gram basis
– you’ve probably heard this a million times – are more calorically dense than a gram
of carbohydrates or a gram of protein. For every gram of fats you’re looking at 9 calories,
versus the 4 calories of protein, or 4 calories of carbohydrates. Because of that you can’t eat as many fats,
or at least as much food containing fats as you might be able to of the other two. People
that indulge in a lot of fats might find that eating high quantities of these can make them
fat. It’s not the fat molecule itself that’s
making you fat. Please, don’t avoid healthy fats. They are a major constituent of every
cell in our body. You need them and you need them for optimal growth and hormones to be
able to produce maximum muscle growth. Do not make this mistake; let’s kill this
one right away. Next up, one I can’t wait to actually personally throw a shovel full
of dirt on is this idea or concept that you can’t eat past 6:00 PM, or you’re going to
get fat. You’re going to turn into a big fat pumpkin because you eat after a certain period
of time in the day; you’re cut off at night. It’s garbage. Guys, remember your body will
utilize those calories if you’re within your caloric maintenance level. If we still have
600-1000 calories, we don’t have to get into the nuances of calorie counting. I can
tell you all about how we can keep that much simpler, but we’ll do that in a whole other
video. The idea is, if we’re still below our caloric
maintenance levels, whether or not we eat those calories after 6:00 PM, or even 8:00
PM, or as I can even vouch for myself, I’ve been eating dinner almost every single night
at 10:30 for the last three months. It has had no impact on my body fat levels. If anything,
I feel I’m leaner in the last few months than I have been at any point in my life. It doesn’t all of a sudden trigger just
because the clock says that it’s after a certain point that you’re going to start putting on
body fat. Your body is still utilizing those calories regardless of what time in the day
you eat them. I will give you one big caveat, though when it comes to your delivery and
your timing of your meals. From a blood sugar stability standpoint – I
made this point very clear on this channel multiple times – your blood sugar stability
is paramount as a guy who trains athletes, when it comes to optimizing performance. You
don’t want to be in a low blood sugar state when you’re trying to drive and illicit great
performances from athletes. I think the same thing should apply to us
as human beings. If you want to optimize your function, your level of focus throughout the
day, supplying your brain with the fuels it prefers at a regular interval by keeping your
blood sugar stable is done by providing yourself with more frequent meals. It has nothing to
do with your ability to either store fat, or burn fat because you’re eating later in
the day. So let’s quickly, please, throw one more shovel
of dirt on that one and bury that forever. The next myth up is one that actually comes
in the form of a question often. That is: can you build muscle if you’re following a
vegan based eating plan? The idea is: no you can’t. I wonder, “why not?” Let’s start with that
there’s at least a certain level of intensity needed in your workouts and if you’re providing
that level of intensity to stimulate new muscle growth, a vegan following a sound nutrition
plan will be able to build muscle because they can still get their protein necessary
for building muscle in a vegan based eating plan. There’s plenty of sources, and vegans that
are already following a vegan based lifestyle know them very well. They could be hummus,
or chick peas, they could be quinoa, and they could even be protein based supplements that
are pea proteins. So they’re vegan based protein powders that they rely on to get the protein
needed. Even then, how much protein is actually needed? That varies from individual to individual.
It varies conservatively. Some estimates say even half a gram per pound of body weight
up to a gram per pound of body weight. I even hear people say a gram and a half per pound
of body weight. I think that’s a bit excessive, but it doesn’t matter. The idea that if vegans are supporting hard
training – that’s the prerequisite – hard training, just like everybody else with a
sound nutrition plan that has protein in it from vegan based sources; who cares? You can
absolutely build muscle. If you, or someone you know is looking or pondering the idea,
don’t let somebody talk you out of it because they’re telling you that you can’t build muscle
that way. It’s a complete myth. Finally, tying into
this whole concept on supplementation, there’s a belief out there that supplements will get
me ripped. I actually had a college roommate who did nothing, never worked out, used to
show up with his bottle of fat burners and think “I’m all set. I’m good to go. I’ve got
my fat burners.” He used to even think about spot reduction in his belly from taking his
fat burners. Guys, if you have an aversion to eating healthy
and to having a sound approach to nutrition: forget your supplements. Your supplements
won’t do anything. Remember, supplements are supposed to supplement a good nutrition plan.
If a good nutrition plan is in place, supplements can make a big impact on your level of body
fat. As I’ve said many times before, they provide
you the option for a consistency level that might not exist otherwise. Again, for someone
who is always on the road, running around from place to place, I rely on my supplements
to keep me lean 365 days a year. They provide a level of consistency for me when I may be
at a loss for what to eat, or may not have direct access to something that’s very consistent
with what I want to eat. I know that my supplements provide me with
that option. The second thing I think supplements do is: they create an accountability factor
for you early in the day. If I take my pre-workout, RX1, in the morning I already feel like I’m
invested in the idea that I’m on this path today to make sure that I continue my goals
of eating well to support my hard training and to keep me looking the way I look. By doing that I’m much more reluctant – I’ve
found over the years – to really stray off that path. I feel like I’ve invested both
the money, and I’ve invested the time to take to follow a good nutrition plan. Don’t screw
it up now. Keep everything going. I find a lot of guys feel that same way about it. If
you are looking to have supplements be the reason why you lose body fat then I would
say just look elsewhere. But if you’re committed to your nutrition
plan and are willing to take that extra step to try to speed up, or enhance what you’re
seeing from your current approach to nutrition; supplements can play a big part in that as
well. As I say all the time, that is what my approach has always been, even with my
own supplements, how I approach my day of eating and how they fit into it. There you
have it. If you, like me, are happy that we’ve finally
thrown dirt on these four myths – as a matter of fact, you even got one last kick in yourself
to make sure this thing stayed down – that’s great. Make sure you leave your comments and
thumbs up below. In the meantime, let me know what else you want to see, what other types
of videos you want me to cover here on this channel. I’ll be more than happy to do so. We have a complete nutrition plan in our Athlean-X
Factor Meal Plan that will help you to cut through a lot of the BS when it comes to nutrition
and simplify it. It doesn’t have to be all that complicated, and you’ll get the results
that you want to see. It’s the one I follow 365 days a year. You can get that at AthleanX.com
and our Athlean-X training systems. All right, guys. I’ll be back here real soon.
I’ll see you.

100 Replies to “4 Popular Diet Tips – YOU SHOULD NEVER FOLLOW!!”

  1. In regards to the vegan part. What about how cholesterol is a pre cursor to all sex hormones including testosterone. How can test levels remain at optimum levels with a diet essentially void of most if not all cholesterol?

  2. Ill never get people who live in a gym. Like, you arent even living a life. You care so much about how you look that you arent even living. Smh

  3. Ive added 20 lbs of muscle in my first 9 months as a vegan. Mostly whole foods and I feel better than I have in a long time. I'm almost 38 years old.

  4. Are mixed nuts a good for you ? If yes how much should i have a day ? .currently doing daily exercise.

  5. Jeff is the real deal. I fixed my posture and my gains with a bit of science, dr. Jeff, i salute you.

  6. A trend I was seeing for awhile that I don't buy into was avoid dairy altogether. To me that don't add up. As long as your not allergic to it.

  7. You have an average body… What the fuck are you even babbling about. There are bums with better body than yours…

  8. I was vegan for 7 years…….and the proteins from the vegs are not even close to the complete proteins from the animal products. I'm sorry, but I don't agree on this point.

  9. I'm happy to hear your comments on vegan nutrition. I've lost 80 lbs over the past year by following a sound vegan eating plan and walking and using a stationary bike. My goal is to lose 138 lbs total. What I'd like to know is: do recommend vegans do anything special as far as muscle building? I've heard conflicting advice as far as reps, sets, and routines. Thanks.

  10. Fats are much more easily stored as fat in the body. You have to overeat by a mile on carbs to even begin to stored it as fat

  11. Albeit I graduated pre-9/11, but I remember from health class that unless you are asleep the body will eat a little muscle before it transitions to fat reserves, so there is some truth to that myth: If you sleep from 9pm-5am 8 hours creates 11 hours of fasting which will help burn more fat and it would only increase as you stay up later.

  12. What about cutting calories in half for those who work night shift? I worked with a nutritionist who told me to cut my calories in half without lessening my workouts? I work 8pm to 8am btw. Is this accurate?

  13. Glad to see you mention vegan diets. I am a vegan watching this while eating some left over red lentil curry I turned into a soup. I am eating this because I was lifting and wanted to make sure I got enough protein. There are LOADS of vegan sources of protein. Beans, lentils, protein powder, meat substitutes, nuts, seeds ETC. All whole plant foods contain some amount of protein.

  14. If I was vegan I'd do one scoop hemp protein, one scoop wild rice protein, one scoop mixed vegan powder everyday. That's 100g of protein down, lot more freedom rest of the day to eat a variety of fruits and veggies and not feel you have to stuff yourself with beans and soy.

  15. You can build muscles on a vegan plan. But you can't be a 'strong man' on a vegan plan. Main reason is meat and red meats is optimized for protein. While you can get protein from soy based products, you have to eat more of it. At a level of a 'strong man,' your eating around 10k-20k calories a day. 3/4 of it is in protein. They say when your not working out your eating. No vegan has been able to pull a semi-truck with a rope on their waist.

  16. Dear Jeff, could you please enlighten us on after workout meal. It is being told that we need to fast after training in order to boost grow hormone and testosterone. What do you think about that?

  17. Vegan here, since near 2 years. Since I am, I can tell you I never lost any muscle, never felt weak. Actually I've never felt as good in my entire life in term of general feeling, bloating, never sick anymore, way less tired than before, skin looks nicer, etc. No proteins in a vegan nutrition plan? You must be kidding right! Tofu, tempeh, edamame, quinoa, green peas, chick peas, red beans, black beans, lentils, peanuts, almonds & other nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, seitan, kale, you want me to continue? In fact, I might even have more proteins sources than someone relying only on chicken, beef and pork! 😉

  18. Jeff i dont know if you will read this but just wanted to say thanks for all the great videos and programs since starting i Have been motivated to not only eat better and start training but also Started college to become a PTA and edventually DPT.

  19. Great vid. Good to see vegan myths killed. How about a vid on grip strength/climbing. Feel its hard to balance volume/intensity right. Feel like forearms always tired

  20. A lot of raging boners going off against librarians in the comment section lol, think ima go back to eating meat on the weekends, so im in with both crowds loool

  21. Great advice Jeff, although, what about hormonal responses with our circadian rhythms? There are most definitely changes in the way our body produces hormones at certain times of the day. Thoughts please Jeff? 🧐🧐

  22. Jeff- great myth buster, been following you for 2 years & have made some great gains. I’m also a very healthy vegan.

  23. Massive respect for you, as a non-vegan, not perpetuating the myth that vegans can't be high athletic performers.

  24. Jeff, what do You think about what they say about microwaving food? That it destroy macronutrients? Keep up the great work 🙂

  25. I don't get how can you maintain let say 210 pounds by being vegan?Plants just don't have complete amino acids maybe if you mix a lot of kind together but still i never so 210 pounds vegan and that is medium weight.

  26. Dude, where did you get the 44lbs Weider plates behind you? They must be old! I had a set of Weider plates in high school (25 years ago). I remember each plate was off by a pound or more from standard plates. 44s, 33s, 22s, etc.

  27. what do you think about soy Jeff? some skinny wiener was telling me one teaspoon if soy kills testosterone. sounded like fake broscience and quackery to me.

  28. Hmmm, I eat fat all day on the keto diet and I'm ripped, only 25 carbs a day and intermittent fast everyday from 8pm to noon

  29. Wow Jeff you're really showing your lack of knowledge on current nutritional science. First ketones are the optimal fuel source for the brain not glucose. Also plant proteins do not have the same ideal amino acid profile as animal proteins are as not bioavailable to a human body.

  30. Jeff this is a topic I'm still confused about. I eat clean and need to supplement fat in the form of olive oil. I don't know how many grams I should be talking to have a healthy level..

  31. What are the thoughts about maintaining the insulin levels continuously flowing in your blood by eating so many hours which may cause insulin resistance?

  32. I don't eat dairy and only have meat rarely. Beans, lentils, rice, veg, sweet potatoes, oats and fruit are what I consume daily. Does me just fine. ✌🏾

  33. Does anybody know if he has a video advising on; How much protein he recommends you consume & something about the use of preworkout?

  34. I happen to be making use of this amazing cholesterol procedure “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) to help decrease my bad cholesterol level and also elevate good cholesterol level. For several weeks of implementing it, my cholesterol has enhanced considerably. My strength is consistently developing and also my positive mind is so much clearer now. .

  35. That’s my biggest problem. Wanting to eat right before or an hour before bed. Don’t eat much throughout the day when I’m working but damn, at night I go nuts

  36. 3:13 yeah but when ketones are present in the blood the brain will actually prefer using them instead of glucose. That carbs are a better fuel source than fat is outdated.

  37. Great video as always! Watch out guys about eating late though. You still don't want to eat and lie down soon after because you'll get stomach ulcers

  38. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!!

    when he said "today we're going to commit a murder," i thought: oh shit! i must have expressed my thoughts about my JACKASS neighbor out loud!

  39. If I don't eat 30 min before I go to sleep I wake up 6 hours later throwing up do to my gastritis. So even if the myth was true I could never not eat past 6 pm

  40. So many myths & these r just a few. Good advice. Sound nutrition, knowing ur caloric intake needs, these r keys. Simply put, the reason u get fat, is ur taking in more calories than ur burning; ur taking in more calories than ur caloric intake needs.

  41. What nonsense glucose and the timing of eating. I have continuous glucose monitor and without esting any carbs my liver drives up glucose when I need them. And if your are fat adapted it does not burn muscle. Glucose goes even up when I attend a meeting or have public speech. Esting carbs for your glucose levels is a stupid myth in itself.

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