5 Best Sciatica Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome – Ask Doctor Jo

5 Best Sciatica Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top 5 sciatica stretches for piriformis syndrome. so
let’s get started. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure and click on the button down there. so
these specific stretches are for sciatica when it’s entrapped or press on
with that piriformis muscle. so this is a little different if it’s coming from the
herniated dis,c or a disc issue, this is that piriformis muscle right on the butt
area there. and that sciatic nerve runs right under it, so when this muscle is
irritated or not working properly, a lot of times it can push on that nerve. so
the first stretch is just going to be lying down on your back and this is
gonna be a figure four stretch. so with this one you can lie on the floor, you
can lie on your bed, you can lie on the couch, so if you have a hard time getting
up off the floor, lie on something else. don’t don’t get on the floor and then
not be able to get back up. so take the side that you want to stretch and cross
it over where your ankles just above the knee on your thigh area. and the reason
it’s called a figure four is because if you look down, it looks like a four. so
with this for some people just getting in this position if that piriformis is
really tight, you’re going to feel that stretch, and that’s that’s fine. you can
just hold the stretch right here. if you want just a little bit more of a stretch,
you can take your heel of the other foot and slide it closer to your bottom and
that will start getting a little bit more stretch right through there. if you
still need a little more of a stretch, take your hands and grab the other leg
and just gently pull it towards you. so this is a pretty big stretch right here.
you want to be able to hold it for 30 seconds, so if it’s too much, come back
off of it just a little bit. now if you’re really tight and you’re having a
hard time trying to grab underneath your leg there, you can take a belt or a strap
or something and wrap it down there and then just pull your leg up that way. if
this is still a hard position for you to get into, I’ll show you a different way
to do it at the end so stay tuned for that. so for the stretches, you want to do
them you want to hold it for 30 seconds and do three of those. even if you just
have one side that’s bothering you, I would really stretch both sides just to keep everything even. so after you do that one,
then you’re going to do another piriformis stretch what that’s called
the knee to opposite shoulder. so I still kind of again in that figure-four because
it’s starting position. not everybody does. I feel like it’s just a little bit
easier this time take your opposite hand and grab that knee, and you want to pull
that knee up and over like it’s going towards your opposite shoulder. so not
just over across your body, but you’re going up and over. so again you should be
feeling a stretch kind of through that bottom area right there. sometimes it’s a
little bit different than that figure-four so that’s why I think it’s
important to try both. if one feels better than the other, you don’t have to
do both, but I do feel like it stretches it just a little bit differently. so you
can just hold it with one hand. some people if they have a lot of flexibility
kind of like to grab and hug on to that side. you can do that as well. some people even feel a little bit better having that other leg down. as long as it
doesn’t irritate your low back that’s okay. so you want to get in a position
that’s comfortable and gives you the best stretch. so again you’re holding
that stretch thirty seconds, doing it three times. I really do recommend doing
it on each side. so the next one you’re gonna kind of sit up a little bit. the
leg that you want to stretch, you’re gonna bend it up and place it over
towards the other side. so one leg’s out. the one you want to stretch is bent up
and over and then you’re just gonna twist your body to take the elbow to the
outside of that knee. so you’re just coming over and twisting this way. so I’m
getting that little bit of stretch here. I’m also getting a stretch in my trunk
area, so if that tends to bother your back for some reason, you might want to
hold off on this one. sometimes when you have that sciatica even if it’s from the
piriformis, or your back is a little sore, so this might actually feel pretty good.
so definitely up to you. holding that stretch again for 30 seconds and then
doing three on each side. so just crossing over and then twisting this way.
so again, if you feel like you need your back to stretch a little bit, that’s great if not then you might want to just try the other ones. so the fourth
one is going to be kind of a modified pigeon stretch. a lot of times people
tell me the pigeon stretches a little bit too much for them, so that’s fine, you
can do it in a modified position. the pigeon stretch is kind of a yoga pose
and it is pretty intense, so for the modified one the side you want to
stretch you’re gonna put it in front of you. I’m gonna turn towards the camera a
little bit so you can see. it you want to have your hip going forward this way,
your thigh hip area, and then your knee bent at a 90 degree angle kind of in
front of you. then you’re gonna take that back leg and put it back behind you. so
you can see here that I’m kind of a almost a 90 degree angle here, and then
almost a 90 degree angle there. so getting into this position might be a
little uncomfortable for some people. it just depends on how flexible you are.
with a full pigeon you take this leg and go straight back so that’s even a lot
more. a lot of times people get can get in this position, but make sure you have
your leg kind of straight here. if it’s tucked up behind you it’s not quite the
same stretch. you’re gonna feel it more on this side, but you’re trying to get
the stretch on this side, so once you get into this position keep your upper body
straight forward, and then just lean in a little bit this way, and you should feel
that stretch underneath the bottom area right where that piriformis is. so again
this might be a difficult position to get into, it might not be you might feel
a lot yo,u might not feel a lot, so again you the more you bend forward the more
of a stretch you’re going to feel. so hold that stretch for 30 seconds, come
off of it, I like switching sides just to give the other side a break, and then do
three on each side. so the last one is going to be sitting in a chair. this is
what I was talking about that if you can’t really do it very well lying down,
you can do it sitting in a chair. so the last stretch is going to be a seated
figure four stretch. so it’s the same kind of motions as when you’re lying
down. take the leg that you want to stretch and cross it over where your
ankle’s just above your knee on your thigh. and this time you’re gonna keep
your back straight but you’re gonna bend forward at your hips. that’s where it’s different. you’re not pulling the legs up towards you, you’re
leaning forward, but make sure you keep your back straight. sometimes people curl like this are like “I don’t feel anything,” but you’re getting
the stretch from the hips, so that’s where you want the movement. so again
some people just in this position might feel that piriformis stretch. if it’s
really tight and is pushing on that sciatic nerve, you might feel some just doing this, and it might reproduce that numbness
tingling feeling, but as long as once you stop it goes away, that’s alright. but if
you need a little bit more, keep that back straight and just lean forward at
your hips and you should feel that stretch right through there that bottom
area at the hip, and then hold that stretch 30 seconds and then do three on
each side. so there you have it. those are my top
five sciatica stretches for piriformis syndrome. if you’d like to help support
my channel, click on the link up here ,and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking
down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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